My 10 Days Long Ladakh Trip Was A Much Needed Break From My Busy Hectic Schedule

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Ladakh is a dream destination for many, but for me, it was a destination I want to explore. A destination that excited me so much that I didn’t miss a day at work because I wanted to save holidays for my vacation. My plan to visit this beautiful place like heaven on Earth started a year back. I started saving, looked for cheap Ladakh Tour Packages online, discussed the plan with my friends who have travelled before and finally I was able to execute it. 

My trip was planned for July as it the best time of the year when the snow is dissolved and it uncovers the mountains which make the perfect start to the trip.  The roads that were all covered with snow are now ready for travel. 

Our idea of travel to Ladakh was by road and that too via the famous Manali-Leh highway. We took the bus to Manali from Delhi and were very excited about our bike ride to Ladakh. We did all the research well in advance and hired bikes from Manali to Ladakh because a trip to Ladakh is incomplete without a road trip on a bike. So, we hired 5 Royal Enfields and left for Manali-Leh highway.


So, as I said, I did a lot of research before heading to Ladakh on a bike trip. I took all the necessities like extra bottles of water, packets of maggie, and handy food items like biscuits. I kept all kinds of medicines I would require. Especially for motion sickness, stomach ache and headache. I wore comfortable shoes and recommended all of my friends too because a Ladakh trip on bike needs your feet to be comfortable. 

We also took enough cash and extra bottles of petrol along with us because there are very few petrol pumps on the highway and very less ATM branches. We also kept some bike equipment in case of emergency. And, we were ready to go. So, make sure you do keep these before you to head to Ladakh.

Coming back to how we started…

We rode our Royal Enfield from Manali to Leh and I must say the roads, the view everything is so pure and raw. This is something that you cannot describe in words. We saw the mountains on our way and everything seemed so surreal. It felt like we were in lap of nature. 

Our route to Ladakh was Manali-> Jispa-> Sarchu-> Leh-> Khardungla Pass->Pangong Lake and then back to Manali with the same route. 

On our way to Ladakh, we experienced some amazing creations of nature like the Baralacha Pass, Rohtang Pass, Chang la and Tanglang La. The roads were a bit tricky but we kept on riding. We managed to get good rest on our way as we stopped for camping and enjoyed the milky way in the sky at night. And, that was something we haven’t experienced anywhere. Maybe that is the reason why Ladakh is called a paradise on Earth. 

You might go places via train or plane, but the actual fun is on a road trip. When you see nature and how beautifully everything God has created it makes you feel so happy and makes you forget everything. And, as we kept moving ahead we got a taste of their culture and traditions. We went to Shey, Thiksey and many other Leh monasteries and also visited small villages in Jispa, Sarchu and Pang.

We kept a day just for Pangong Lake and one day for sightseeing in Leh and later we realized it was too less because we just didn’t want to go back fro this place. 

In short, the bike trip to Ladakh was totally therapeutic. It was something I needed so badly because of the hectic schedule I was having. I personally would recommend everyone to visit this place and experience the warmth of the culture Ladakh has to offer. The people there are so humble and down to earth. Few kids came running to us as we were clicking pictures and we took some selfies with them and had a short chat too. We bought prayer flags on our ride back home and an unforgettable trip.

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