10 Places to Visit in Nubra Valley 2022 for Unforgettable Holiday Experience 

A sight to behold, with air which not only mystifies your sense but makes you live in the impulses of life, that’s Nubra Valley. This Ladakh’s popular destination is best known for its double-humped Bactrian camel safari, Maitreya Buddha statue, quaint villages, and above all the heartfelt humanity. No matter what age you are, Nubra Valley is one of the best getaways offering a plethora of things to do that will make you feel and believe that this is the moment you can explore what you want. As if your wings already exist, all you have to do is just fly.  So, let’s quickly take a look  what the best places to visit in Ladakh and near Nubra Valley 2022.

Sumur Village- A Blissful and Quiet Stopover 

Quiet, peaceful, offbeat are the words that best describe Sumur Village and should be on your list of places to visit in Nubra Valley. Often visited by backpackers and hikers, the village is home to the much-celebrated monastery of the region- Samstanling Monastery. Even though the monastery is the most talked about but when it comes to exploring the rest of the village, well, the beauty needs to be truly witnessed and appreciated. 

Location: 43km/ 1hr 18min from Nubra Valley 
Key Attraction: Samstanling Gompa 

Ensa Gompa: Old Monastery Overlooking The Splendid Mountains

Perched on top of a rock overlooking the snow-capped mountains, Ensa Gompa is one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries and yet another best tourist place in Nubra Valley. As you enter the place, the architecture of the Ensa Monastery will leave you awe-struck and you will notice the walls have old paintings that make an important attraction of the monastery. 

Location: Nar Panamik Village, 11km/ 23 min from Nubra Valley 
Key attractions: Old Architecture & paintings 

Samstanling Monastery: A Not-to-Miss Monastery of Nubra Valley
Located in the picturesque setting of Sumur village, Samstanling Monastery is considered to be the main and popular monastery in the region. Boasting try colours- red, white and golden, this monastery has two assemblies, each adorned with murals, paintings of Buddha, and 4 heavenly kings & other guardians. To witness this beauty, you either have to trek or book a taxi.  

Location: Sumur village, 43km/ 1hr 18min from Nubra Valley 
Key attractions: Uphill walk from Sumur, Buddha painting, murals, etc. 

Diskit Gompa: Offering 360 Degrees View Of The Jampa (Maitreya) Buddha Statue

How can you not visit Diskit Monastery when on a trip to Nubra Valley? Standing tall, Diskit Monastery was constructed during the 14th century and is the oldest Buddhist attraction in the region. On being here you will not only get the bird’s eye view of the entire Nubra Valley but also witness the most popular and Instagrammed Maitreya Buddha Statue. As you indulge in exploring the interiors and exteriors of the gompa, you will see how every part is adorned with intricate frescoes & walls paintings. There is a prayer hall, called Dukhang where you can witness drums & beautiful images of the Buddhist guardian deities.

Location: Diskit, 76km/ 2hr 11min from Nubra Valley 
Key attractions:  Intricate frescoes, walls paintings, prayer hall with images of Buddhist guardian deities, a storehouse preserving a number of Tibetan & Mongolian religious texts, etc. 

Panamik Village: Take a Dive in the Hot Water Spring

Up for a dive in the hot water springs? Head to Panamik Village, an offbeat yet one of the must-visit places to visit around Nubra valley. As per beliefs, the water of hot springs has medicinal properties. So, come here to take a dip in the therapeutic springs, that will help you calm your mind and body, relieve stress, and feel re-energised. 

Location: Approx 150 km from Leh, 55 km from Diskit 
Key attraction: Hot Water Springs 

Yarab Tso Lake: For an Experience that Calm Your Senses 

Also called the hidden lake, Yarab Tso is located near Sumur village and you can reach there by hiking for approx 20 minutes. As you reach Yarab Tso, you will know the place was worth the hike. The serenity and mystical aura of Yarab Tso will give you goosebumps and a lifetime memory. What’s more? The place is considered to be one of the holiest high-altitude lakes in the entire Nubra Valley.  You can sit here for hours at the side of the crystal-clear and pure water that will surely calm your senses. 

Location: Near Manglay Forest Bagh, 15 km from Diskit, Nubra 
Key attractions: Sunset and sunrise views. 

Hunder Sand Dunes: For a Memorable Double-Humped Bactrian Camel Safari 

This place holds so many surprises for you and should be topping the list of best sightseeing places in Nubra valley. It is here you will spot the double-humped Bactrian camels and enjoy a joyful ride/safari on them. You will be pleased to see how gently the camels make their way on the white sand dunes, with river Shyok flowing nearby,  poplar trees dotting the landscape & the pleasing murmur of the River Shyok flowing nearby, trees and mountains at the distance, all this makes for an unmatched experience to cherish for a lifetime.  

Location: Hunder, 86km/ 2hr 27min from Nubra Valley 
Key attractions: Double-humped Bactrian camel safari, white rolling sand, picturesque landscape, etc.

Turtuk: To Taste the Fresh Apricots, Learn About the Local Culture

A tiny village offering you a chance to explore and learn about the local culture, Turtuk is yet another place to visit around Nubra valley.  As you walk around the village you will come across the pretty apricot trees standing tall being the reason for the village’s surreal landscape. Nature walks can be best enjoyed here and trust us, you will feel light and relaxed. There is an ancient mosque, Balti Heritage Home, Balti Museum and Turtuk Gompa offering stunning views of the region. Besides, if you didn’t know, let us tell you Turtuk is the last village nestled on the Indo-Pak border. 

Location: 163km/ 5-6hr from Nubra Valley via Diskit
Key attractions: Apricot trees, ancient mosque, Balti Heritage Home, Balti Museum, Turtuk Gompa, etc. 

Maitreya Buddha Statue- To Witness the Most Popular Statue of Buddha 
There are a plethora of things that will make you fall in love with when looking for sightseeing places in Nubra valley, but the Maitreya Buddha Statue will leave you speechless and fascinated. This 108 ft tall statue is located just below Diskit Gompa and faces River Shyok. Right from its gold and red colour to its size & aesthetics, the Maitreya Buddha statue makes a major tourist attraction of the Ladakh region and nobody leaves the place without visiting it. 

Location: Below Diskit Gompa, 76km/ 2hr 11min from Nubra Valley 
Key attractions: The tall statue of Buddha. 

Khardung La- For an Adventure-Filled Ride 

As you’ll be making your way to Nubra Valley, you can’t avoid stopping by at Khardung La- the world’s highest motorable mountain pass to get some pictures clicked. Khardung La is at an altitude of 5,359 metres and greets you with scenic vistas throughout the way. Besides getting your pictures clicked, you can enjoy momos, noodles, tea, and coffee in the cafe. You can buy things for yourself and your loved ones from a small souvenir shop that is there. 

Location: 121 km/ 3h 33min before Nubra Valley
Key attractions: Souvenir shop, ride on the highest motorable mountain pass in the world. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Nubra Valley? 

The ideal season to visit Nubra Valley would be the summer season between April and June when the temperature ranges from  8°C to 20°C. During this season, the weather is pleasant and makes it convenient for tourists of all kinds to indulge in activities as per their choice- be it trekking, hiking, camping, river rafting, jeep safari, camel safari, monastery exploration, try out the local delicacies, and a lot more. 

Monsoon in Nubra Valley between July and September experiences little to no rainfall with peasant temperature. So, you can plan a trip during this season as well. However, as the weather remains unpredictable it would be better if you leave for the trip well-prepared with things like waterproof jackets, gloves, trousers and more. 
How to Reach Nubra Valley? 

By Air: Leh’s Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is located at a distance of approx 161 km from Nubra Valley. From Leh airport, take a shared/private taxi to reach Nubra Valley in 5-6 hrs. 

By Road:  Planning to reach Nubra Valley by road? Well, you must first reach Leh via the National Highway (NH 1). The highway connects Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh. From Leh you can choose to reach Nubra via 3 routes mentioned below: 
  • Leh to Nubra Valley via Wari La 
  • Leh-Nubra Valley via Agham Shyok Road
  • Leh-Nubra Valley via Khardung La
By Train: Leh doesn’t have its own railway station. Jammu Tawi Railway Station would be the nearest at a distance of about 844 km. It would be a long stretch, so it is advisable to either travel by air or road. 

With this, we come to an end to our best places to visit in and near Nubra Valley. This place in Ladakh absolutely tops the bucket list of travellers looking for peace and calm hideouts from maddening city crowds. Right from the day, you start exploring the sightseeing places of Nubra Valley till the end you just wouldn’t get enough of the beauty that the place holds. So, kickstart your journey and if you get stuck somewhere, don’t worry, we at Go2Ladakh have your back to swoosh it away. 
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