Experience the Best of Camping in Ladakh at These 5 Camps Near Pangong Lake

Ankita | Updated on May 17, 2022

Imagine night falling and you are enjoying a memorable bonfire on the banks of the pristine Pangong Lake while sipping a hot beverage. Isn’t it a wonderful experience with your beloved one? Camping on the banks of Pangong Lake is one of the best things to do on the Ladakh tour. when you go on camping, you get reconnected with nature and yourself and disconnect from the monotonous interference of technology. A great camping experience with your beloved one can revitalize your relationship.

What Type of Camping Experience I Can Enjoy on The Banks of Pangong Lake?

There are two types of camping experience you can choose from – one is camping in your own tents while the other one is camping in permanent camps. Both provide a fantastic experience. When you pitch your own tent, it requires skills and time. It is best suited for backpackers who are avid travellers. But if you are someone who is after luxury in Ladakh, permanent camps are the best option. Inside the pre-planned camps in Pangong Lake, you will find all the amenities of a luxury hotel including washrooms, and comfy beds.

Is Camping A Wonderful Experience in Pangong Lake?

Yes, absolutely! Camping in Pangong Lake is one of the best experiences in Ladakh for tourists. You will enjoy all the breathtaking sights in leisure as you stay beside the pristine Pangong Lake and plan your daily treks around the lake. The beauty of Pangong Lake will mesmerize you and this place is a shutterbug’s retreat because the lake water changes its colour during dusk and dawn. Pangong Tso Lake is a sight to behold on a Ladakh trip.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of 5 camps near Pangong Lake to enjoy the best camping in Ladakh.

When is The Best Time to Visit Pangong Lake?

Anytime between May to September is considered ideal to visit Pangong Lake. The lake’s beauty gets magnified throughout the year, but in summers, the lake becomes the hotbed for shutterbugs due to its confronting colour-changing phenomenon. In winters, the lake gets completely frozen.

Camp Whispering Camps

If you want to camp under the star-studded sky, Camp Whispering Camps are the place to be. This camp property is nestled on the banks of Pangong Lake and provides spectacular mountainous views of the Chang Chenmo Range. The property features 15 tents equipped with hot running water in each tent. The interior is also cozy for honeymooners. Get mesmerized by the blueish to the greenish water-changing phenomenon of the lake during your stay at Camp Whispering Camps.

Cost: Per person cost starts at 5600 (approx.) INR onwards

Camp Redstart

Equipped with a garden, luxurious and spacious deluxe tents with attached washrooms, Camp Redstart calls tourists with its free parking lot facility. The accommodation is guaranteed to blaze your mind because you will have 180-degree views of the snow-capped mountains. Your demands will be well attended with the staff at Camps Redstart during your stay.

Cost: Per person cost starts at 4500 (approx.) INR onwards

Camp Martsemik La

With 34 carefully made tents equipped with joint restrooms, this camping property on the banks of Ladakh is another camping retreat. Camp Martsemik La has hut camps that offer unparalleled views of the brown mountains and shimmering Pangong Lake. at the center of the day, you can appreciate the marvelous scenery of nature at the verandah outside the camp.

Cost: Per person cost starts at 4300 (approx.) INR onwards

Camp Watermark

If you are itching to go Ladakh on a bike trip without going broke, then plan your stay at Camp Watermark. It has 15 exclusive tents to choose from and its kitchen serves cuisines of various blends including South Indian, Ladakhi, Chinese, and Tibetan. Camp Watermark also provides medical facilities with jute carpets inside the tents. This property is one of the most affordable camps in Pangong Lake.

Cost: Per person cost starts at 3000 (approx.) INR onwards

Highlands Camp

Imagine waking up with the amazing view of Lake Pangong from your side. Other than offering the splendid views of Pangong Lake, Highland Camps treat its guests with admirable hospitality. This tented property is situated in the Lukur Village, nearby Pangong. You can choose to camp from 10 deluxe swiss camps that are made with modern comfort in mind. Did we mention that all of its camps are attached with a bathroom and 24*7 hot water running facilities?

Cost: Per person cost starts at 2700 (approx.) INR onwards

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