6 Best Advice to Choose The Hotels in Ladakh As On Your Budget

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Every traveller should visit Leh Ladakh at least once in their life. The destination is all about living a nomadic life, discovering a different kind of nature, and eating steaming hot momos. Finding a hotel within your budget can be a little tricky in Ladakh, especially if you are visiting during peak season. Many affordable hotels and resorts are not available on the internet because not all cities and villages have internet.

You have multiple options to choose from including hotels, homestays, and hostels, so if you do a little research, you will find one that falls within your budget.

Here are the six best advice you should know before choosing a hotel in Ladakh within your budget:

1. Choose Your Hotel Location Practically

Most Grade A and B hotels in Ladakh are clean, have comfortable beds, and attached bathrooms. They will be very basic, so don’t expect fancy cushions and cosy bedding because you have come to experience the beauty outside the hotel room. Stay in hotels that are close to the main city or transportation.

For example, Leh has many budget hotels, but they are spread all across the big city. Choose hotels that are near Main Market, Fort Road, and Zangsti Road, so you can get up early to catch a bus to your next stop.

2. Book Hotels and Homestays on the Spot

Booking a hotel room over the internet is going to be more expensive compared to booking on the spot. If you are comfortable with searching for a hotel after reaching the city or town. Also, photos on the internet aren’t always true, which you will find out only after reaching the hotel. When you search after reaching there, you get the chance to look at the room before you commit to it.

Going with this option gives you a chance to be more flexible with your travel dates. You can make last-minute changes to your plan and visit some different places that you found out after going to Ladakh.

3. Follow the Leave Early, Sleep Early Principle

When you reach a city or town after sunset, the hotel owner has an advantage over you. Since it will be dark, you will have difficulty in finding a hotel and the first one you find will charge you a hefty price. A simple way to avoid this is the Leave Early, Sleep Early principle.

Reach your destination during the day by 3 – 4 pm and check into a hotel room, homestay, hostel, or camp and leave early the following day. You will have to check out by 2 pm the following day, which you can turn into an overnight road trip to a faraway destination. You will get a 12 to 15 discount on the hotel price, which is a great discount that you won’t get if you book online.

4. Find a Hotel or Homestay that Has a Canteen

If you get hungry during your stay at the hotel, you should have a canteen or restaurant nearby to find a warm bowl of thukpa or parathas with ghee. If there isn’t one, you will have to be happy with the snacks you have and that won’t be enough in the cold weather. There won’t be too many options on the menu but all of the dishes are going to be tasty. You can carry some spices and pickles with you because the food in Ladakh is a bit bland.

5. Share the Room Between Three to Four People

Always travel in a group because it makes the trip more affordable as you will be splitting the hotel rooms, cabs, and food bills. Usually, a shared hotel room with an attached bathroom f will cost you INR 1,000 or one night. Request extra beddings, which cost around INR 50 per bed. If four people share the room, it will cost each person INR 275, which is a great deal.

6. Travel during the off-season

Ladakh is going to be cold and difficult during the off-season but if you are able to tolerate it, there’s nothing better than it. The hotels will have a lot of empty rooms, so the manager will readily offer you a discount and even free breakfast within the same cost. Some guest houses will be ready to give you extra beddings for free, so you end up saving even more. Also, there will be fewer tourists visiting Ladakh during the season, so you can click pictures without people walking in between. The only disadvantage is fewer restaurants will be open during the winters, so you will have to travel longer or buy more snacks when you are on the road.

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