Chang La Pass Travel Guide 2021

Ankita | Updated on May 17, 2022

Insanely beautiful with full of snow, the 15 kilometers (approx.) The road is a very adventurous ride. You must carry an oxygen cylinder with you as the oxygen and temperature decrease drastically. Some say it is the second-highest pass, while some claim it is the third highest mountain pass. Chang La Pass is the must-visit snow heaven of Ladakh. This mountain pass is located above 5000 m (approx.), and you must pass the treacherous to enjoy the best experience on your Ladakh tour

Situated in the lap of Ladakh. After Khardung La Pass, there is the striking Chang La Pass. It is named after the legend Changla Baba. Chang La Pass has won the title of the second or third highest motorable pass globally, making it a must-visit spot during the Ladakh bike trip.

What is the maximum elevation of Chang La Pass?

Chang La Pass is located at an altitude of 17,586 ft (a. It also has a temple named after Changla Baba – the saint. The entire stretch of the pass is maintained by the Indian Army. The only town inhabited near the pass is the town of Tangste.

When is the best time for visiting Chang La Pass?

Winters- During winters, this region receives a heavy snowfall that blocks the roads. Thus, the pass remains closed from October to May.

Summers- During summers, the Chang La pass is cut by small streams formed due to snow melting in this region. But this is traversable. Chang La Pass is a heaven full of adventures and challenges.

Therefore, the best time to visit Chang La Pass is around May to June.

How to reach Chang La Pass?

There are many ways to reach this pass. Definitely, the most adventurous of them is trekking.

Chang La Pass is situated on the national highway 21 ( NH21), also known as Leh-Manali Highway. Its exact location is on the way to Pangong Tso Lake from Leh.

So you can either –

  • fly to Leh and then hit the road to Pangong Tso lake.
  • Visit it during a Leh Ladakh tour package.

You can use a bus, bike, or jeep to reach Chang La Pass easily.

Is permit/ permission required to visit Chang La Pass?

As we know, an inner line permit or ILP is required to visit certain tourist destinations of Leh Ladakh; it is mostly due to the heavy military presence in this region.

The answer to this question is Yes. Since a permit is required to visit Pangong Lake, and as mentioned above, Chang La is situated on the way to Pangong Tso Lake from Leh. So an inner line permit is a must if you are planning to visit Chang La Pass.

What precautions I must observe on my trip to Chang La Pass?

Yes, you need to take various kinds of precautions in general, visiting any part of Jammu and Kashmir. This region, despite being heaven on earth, has bad faith inherited from it. Due to the political tension between various neighboring countries, it is a highly militarized region throughout the year. Also, the harsh weather and the area’s remoteness adds to all of these. Thus, you need to take various kinds of precautions before visiting Chang La Pass.

  • Health-related precautions – As Chang La Pass is situated at a whopping 17,586 feet (approx.) of altitude, it will surely pave the way to altitude sickness.

Take your necessary medicines along with you to avoid altitude sickness. Don’t ascend a very large attitude on a single go, preferably ascend only 600 feet at a time.

  • Military-related precautions-  Don’t forget to take your inner line permit along with you; otherwise, you may have to return from the checkpoint.
  • Weather-related precautions- the weather is going to be harsh, be prepared for this forehand. Take your thermals, gloves, sweaters, coats, and all the necessary equipment required for protection against cold.
  • Food-related precautions –  Take food with high source carbohydrates with you, like whole wheat healthy snacks, etc. Carbohydrates act as an instant source of energy and will help you against altitude sickness.

Places to visit around Chang La Pass

There are many touristy places around Chang La, some of the famous ones are –

  • Pangong Tso: tickets and tours
  • Dars War Memorial: Tickets and tours
  • Thiksey Monastery: Tickets and Tours
  • Diksit Gompa : Tickets and Tours
  • Hall of fame: Tickets and Tours.

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