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Quite simply positioned in the lap of the handsome Himalayas, Bhutan is the famed as the world happiest country in the world, and there is a reason why Bhutan is called The Land of Smiles. From warm-hearted hospitality of the locals to kaleidoscopic monasteries to vibrant culture to apple orchards, this country has a strong Buddhist influence because Bhutan is sandwiched between the China border and the India Border. The tranquillity of this place is unmistakable adoring and thousands of travel freaks flock to this destination in search of peace and solace. You too can bask in the bounteous beauty of Bhutan by taking our adventure filled Bhutan tour packages from India.

Bhutan with Go2Ladakh Bhutan Tour Packages 2023

There are plenty of places to visit in Bhutan which you will love to see and experience on your Bhutan holiday package. This neighbouring destination of India has a strong influence of Indian tourists as well which makes Bhutan a place like no other. The plentiful flowers and fauna sorts, the awesome culinary delights of the region, and the colourful folk traditions collectively create an enthralling experience for all visitors travelling across this enthralling hilly terrain. At the same time as on Indian holidays, embark on a Bhutan tour package from Delhi for that completely at ease vacation opportunity in the lap of the Himalayas.

Why Bhutan Demands A Visit?

Bhutan ticks all the boxes of perfect holiday adventure as the country has some amazing pictorial valleys, pristine lakes and adrenalin pumping trekking adventure, which lures thousands of backpackers and honeymooners to think about Bhutan. Moreover, there are more reasons to think and make Bhutan your next travel destination. If you took the Go2Ladakh Bhutan tour package, you’ll get a chance to ramble through scenic villages, hidden valleys, and also, you can fancy yourself a natural photographer immersing yourself in the wonders of mountain scenery and Bhutanese architecture.

Get the concentrated dose of hospitality, the vibrancy of culture in Bhutan along with knowing its thoughtful people and their way of life. Be a part of the Bhutanese community on your Bhutan travel package and you will enjoy this multitude of adventures on this enriching trip. 

So, We Are Saying….

Some of the never-ending experiences you’ll experience on your Bhutan trip comes with go2Ladakh Bhutan packages. Wondering how? Imagining what are those experiences? Wait, wait... We will fix all your queries regarding your trip to Bhutan. Just inform us when you are planning to visit Bhutan and we will give you insider tips and places of attractions to visit in Bhutan that too with a personalised trusted local guide. Because we know, a country like Bhutan demands a visit in local style. So, discover your Bhutan tour packages with Go2Ladakh and heaps of fun, adventure is guaranteed!

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