Collect Your Adrenaline for the Unconventional Spiti Trip

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Spiti Valley is meant for mesmerizing and enchanting beauties of the Himalayas which has been untouched with the tides of time. Spiti Valley is a fresh, raw piece of Himalayan terrain that has stood the test of time. But, it is not meant for conventional travellers, rather it is an item from the bucket list of unconventional travellers who wish and dare to go beyond the limits.

Himachal tourism is incomplete without the mention of rustic and quaint Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley trip can leave you awe-struck in your senses. A daring elevation of 5000 m above the sea level makes the place even more engaging and alluring.     

Gathering the dust of the rustic valley  

The beauty of this virgin valley is quite impossible to be encapsulated in wordy descriptions. Spending your vacation in Spiti Valley is more about revitalizing and rejuvenating your senses. Raw mountains wearing the royal clothes of ivory snow, and restless rivers carve a niche which is beyond expectations. 

Spiti Valley is very scantily populated and houses less than 100 families. Still, it is densely parched with quaint charms which are more than enough to captivate the eyes of tourists and travellers.

Tabo village is all about stillness and serenity. It is located on the bank of Spiti river and has various architectures and ancient dwellings which are the place of astonishment for travellers. 

Exploring the Mud Village  

The lush greenery of Pin Valley National Park will captivate the eyeballs of every traveller. Jeweling the pride of being home of Snow Leopards, the Pin Valley National Park has some rare breeds of flora and fauna. The place is a perfect picture paradise for photographers. 

A homestay in Mud village is your gateway to experience the classic but simple lives of people in the villages of Spiti Valley. 

Tabo Monastery – The ultimate grip for your spiritual soul           

Tabo Monastery is all infused with the quaint beauty of ancient architecture. It is often referred to as “Ajanta of Himalayas” and is dotted with numerous ancient paintings depicting the lives of Buddhist devotees, Lamas, and Lord Buddha. 

Tabo caves are also a splendid attraction for visitors and travelers. Though not very intrinsic, the decoration of prayer flags and serene environment gives a title of secluded serene location. 

Roaring Rangrik is calling

The swollen Rangrik river calls for fun and adventure activities like river rafting and boating. Crystal clear waters of the river reflect the real charm of the valley. The squashing sound of the Rangrik river creates a humble balance of silence and gurgling of water. Water has immense power to heal and conceal our emotions, mental state, and physical endurance. 

Kaza has lots more to be explored and fantasized about. Going for a brisk walk in the village is not less than a treat for travelers and tourists. The Ecosphere located at Kaza speaks prominently about the responsible traveling. 


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