10 Strong reasons why you shouldn?t miss your trip to Ladakh

A land of barren fields, a land of celestial white snow, a land of high passes, a land of fresh aqua lakes, and the land of cultural rides. All of these features make Ladakh a true celestial wonderland. Some of the folks may consider it as a lonely planet, but it is an unadulterated paradise for everyone which is worth visiting once in a lifetime. 

A trip to Ladakh is a heavenly experience which must be tried by every travel enthusiast. Here is the long list of reasons for visiting the Ladakh region and its high altitude. 

1) A piece of moon for you - When you will travel to Ladakh, you will find amazing beauty scattered over there. The irregular landscapes, uneven and unrealistic stones, and mountains may give you an illusion to be on a piece of Moon. Writers often describe it as a moon-land because of the unreal charm present in uneven mountain passes.  
2) Culture hug of Monasteries - When trekking in Ladakh, apart from sand dunes, you will also witness a chance to get a cultural hug of Monasteries. Most of Ladakh is dominated by the culture and traditions of Buddhism and the land is dotted with ancient Monasteries of Buddhism. You will feel captivated with the charm and beauty of the interiors and carvings of the Monasteries in Ladakh. You may even feel that you are taking a ride in a time machine. 

3) Depth of blue magic - Turquoise blue and tranquil waters of Pangong lake would make your soul sink in the serenity and depth of the lake. No wonder, why these lakes have been chosen for being cast in the movies. Just to spell the magic of the romantic site. Thus, pack your bags for Ladakh tour and soak your soul in the tranquility. 
4) Flavorful cuisine of Ladakh - When you are going for Leh Ladakh tour package, your Ladakh travel guide would probably outline all the sights to be seen. But, never forget to do the flavorful sin, go for a taste safari with flavorful cuisine of Ladakh. You would love to fill your tummy with hot and steaming momos and thukpa. At the same time, sip through the Pocha, salted butter tea and guzzle upon some Chhang, a local brew. 
5) Go dreamy with open skies - If you live in a city, very less are the probabilities that you would have witnessed the surreal wonder of open skies. Even, if you do, you get the view of an adulterated one. After visiting Ladakh, you get the privilege to see the dreamy, open, star-studded sky.  

6) A cocktail of festivals and culture -  There’s no good time to visit Ladakh. Yes! Because every day of the year will bring some gorgeous stuff to your platter. Thus, visit Ladakh round the year and be prepared to experience surprises. Ladakhi culture is so vivid and colorful that will keep you glued for long. You will wish to be a part of their colorful and lively festivals. Buddhist Monasteries are home to these cultural celebrations. Ladakh tourism gives an open view of the cocktail of festivals and culture of Ladakh.

7) A perfect camel ride - A perfect camel ride in Nubra valley is the best thing to enjoy during your Ladakh tour package. These rides are completely different from the normal camel rides as the camels are double humped and look differently beautiful. These living organisms are sturdy enough to adapt to the harsh climate of Ladakh. They are known as Bactrian camels. Nubra valley is well populated with herds of Bactrian camels. However, you will be amazed to know that they are very rarely found across the globe.
8) A portrait of hills brushed with white magic - Why does a traveler would go for a bike trip stuffed with lots of risks or a tourist would take the pain of a road trip to Ladakh? Well! Just to experience the magic of hilly portraits brushed with white magic of snow. The feeling which sprouts in your heart upon getting a sight of the snow-capped majestic mountains is really unmatched and unparalleled. 
9) A hub for divine solitude- Ladakh tour package is a paradise for solo travelers and solitude seekers. In the time, when the entire world is running in the mad rat race, there are some rare species who live for their supreme serenity of the soul. If you are the one among this herd, your tours to Ladakh will fill the gaps of your soul and connect you to the divinity. Lonely valleys and majestic solitude of mountains give birth to a dreamy as well as a dreary place called Ladakh. Desolation and wilderness can be so captivating that it can keep you engaged for days and even months. Travel to Ladakh to meet your real version, to dissolve away all the grit and grime of your soul and earn that eternal peace.
10) Thrill, adventure, and more…  If you are a person who lives for adventure and extraordinary daring, Ladakh is the spot meant for you. Bike tour, river rafting, trekking, road trips and more are the options for seeking adventure for your heart when you travel to Ladakh. Ladakh may be considered to be a land of controversies as well. It showcases the grandeur of Buddhist Monasteries, at the same time gives you wild chances to climb mountain passes. You may go for a shopping spree in Leh town and on the other hand, go for trekking in Ladakh

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