A Complete Guide to Trek of the Lifetime: Chadar Trek In Ladakh 2022

Ladakh Winter Trek Decoded: Most Asked Questions! 

  • Is Chadar Trek For Beginners?
  • Is Chadar Trek Dangerous? 
  • What is the best Time for Chadar Trekking?
  • What is the Temperature in Chadar Trek like?
  • Things to carry on Chadar Trek
  • What is the maximum limit on the number of trekkers in a group? 
  • What is the Chadar Trek Route Map like? 
  • Chadar Trek Route
  •  How to reach for chadar trek frozen river  
  • Cost of Chadar Trek Package
  • What are the accommodation arrangements during the trek?
  • Do’s and Don’ts on Chadar Trek
  • How To Make Chadar Trek Booking?
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Walk through the path of thick ice and snowy mountains of Chadar Trek in Ladakh  and unfold the mysteries of Himalayas! 
Imagine walking on a thick sheet of ice in below-freezing temperature. No, we are not talking about trekking through a glacier, but the frozen river of Zanskar is the closest you can get to walking on a glacier. One of the most thrilling and adrenaline pumping trekking experiences in the world, the Chadar trek in Ladakh is a 75km long trek on the ever-feral Zanskar River during the winters. and  enjoy the Frozen pangong lake 
Come winters and the roads to Zanskar are blocked by heavy snowfall. The frozen river is the only point of contact with other regions of Ladakh. Born out of necessities, this trekking route is the recent fad amongst adventure junkies. 
If you're planning to undertake the spectacular Chadar Trekour Chadar trek guide has answers to all your questions. Read on!

Is Chadar Trek For Beginners?
Though deemed as the most difficult trek in the country, the Chadar Frozen River Trek is not just limited to the pro-level trekkers. The trek is basically flat with near to no climbing. The only challenge is to walk on extremely cold ice in upto -30 degrees temperature. If asked, Chadar Trek can also be taken by beginners if they can endure sub zero temperature.Even after that, certain precautions and adequate preparation are needed one month from the actual trek. It is advisable to get acclimatising at Leh minimum 3 days before the trek. At 8000 feet, you are susceptible to Altitude Mountain Syndrome (AMS). You can take the help of local organisers for the required preparations. Many local organisers have experienced trekkers in their team and could be a big help for beginners.

Is Chadar Trek Dangerous? 
Chadar trek
Considered as the toughest trek in India, the frozen river trek gives you larger than life experience. Apart from being dangerous, it is also the most rewarding trekking experience. The flat ice sheet trail tests your physical as well as mental strength before it opens the secrets of the valley. 
The trek is dangerous as it tests your cold endurance; you have to walk 9-10 hours daily in minus temperature. Otherwise there are no hard climbs on the journey. Before the trek, you need to get acclimated to the place, get a medical test done, and work on physical fitness. 
What is the best Time for Chadar Trekking?
January and February are the ideal time for this exciting trek. However, time from mid January till end of February is the favourable time to commence this wonderful adventure. The river turns into a thick sheet of white surrounded by glistening snow - the view is truly magical. 
As you walk on the track, colossal mountains and morning sun rays will follow you. Although summers attract plethora of water sports enthusiast to Zanskar River, it is the winter trek which still remains the most popular activity in Ladakh with ladakh popular ladakh tour pacakge 

What is the Temperature in Chadar Trek like?
The climatic conditions at Ladakh winter trek are extremely brutal and cold. It is suggested that you work on your physical and mental fitness before taking this trek. The temperatures drift somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 degrees during the day time and between - 25 and -35 degrees during the evening.  read more about Current weather in ladakh 

Things to carry on Chadar Trek
Take every one of the gear that you need during a normal trek. Get yourself gumboots as the typical climbing shoes aren't sufficient. They keep the feet from frostbite, and don't get wet easily. Also, a pair of socks, good quality waterproof gloves, body warmers, jar bottles, exothermic pouches , trekking rods, and some camping beds are probably the most essential things to carry on a trekking expedition.

What is the maximum limit on the number of trekkers in a group? 
Usually,  the idea is to keep the group small to avoid mismanagement and making sure all guests have a memorable experience. At least six people are needed for the trek, and large groups can have as many as 15 to 18 members. Both men and women can be part of the group. Each group is led by an experienced professional trekker, with a vast knowledge of mountains and first aid. A  cook, helper, porter, local guide and other staff are also part of the group to make your Chadar trekking experience as safe and memorable as possible despite the harsh conditions.

What is the Chadar Trek Route Map like? 
 The trek takes you through some of the most spellbinding phenomena and breathtaking panoramas. The whole journey is nothing less than magic. This is what the Chadar Trek Route looks like:

chadar trek map

You will start your journey from Leh. 

Start with a drive around the picturesque valleys to witness the magical confluence of Indus and Zanskar River at Nimoo. Trek towards TsomoPaldar campsite to spend the night. 
Dibb Cave 
Walk past the deep gorges of Zanskar valley. The view of icy cliffs and untouched snow will leave you speechless. Reach DibbCaves - a popular point among the locals to spend the night. 
Cross the enchanting gorgeous of Zanskar to reach Nyerak Village. You will witness a massive frozen waterfall which is a popular rafting point during the summer season of August - September. Explore the local culture of the village and make friends with the locals. 
Trek towards Hotang to set the camp for tonight. 
Shingra Yokma 
This constitutes the last leg of your trek. Reach Shingra Yokma after a 9-hour trek to be received by a driver who will take you to the city. 
Congratulations! You have completed the most difficult treks in India.

How to reach Ladakh for chdar trek 
To reach Ladakh, you will land in Leh where the nearest airport is situated. You will take 3 days to get acclimatised; it depends on person to person. Leh to Chadar Trek distance is 64 km excluding the 2 hour trek to Tilat Sumdo, which is also the starting point of the trek. And then, the greatest adventure of your lifetime commences.more details about how to reach ladakh

Cost of Chadar Trek Package
Although the package can be customised, the basic Chadar Trek price for 9 Days and 8 Nights  starting  from INR 21500  per person. The cost may vary due to many factors such as additional activities, government fee, taxes, accommodation selected by the trekker, etc. 
The package contains all the charges from the hotel, mode of ground transportation, all meals, entry fee, camping gear, kitchen things,  support staff, any en-route area fee, camping fee, etc. get know more about about  Chadar trek 2022 best offer Book now 

Things such as sleeping bag, trekking shoes, clothing, laundry, drinks, rainproof jacket, flask bottle, sunscreen, insulation gloves, sunglasses, first aid kit and insurance are not covered in the package cost  and must be brought by the trekker. 

Items such as hiking pants, warm socks and the above-mentioned gear are essential for the trek and should not be missed. There will be an additional charge for any changes in the Ladakh Chadar Trek package. 
This package excludes the cost of  Insurance fees , trekking shoes and clothing, energy drinks, snacks and any personal expense.

What are the accommodation arrangements during the trek?
Chadar trek tent

In the city, you will be made to stay in one of the best hotels with all basic amenities.  On the Ladakh winter trek,  generally, tents are used to set up the camp. Two people are supposed to share one tent.

Before embarking on the expedition, each member should be completely mindful of the conditions that he/she will be facing and prepare themselves in such a manner. The tents will be waterproof, but you can't trust the harsh climatic conditions. It is better to carry warm clothes. The journey will be led by an expert adventurer who has finished his Basic and Advanced Mountaineering course.

Do’s and Don’ts on Chadar Trek

  • Keep your morale high: Don’t get disappointed. It’s essential to keep that adrenaline pumping. 
  • Follow your Guide religiously:  He/She knows the best around the area and would help you in case of any emergencies. 
  • Don't expect to be a pro in the initial days: The ice is slippery and difficult to walk around. For the first few days, you will fall repeatedly. 
  • Keep your tummy full: The food is likely to fall short. It is advisable to keep some packed protein bars and healthy snacks. 
  • The first-aid kit is your friend: Along with your prescribed medication keep essential first aid. You are likely to get cuts, bruises and frostbites during the journey. 
  • Don't skip meals: In this Chadar Frozen River Trek, you will need every drop of energy you can get. Skipping a meal would just be a foolish thing to do. 
  • Do check the weather report before making the plan. Keep checking with MET reports. 
  • Take small breaks: Walking long hours in freezing conditions is beyond human capacity. Don't overstress your body. Take little breaks at regular intervals. 
  • Do not litter in the mountains: We don't need to explain why you shouldn't litter anywhere on the earth.
  • Hydrate yourself with any form of liquid like water, tea or soups to deal with AMS.

How To Make Chadar Trek Booking?

To make the booking, you can visit speak to go2ladakh trekking specialist and choose exceptionally curated tour packages. Our  team has highly trained guides and a seamless booking experience since last 2013 in market. 

We also provide 50+ tourism and adventure winter package comprising some of the most amazing places and exciting activities in Leh Ladakh. You can also modify your Ladakh trek itinerary according to your requirements. Choose from world-class hotels in Leh, to spend a day resting after the tiring yet thrilling trekking experience. Or explore the best of Ladakh's attractions before or after the trek. 

The folks at Go2Ladakh are experts in the area and offer famous Ladakhi hospitality. Apart from the surprising chadar trek prices, you can also find various honeymoon packages, road trip packages, biking packages, backpacking packages, silk route packages, and many more; at an affordable price. Check out their cool and informative blog page to get to know the best things about Ladakh.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Book your trek to Chadar Lake in Ladakh now!

Is mountain water safe for drinking on the trek? 
Yes, you can directly consume the water. Himalayan water is considered pure and safe. However, it is advisable to check with your team lead about the filling stations. 

How big are the groups for Ladakh Chadar Trekking?
Generally, a group for Chadar Trekking consists of a minimum of 6 people. But the larger groups have 15 to 18 people in it; not more than that. 

Can the trip be customised?
Yes, your Ladakh trek itinerary can be customised according to your preferences. You can choose from the hotels, number of days to travel, visiting number of attractions before or after the trek, mode of transportation, etc. You must contact the trek organisers to get the best trekking plan in Ladakh. 

What happens in case of medical emergencies?
You need to be physically and mentally fit enough to take this expedition. In case of any uncertainty, we have a proper plan in action. Our lead trekker is well-trained in Wilderness First Aid course, which ensures that primary medical aid is always at hand.

What is the type of food served during the Zanskar frozen Trek?
The food that is served during the trek is planned and cooked cautiously. Typically Indian veggie lover dishes and egg dishes are served keeping in mind the  dietary necessities of the group members. The climatic conditions of the trekking route are outrageous and full of surprises. In such a case, the trekkers should eat property for their body to produce enough energy to survive the tough weather. 
Hygiene and cleanliness concerns are taken care of  while preparing the food. A high protein content eating routine is already planned for the travellers. But one should also keep a few protein bars and chocolates in case of emergencies. If you have any food allergies, you can mention them at the time of booking the Frozen Lake Trek package. 

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