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Get a glimpse of a whole new side of the mountainous region of Ladakh on foot with adventurous trekking tours. Take a walk on the wild side, with a tour between two of the world's greatest mountain ranges - Himalayan and the Karakoram. Here you can walk to explore snow clad peaks, lush blue lakes, barren terrain and more, along with storing memories in photographs. Enjoying a quiet walk amidst the stunning natural backdrop of this region. One of the main attractions across the world is trekking in Leh Ladakh and it includes visiting venues such as Markha Valley, Tso Moriri, Stok Kangri and Chadar. With equal amounts of safety and thrill of adventure, these treks are unmissable. Get a glimpse of the glorious Himalayas with adventurous Leh Ladakh trekking tours which will take you on unmissable treks through snow-clad peaks, lush blue lakes, and scenic views. Book Leh Ladakh Trekking Tour with Go2Ladakh.

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Trekking in Ladakh 

Ladakh is blessed with a rugged geography that makes it an ideal location for trekkers. No trip to Ladakh is complete without going on at least one of those adventurous treks that offer beautiful views of the lakes and snow-capped mountains. As a part of Ladakh tourism, there are several wonderful trek trips that last for over eight to nine days filled with freezing cold, burning sun, shiny blue waters, blonde sand dunes, and pure white glaciers. These treks fall in three levels of difficulty including easy, moderate, and challenging. You will always have a Ladakh trekking tour guide to help you out with the route. 

 An enriching once-in-a-lifetime experience

Lamayuru To Darcha Trek is considered as one of the most beautiful treks in Leh Ladakh tour that lasts up to 18 days and takes you through Photang, Zanskar River, and Lingshed. The easy trek is between July to September when the weather is pleasant and the green plains are blooming with freshness. Known as Baby Trek Sham Valley lasts for five and seven days and covers a 30-kilometer distance between Likir to Temisgam. The trek takes you through Hemis Shukpachan, Chagatse La, Nurla, Tsermangchan La, Mebtak La, and Nurla before it ends in Leh. 

Another great trek included in Leh Ladakh trekking tour is the eight-day long Markha Valley Trek that treks you through the Kongmaru La pass, Markha village, Green Oasis, and Rumbak village trail. For most parts of the trip, you get to see the Hemis National Park in its most natural form. You can visit it anytime between June and September when the air is relatively moist making it easy to trek. 

If you really want to try something out of the box, you should take up on the Chadar: The Frozen River Trek as a part of your Leh Ladakh trekking tour. It is one of the most challenging treks of the region as the temperature reaches a low of -35 degrees Celsius and you have to walk on the frozen Tsarap River. The trek takes a day?s halt at Shanti Stupa, where you can relax and prepare for the remaining trek. 

Trek route perfect for motorcyclists

If you are on a Ladakh tour with bike,we have just the right kind of trek route for you. A hidden route in the Himachali meadows, Padum to Darcha trek starts at Padum and ends at Lahaul Valley. It is filled with friendly locals and remains of the now lost Zanskar kingdom. You make your path through mountain streams and yaks set against snowy mountains. The road has several friendly locals that offer to serve you homemade Ladakhi dumplings and Tibetan noodle soup. 

The Nubra Valley Trek is another interesting trek made especially for history lovers. You start at Indus Valley and visit the cradle of mankind followed by a visit to Hunder, which is a cold desert in the Himalayas. The trek then takes you through Diskit village and Sabu Village with its high point being the Digar La pass, which is located at an altitude of 6,000 meters. 

You trekking experience in Ladakh is always going to be absolutely wonderful so don?t wait anymore and book a Ladakh trek today!