Ladakh Trekking - A cocktail of thrill and adventure

Every hiker nourishes and grows the dream of Ladakh trekking in his heart. I strictly belong to the same community. When you get a weekend after 5 rigorous days of working, you prioritize and focus only for sleep, sleep, and some more sleep. That’s what I was doing when I got the one. It was a sunny Sunday in July’2018. It was only when I was switching between the channels of my TV when my hands went still on National Geographic channel which showed glimpses of myriad beauty of Ladakh and nearby region.

My sleep went away and my eyes were opened wide to explore more about Ladakh. Actually, it was a documentary focussing majorly on Ladakh Trekking Tour. The way it showed the celestial white panorama of the place ignited the spirit to visit the place in me. The loads of adventure that I could experience and feel even on TV gave me enough reasons to plan my Trekking tour to Ladakh

Why Ladakh for a trekking tour ?

Ladakh is a land which showcases barren lands, sky-rise mountain peaks (all clad in white snow), lively wildlife, silent monasteries speaking tales of ancient times, challenging passes and dreamy tranquil waters of lakes. What else could you imagine and demand your trekking tour? Nothing for sure except your favorite buddies along with you.

When you go for Ladakh Trekking experience, you find immense natural beauty coupled with loads of serenity which rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. Guess, what’s more?? You get lip-smacking food on the roadside Dhabas and peachy fresh smiling faces to welcome you over there. You sip through the challenges of trekking and find ample time to connect with nature and yourself.   

And then we packed our bags for Ladakh trek

I called Vishal, Rajan, and Muskan to accompany me on the trip. (Friends are my biggest weakness, you know!) I was fortunate enough to convince them for the finalized spot for Trekking. Then began our planning and preparations for the trekking. 
First and foremost thing which needed to be done was getting enough information about the places to be visited. I was assigned the task to scroll through the internet pages to get a more realistic picture of the Ladakh region. At the same time, we also needed to finalize for our travel partner who could assist us during our trekking. I spent almost 4-5 hours every day eyeing into the internet world, trying to find the right information about the deserted heaven, Ladakh. - a trusted name for Trekking in Ladakh is a small group tour company dedicated especially to the Himalayan Tours and Trekking. They have a dedicated team of travel experts who leave no stone unturned for making your trekking experience an awesome memory. 

I am saying all these things because the guys came forward to answer every silly question and gave us a comfortable option for trekking in Ladakh. They have their own travel packages. But, they never hesitate in providing you a tailor-made trekking and tour package just for your convenience and priority. 

They charge you just rightly for the offered tour package. You would not repent for spending a single penny on their travel packages, it is worth spending. 

Pack your bags wisely so that you smile during your Trek          
There are certain essentials that we need to carry for ensuring a hassle-free trekking experience. I and my friends are very particular about the same. So, we packed our bags very wisely. I would like to share the list of essentials so that everyone reading this travel story gets benefited:
  • Your luggage needs to be light and worth carrying. But, you need to fill your bags with necessary items.
  • Clothing Essentials - As you will be heading towards a high altitude territory, pack enough warm woolen shirts or sweaters, down jackets, undergarments, cotton shirts and trousers, reef shoes for camping, woolen trousers, bathing suit, woolen caps, socks, and gloves, and full body covering raincoats. 
  • There are some grave essential gears that you simply can’t afford to miss during your trekking in Ladakh. Pack a Fanny pack, compass, map, water purification tablets, cooking pots, bowels, stove, headlamp, matchsticks, trash bags, backup fire starter, knife, sunglasses, whistle, insect repellant, food to be cooked, and water.
  • Another necessary thing that you should not miss is a first aid box, some medicines like pain killers, pills for fever, nausea, vitamin pills, crepe bandage, antiseptic and insect repellant. You need to prepare and protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions of Himalayas. Thus, take sunscreen, cold creams, moisturizers, lip balm, and body lotions along with you. 
  • Pack some ready to eat snacks like biscuits, chocolate, candies, and dry fruits and lots of water. They are needed to keep you going and give continuous energy as you climb the mountain passes.

The Trekking begins  
Our gang of friends woke up as early as 4.00 am in the morning. With backpacks on our backs, we initiated our journey. Firstly, we took our flight from Delhi to Leh. After reaching Leh, our actual trekking experience began with much excitement and thrill. 

Then, started our super journey of witnessing the beauty of Buddhist monasteries, mountain passes, and hills dressed with white snow. Sometimes sand dunes allured our minds and then we were carried away with the beauty of Nubra valley. Trekking in Ladakh allows you to grasp the natural wonders in the most efficient manner. As you cross from the bank of Pangong lake, it radiates immense peace and tranquility. Our group resisted moving from the spot unless we were reminded by our Ladakh travel guide about our trekking schedule. All, I want to convey is the magnitude of beauty concealed in the mountains and lakes of Ladakh.   

As we crossed the Leh town, we were truly mesmerized by the grandeur of Leh Palace and Shanti Stupa. We held our breath while viewing the majestic charm of Monasteries in Ladakh. Ah! I remember the intricate art carvings done on the walls and the ceiling.  

My most cherished moment 
When it comes to most cherished moments, our views may differ. I still remember that dark and cold night when we decided to go for a night halt on the bank of Pangong lake. Rajan took out the tent materials and see the strength of friends when they come together! In no time, the tent was readily welcoming us for rest. 

The next assignment was to cook some food for our hungry tummies. We lit the fire with some woods scattered over there and cooked some packets of Maggie noodles. Muskan took charge of coffee and Vishal arranged a warm and cozy bed for us.

After slurping on the hot noodles and sipping hot coffee, we were all packed into our sleeping bags. Our entire day went into walking, climbing and fighting the odds of the journey. So, it took no time when we all were snoring in our bed. It was only in the morning when chirping sound of birds and heat of sun rays woke us up. 

We were all ready to go for the next level of trekking where some unseen and unexpected spots of Ladakh were waiting to be explored. 

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