Best Season to Visit Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 23, 2022

Ladakh has always been a dream destination for most of us. Whenever we get a chance to pack our bags and go to someplace in the Himalayas, we go to this place filled with amazing scenery located on the bank of the Indus River. The magnificent snow-clad mountains, gorgeous lakes and beautiful valleys always touch your inner chord and you feel enchanted by this unforgettable experience. 

Most of the tourists prefer to visit this place during the summer when the climate is most energetic, and the snow has melted giving a magnetic view and brilliant landscape along with the opportunity to attend the dynamic Hemis Festival. But again, there are a few enthusiasts who find winters more appealing and attractive with the snow-covered mountains offering a different yet enchanting view of mountains and valleys. Winter is also a season to enjoy the most beautiful and adventurous trek in the world – The Chadar Trek in Ladakh. Trekking over the grand and frozen solid Zanskar River is something you will cherish for your lifetime.

So, each season has its own charm and attraction, but depending on your choice you can choose the best time to discover and live some of the best and most memorable experiences on your visit to Ladakh.

Let us see in brief about each such season.

Summer in Ladakh

April begins the onset of summers and the visit for most Ladakh lovers. The temperature varies from as high as 30 degrees C during the day to a minimum of 16 – 20 degrees C during the night hence making the summers the best time to experience the warm and the cold both. This makes the climate pleasant and favourable all around throughout the day. While the summer ends in September, this place finds most tourists between June and August. Since the summer would be at its prime, the snow melts giving this place a beautiful and marvellous look. You will find a lot of Leh Ladakh tours being organized during this season.

Another reason for the tourist to flock during summers is also to witness the Hemis Dance Festival. A very vibrant and colourful event to watch and take home beautiful memories. You can also do camping and trekking along with a lot of adventure activities during this period. Most of the entries are open allowing passes for mountain routes, trekking routes and others. The clear lakes make it easy and beautiful to do camping near the shore. During the month of March and May, you can enjoy the Stok festival and Matho festival too, with Hemis festival and Phyang festival in June to August. Nubra Valley calls for a major attraction during this season. Road trips to Manali and Srinagar are on the list of many during that period. In short, the best time to visit Ladakh is summer between the end of March to the middle of August with the most favourite time being between June and August.

Monsoon in Ladakh

The monsoon begins in June and end by September. Due to heavy rainfall in this region, the place fails to attract more tourists since most of the motorcycle and trekking routes are blocked due to the rain. Many attractions and entries become inaccessible during this period. The temperature falls but it is still very pleasant. However, you can expect to get drenched in the rain almost every day. So, it is better to avoid visiting this place during monsoon season. However, if you do visit, then make sure to attend the Diskit and Thiksey festivals. There is a high demand to visit Ladakh during this season as the motorcycle tour passes are available but the trekking routes are closed for safety purposes.

Winter in Ladakh

The season of snow starts from the second week of October and ends by February. The temperature remains as low as -20 degrees C and touches as high as 2 degrees C. The frozen lakes and rivers look beautiful and enchanting like a fairy tale snow land. The motorcycle passes are closed and trekking routes are blocked. Most of the adventure activities are stopped and closed during this season. Still, there are many tourists that do the Leh Ladakh trip in this season to experience the wonderful Chadar Trek and spot a lot of snow leopards here. Spituk and Losar festivals are organized during this season and are spectacular events to attend even in the near 0-degree weather.

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