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Bike rides in the mountains is a dream of every person that they want to accomplish once in a lifetime. The breathtaking view passing your side, the chill air on your body giving shivers, the roller coaster path, small food stalls, and many more is a part of an exciting bike trip. One of the most buzzed Himalayan two-wheeler journeys is Manali to Leh bike trip. The thinly populated yet action-packed region of Ladakh is known among adventure aficionados as the "Land of High Passes." 

The adrenaline rush on your Manali to Leh bike ride is incredible, which is why every adventurer fantasizes about kicking up dust, donning a leather jacket, and riding to Ladakh on a motorcycle can be experienced in Manali to Ladakh road trip. If you enjoy adventure or riding a motorcycle, read this Manali to Ladakh road trip guide to learn everything you need to know before embarking on your journey. 

Leh Ladakh bike trip from Manali – The Adventure of Lifetime

Leh Ladakh is a place brimming with natural wonders and soul-stirring adventures. These are life-changing events that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, and the breathtaking sights will be with you for the rest of your life. 
The natural beauty of Ladakh is unparalleled. You will be enticed by snow-capped peaks, parched landscapes, patches of green, crystal-clear lakes, as well as old monasteries, palaces, and other attractions. High altitudes are not only exciting but also a challenge you want to complete. Pass through strangely beautiful locations, bask in the happiness of an undiscovered universe, and make personal recordings. The Manali to Leh Ladakh bike trip will challenge your willpower.

Ladakh Tourism and Significant Facts

Ladakh is a frigid desert at a high altitude that receives little precipitation and is mostly dry, with flora mostly along river basins. Leh is the major town in the region, with National Highway 1D connecting it to Srinagar and the Leh-Manali Highway connecting it to Manali. These highways are blocked during the winter, but Ladakh's internal routes are normally open all year. As a result, throughout the winter, outside access to this valley is not available. 

The Nubra Valley is a tri-armed valley in northeast Ladakh, south of the Karakoram mountains. Hunder was the ancient Nubra kingdom's capital. The road connecting Leh, and Nubra Valley crosses the high Khardung La pass, which rises to 17,582 feet. Some of the highlights of this place include the Chamba Gompa, Diskit Gompa, Maitreya statue, and the sand dunes between Hunder and Diskit. On rare occasions, the two-humped Bactrian camel might be spotted eating sea buckthorns. You can also go to Baigdandu, which is known for its goats, which provide us with Pashmina shawls. Another notable attraction in Ladakh is Pangong Lake, a stunning endorheic saltwater lake located to the east of the country at a height of roughly 14,270 feet. It is 5 km wide and 134 km long at its widest point, and it runs across both India and China. 
  • In India's Kashmir area, Ladakh is a union territory. 
  • Ladakh, which was previously part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, became a union territory on October 31, 2019.
  • Ladakh is a place unlike any other, stretching from the Siachen Glacier to the main Great Himalayas.
  • Ladakh is known as the world's coldest desert, with spectacular vistas.
  • Ladakh's population are pleasant and open to travellers, with a culture that is comparable to Tibetan culture.
  • The state of Ladakh is divided into two districts: Leh and Kargil. The former district features a well-known town, "Leh," which is a popular tourist destination due to the neighbouring stunning monasteries, Shanti Stupa, cafes, and Leh Bazaar, which define the culture of the region.
The Best Possible Routes for Manali to Leh Ladakh bike trip

Total Distance: 434 Km
Total Time: 14-15 days

Manali > Gulaba > Marhi > RaniNala> Rohtang Pass > Khokhsar > Tandi-Keylong > Jispa > Darcha > Deepak Tal > Baralacha La > Bharatpur > Sarchu > Nakee La > Debring > Tanglang La > Upshi > Kharu > Leh

Manali to Rani Nala: Manali, perched at an elevation of around 2050 meters, is the starting point for this amazing trek along the Manali Leh Highway. Reach Gulaba is a little beautiful green valley located roughly 20 km from Manali. After Gulaba, you'll arrive at Marhi, which sits at 3300 meters and serves as the highest snow point during the winter months when the route to Rohtang Pass is closed. Rani Nala is a glacier point known for its massive 20-foot-high snow walls.

Rohtang Pass to Jispa: Rohtang Pass, at an elevation of around 3980 meters, is only 51 km from Manali. It connects the Lahaul and Spiti valleys to the Kullu Valley. After around 19 km from Rohtang Pass, you will arrive in Khokhsar, the first village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul Valley. After Khokhsar, you’ll arrive in Tandi, which is significant because it’s the first place after Manali where you’ll discover a petrol station. As you move closer to Leh, the next petrol pump is located at a distance of roughly 365 km beyond Tandi. Keylong is the most populous town along the Manali-Leh Highway, as well as the administrative centre of the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. Jispa is a charming tiny town on the banks of the Bhaga River. Although there are few lodging alternatives here, it is a popular site to stop for a rest on the Manali road.

Darcha to Nakee La Pass: Darcha is a small settlement that serves as the start of the well-known Zanskar trek. It is Himachal Pradesh's most civilized location, and all travellers are required to stop and register their names at Darcha Checkpoint. Deepak Tal is a small man-made lake located immediately after Darcha and before the Baralacha La Pass. Zing zing Bar is a tiny establishment located at an elevation of approximately 4270 meters. Deepak Tal is a small man-made lake located immediately after Darcha and before the Baralacha La Pass. Bharatpur is a tiny town with Chadar Tents and campgrounds. Sarchu is the halfway point between Manali and Leh, as well as the border between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. There is a chain of 21 hairpin curves around 24 km from Sarchu that leads to the third high elevation pass, the Nakee.

Debring to Leh: At the Manali Leh Highway, Debring is where the diversion route to Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes meets. Tanglang La is the Manali Leh Highway's fifth and last high-altitude pass. It is fairly windy at an altitude of around 5328 meters, and the oxygen level is also low. Moore Plains are a series of flat plains in the Himalayan foothills. They're a visual delight and a pleasure to behold. Upshi is a small settlement that serves as the final police checkpoint before registering your name and car number. Karu is a small, lively hamlet located just a few km outside of Leh. Finally, Leh, you've arrived in heaven on earth!

What is the ideal season for the Manali-Ladakh Bike Trip?

The months of May to September are ideal for a bike journey across Leh Ladakh. Most bikers prefer to begin their new year with this dangerous bike adventure since Ladakh offers breathtaking views that can be enjoyed all year save during the rainy season. From mid-May through October is the finest season to visit Ladakh by bike. Roads from Srinagar open in mid-May, while the Manali route opens later in the month. This road excursion is only available during the fall and summer seasons.

Checklist Need to Follow for Manali-Ladakh Bike Trip

First and foremost, every biker must devote his or her entire attention to their first love, which is their motorcycle. So, whenever you're looking for a bike for a trip, make sure to prioritize suitability over-popularity. Consider it one of the most crucial components of your vacation to Leh and Ladakh. The following are the top five bikes for your Manali to Leh Ladakh bike trip:
  • Royal Enfield
  • Bajaj Pulsar
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • CBR 250
  • KTM Duke
Highway Petrol Station

If you prioritize gasoline when planning a bike journey, you'll cover about 3500 km on average. The average mileage of all the motorcycles that were considered was 35 km per litre. This means you'll need around 100 litres of gas, which will cost you around INR 7000 to INR 8,000.
Starting from Manali, there will very definitely be just two Petrol Pumps on this route till you reach Leh. The following locations will have petrol pumps: - Srinagar to Leh via Tandi Upshi/Karu.You will come across multiple petrol pumps along this road, making it quite easy to find gas.

There are petrol stations along this Srinagar to Leh highway at the following locations: -
  • Srinagar
  • Kangan
  • Sonamarg
  • Kargil
  • Mulbekh
  • Wakha
  • Khaltsi
Things to Keep with You for Manali to Leh-Ladakh bike trip-

  • Helmet of excellent quality.
  • Waterproof riding gear or appropriate clothes for riding in cold weather that protects you in the event of a spill, such as leather pants or jeans.
  • If your riding gear isn't waterproof, bring rain gear.
  • Riding boots or hiking boots are both acceptable options.
  • Riding gloves, because it's chilly outside and Enfield's grips aren't heated.
  • Innerwear with a thermal component
  • Medical Supplies
  • Nightwear and casual attire for when you're not riding your motorcycle.
  • Flip-flops or a pair of boots that you don't mind losing.
  • If necessary, a spare pair of spectacles.
  • a valid driver's license
  • One set of spare batteries for the headlamp.
  • If you take any medications, bring them with you from home.
  • Bag for sleeping
  • Sunscreen
  • Goggles for dust
  • Repellent for mosquitos
  • Rechargeable Torch
  • A duplicate of your vehicle's key.
  • A pen and a notepad
  • A couple of safety pins
  • Matchbox or a lighter
  • Spray for pain like Iodex, Move, etc.
  • Teabags and a few pieces of Band-Aid
  • packets of coffee
  • Fresh fruit, fruit juice in a can, or both
  • a couple of Maggie or Cup Noodles packets
What to Bring on a Bike Trip from Manali to Leh?

The following is a comprehensive list of items to bring with you if you are travelling or planning a vacation to the Manali Leh Highway. This comprehensive list of items to bring on your Manali Leh road trip can be found here. 

Clothes for Manali-Leh Highway Bike Trip
  • When it comes to attire for the Manali Leh road journey, it's recommended to wear in layers, with Inner Thermals on both the lower and upper halves at all times. It may annoy in bright sunlight in lower slopes, but as the altitude rises, it will undoubtedly aid in the shade, evenings, mornings, or if the weather turns dark.
  • When travelling over the Manali – Leh Highway, you will need to bring heavy woollens.
  • If you're riding from Manali to Leh, there are a few things you'll need on this Ladakh adventure journey.
Along with the items listed in the above link, if you are self-driving on the Manali Leh Highway, you will need the following: Basic toolkit, screwdriver set, small hammer, puncture repair kit, iron rod, two or three "2 litres" empty bottles of Pepsi / Coke / Limca, etc.
  • Carry extra petrol or diesel (jerry cans will leak, cold drink bottles do not leak), funnel, towing rope, a spare tube (These are some of the items you should take with yourself on my journey to Ladakh.)
A Complete List of places to visit in Ladakh
  1. Pangong TsoThis natural wonder in the heart of Ladakh, known as the Pangong Lake, is a must-see visitor attraction on your Leh Ladakh biking trip. The lake, which is located in the middle of the Himalayas, stretches for around 134 km and offers breathtaking views of the rugged mountains.
  2. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa: It is a Buddhist monastery in Namgyal, Tibet. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, also known as Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, is a well-known monastery in Ladakh. It is located in the heart of the Leh area. King Tashi Namgyal of Ladakh is said to have founded an abbey in 1430 to house the popular golden sculpture of Maitreya Buddha.
  3. Stupa ShantiShanti Stupa, with its distinctive white structure and dome, is one of Leh Ladakh's most identifiable sights. It was constructed by Japanese and Ladakhi Buddhists to honour Buddhism's 2500-year history and to promote world peace. The white surface area is lovely during the day, but on full moon evenings, when it is bathed in the soft glow of the moon rays, it is much more lovely. Inside the Stupa, visitors can enjoy the bliss of meditation while also taking in the breathtaking sunrise and sunset vistas.
  4. Leh PalaceLeh Palace built in 1553 AD, is a 19-story enhanced hill and still seems intimidating from the village; clearly, it was one of the world's highest buildings at the time. A gallery in the royal household houses a large collection of jewellery, ornaments, ritualistic robes, and crowns. The paintings in the museum are Chinese thangka paintings that are over 450 years old. The location really has compelling causes to be included in the majority of – Ladakh bike trip bundles!
  5. Lake Tso MoririThe excellent Tso Moriri Lake, nestled in a remote section of the broader Himalayan ranges, is thought to be India's largest alpine lake. It appears to be a gift of nature, found at an elevation of almost 15000 feet above sea level in a harsh landscape. It attracts a few amounts of people due to its high height and challenging route. The gloomy atmosphere. The surroundings can be seen in the lake's beautiful waters. The geography of snow-covered desolate hillsides with tranquil surroundings appears to be one-of-a-kind.
  6. Khardung La Pass: Khardung La, also known as the 'Gateway to Nubra and Shryock Valleys,' is one of the world's highest motorable highways, standing at 5359 meters above sea level. It is about 40 km from Leh and is one of the 12 greatest ,. It was also known as the 'Pass of Lower Castle' when it first opened to cars in 1988. This path is well-known among motorcycle enthusiasts. Enjoy a cup of tea or a beverage at the military cafeteria while listening to the fluttering Tibetan prayer flags. The scenery is breathtaking. A memento shop is located below where you can purchase souvenirs. The Indian military also uses it to transport supplies to the Siachen Glacier.

Q. What is the current condition of the roads in Ladakh? 
A. The road from Manali to Rohtang Pass, as well as the road from Rohtang Pass to Keylong leading to Ladakh, is now blocked for tourists and will open from April 2022. 

Q. Is it possible to rent a bike in Manali for a road trip between Manali and Ladakh?
A. If you rent a bike in Manali, you can get a good deal, with prices ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.1800 depending on the design and condition of the bike. You will also be required to pay a deposit, which varies between Rs.12, 000 and Rs.18, 000. Until the bike is returned, the bike rental company will almost certainly keep an original copy of your nationality proof (Aadhaar Card, Key, or Voter Id). It is strongly recommended that you take the bike on a test ride and push it to its maximum to ensure that it is in good working order.

Q. What is the greatest route for a bike trip from Manali to Ladakh?
There are two ways to go to Leh: one from Manali and one from Srinagar. The distance between Manali and Leh is around 476 km while the distance between Srinagar and Leh is approximately 434 km The Manali route, however, is the most popular, as it traverses through perilous terrain and some of the world's highest motorable passes. Our recommendation is to take the Srinagar route since it will allow you to gradually ascend the high mountains rather than a short, sharp ascent.

Q. How much does a bike trip from Manali to Ladakh cost?
A. Manali-Ladakh bike trip would cost you INR 33000. 
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