Top 15 Things That Defines Beauty Of Ladakh

Top 15 Things That Defines Beauty Of Ladakh


When we think about the beauty of Ladakh, the image of snow capped mesmerising mountains, clear blue skies, barren mountainsides, sprawling meadows, meandering rivers, and vibrant festivals, comes to mind. The land of high passes offers a heavenly experience to many. Be it some of the most adrenaline pumping treks, trail of rugged mountains, or rustic heritage sites. Nature lovers can?t have enough of unique flora and fauna. But, it is the unmatched beauty which is no doubt one of the top reasons to visit Ladakh.

The Hypnotising View of Milky Way Galaxy


The beautiful valleys of Ladakh can make any amateur into a professional photographer, especially when it comes to night photography. One of the major reasons why photographers love this place is because it offers clear starry skies due owing to the zero pollution. If you?re not a shutterbug, you can simply have a gala time stargazing at Hanley

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The Great Himalayas

Nubra Valley go2ladakh

One thing that sets Ladakh apart from other mountain destinations, is its close proximity to the Great Himalayas. Nestled between the magnificent Himalayan ranges, this place gives you a taste of hard yet peaceful mountain life. So, if you?re bored of the hustle bustle of city life, you can come here to experience its serendipity.

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Enchanting Desert of Nubra Valley


Unlike Rajasthan, the desert in Ladakh is a high altitude cold desert. With its origins from the ancient Tethys Sea, the valley has a certain mystery to it. The vast barrenness and two hump Bactrian camels give it a vibe of our very own Arabian Nights. Camel safari in Nubra Valley is one of the many amazing activities to do in Ladakh.

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Tranquillity of Tso Moriri

Turtuk village go2ladakh

While Pangong Tso is more famous due to being featured in a movie, it's Tso Moriri which figures out how to blow your mind with its peaceful magnificence. Located in the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary at an elevation of 4595m, the lake offers calm and quiet to soothe your restless soul. The reflection of snow covered mountains drenched in the crystal clear waters of the lake will leave you wide eyed. Mesmerising views like this is what Ladakh is famous for. Towards the evening, you can also witness the changing tints of the lake along with the sky. It is advisable to keep your camera ready at all times to catch the truly amazing beauty of Ladakh with ladakh bike trip with tsomoriri . .

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Thrills of the Highest Motorable Road in the World

Hemis Monastery

Located at the elevation of 5319m, KhardungLa Pass is noted for being the highest motor able pass all across the world. Famous among adventurers as well as regular tourists, it is a gateway to some of the most spellbinding and lesser known landscapes. It is also the route used to transport goods to the Siachen Glacier, hence it is maintained by the Border Roads Organisation.

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Pangong Tso Lake

Alchi Monastery

The 3-Idiots famed lake is the place where magic happens in front of your eyes. The picturesque landscape consists of surreal blue waters surrounded by subtle mountain peaks in the far, and is sometimes visited by migratory birds - makes this place favourite among bird watchers, photographers, adventurers and tourists alike. You can also camp at night around the lake on leh ladakh road trip .

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Royalty of Leh Palace

Ariyan Valley

An Archaeological Survey of India controlled site, the Leh Palace is by far the most visited tourist attraction in Ladakh. This 17th century structure built by Namgyal King is 9 stories high offering the unparalleled views of Zanskar, Stok, Indus and some of the most beautiful valleys of Ladakh.

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Serenity of Shanti Stupa

Shanti stupa go2ladakh

Built to promote world peace, this white dome structure is for-sure one of the best tourist places in Ladakh. It is the best place for introspection and find calm. The base of the stupa contains the relics of Buddha kept by the 14th Dalai Lama himself.

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Confluence of Rivers

racho school

The Sangam Point is where the Zanskar River meets the Indus. What makes it worth watching is both the streams have different colours - Zanskar is all earthy colored with a delicate sloppy surface and Indus shows variable tones of greens. It is located around NH1. If you are heading to Srinagar, you can visit the spot on the way.The whole scene of two rivers merging into one seems like a dream you can also visit in winter zansker frozen river trek 

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Habitat of Snow Leopards

Sangam river go2ladakh

TheAlso known as the Snow Leopard capital of the world, Ladakh is the best spot to discover snow leopards. Usually seen in the Hemis National Park, the chances of spotting this white beauty are 50%. If you?re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of this mysterious beast chilling in its natural habitat. Let us know if you do

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Coldness of Drass Valley

Zansker valley

The beautiful weather in Ladakh becomes unbearable when you reach the second coldest place of earth. The average temperature here remains -15 degree Celsius and -17 degrees in winters. Situated at a height of 3,300 meters or 10,800 on NH1, Drass is most prominently known for being the second coldest occupied spot on the planet, just after Serbia. And automatically the coldest spot in India. Drass is around 56 kilometers from Kargil and is frequently known as the "Doorway to Ladakh ''. This is the first town after Zoji La Pass with ladakh tour package . The inhabitants of Drass are mostly from the Dardic and Baltic Tribes-who are believed to have relocated to Ladakh from Central Asia.

Highest Post-Office in India

Suru valley

Famous among the tourists for picture postcards, the Leh Post Office is situated at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. This is the only post-office which work even in the unpredictable climatic conditions of the north; connecting loved ones. Hence, it is one of the most beautiful features of Ladakh.

Ancient Monasteries


The architectural heritage of Ladakh can be seen through some of the oldest monasteries in the region. Ladakh has a very deep influence of rich Buddhist culture which can be seen by numerous monasteries scattered like dots in the high-altitude desert. The Hemis Monastery is the largest monastery of Ladakh and is located on the western bank of Indus. It is famous for beautiful statues, exceptional murals, famous Hemis Festival and a 900-year-old museum. Thiksey Monastery is deemed to be the most beautiful monastery in the region. It is a fine example of Ladakhi architecture and houses a 40 foot Buddha Statue on a lotus. Alchi Monastery is the oldest Buddhist learning centre and some parts of Bollywood movies such as Dil Se and Tashan were shot here. There are a total of nineteen monasteries in Ladakh including Shey Monastery, Likir Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, etc. suggest to read hemis festival articles 

The Ongoing Festivities


The festivals of Ladakh are a great concoction of Buddhist rituals, masked dances, ancient ceremonies, and a lot of fun! The festivals are of most significance as they help to preserve the land?s culture and promote ladakh tourism. Festivals such as Losar, Hemis Tsechu and Diksit Gustor attract not just domestic but international tourists as well.

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The Local Love You Get

ladakh bike trip

The people of Ladakh are known for being truthful, honest and patient. Most of the population follow Buddhism and believe in the feeling of love and non-violence. If you meet a Ladakhi, you will know the warmth they exude and how well they make you feel at home.Beauty can be found at every nook and corner of Ladakh, but how soon are you willing to experience it yourself? Book your trip to Ladakh now!

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