This Couple Did A Destination Wedding In Ladakh And The Pictures Are Dream Worthy

Ankita | Updated on May 26, 2022

Who thought a destination wedding would be possible in paradise on Earth? Yes! We are talking about the most beautiful place in India, Ladakh. There are still people out there who have been planning a trip to Ladakh and couldn’t make it but a couple recently got married in Ladakh. And, we can’t stop but imagine how amazing it would have been. 

How did they meet?

Rikhil and Shachi who are filmmakers by profession met through a mutual friend in London and both went on a road trip to Scotland 7 years back. They visited Ladakh and saw Pangong Lake and instantly fell in love with the place. That is when they decided there is no better place than Ladakh to get married. Both of them wanted to tie the knot with their families in Ladakh on the Pangong Lake.

How did they Plan their Wedding in Ladakh?

Rikhil and Shachi planned their destination wedding in Ladakh. Yes! We are talking about a wedding in Ladakh at an altitude of 15,000 ft. It takes three days to acclimatize even for a trip and this couple took 60 guests along to Ladakh and did a wedding. It was definitely a challenge for us, says bride Shachi but they eventually made it. Believe us this wedding had everything you would need for a Ladakh trip all the excitement, Royal Enfield, bikers, adventurous people and most importantly lehenga, sherwani, and the baraat.

Shachi is also a founder of the wedding photography team A Knotty Tale and she took the responsibility of organizing the wedding in Ladakh. She planned an appointment with the doctor for everyone in the family, especially for the elderly relatives. Both Shachi and her mother-in-law lost 13kg and 20kg weight respectively for the wedding in Ladakh. She says, her relatives worked really hard to keep themselves fit for this trip to Ladakh. 

Their guest list had people from ages 3 to 70 and they started this 10-day long wedding trip to Ladakh. Sounds so interesting, isn’t it? Asking about the weather conditions, Shachi says it was between 20-degree Celcius in day and 1-degree Celcius at night. She said, we literally didn’t need winter wear other than a jacket and that too at night. 

Shachi said they did their ceremonies in the daytime. They had their Mehendi ceremony at The Silk Route Ladakh, Leh, and they stayed there for 3 days to acclimatize to the weather conditions before they reach Pangong Lake. 

Wedding vows were done at The Hermitage Pangong, which is 15km from Spangmik village. The wedding was in September 2018 so it was not as crowded as it generally is. Post this the wedding was done on the Pangong Lake with a mandap (altar) created with prayer flags that they bought from a nearby village. They had their family around, and the couple exchanged wedding rings there and relatives raised a toast for their happiness by cutting a cake. It was indeed a grand destination wedding in Ladakh.

How to Plan a Wedding in Ladakh?

After reading about this dream destination wedding in Ladakh you might be excited to host your wedding too. So, here are some tips you can keep in mind while planning your wedding in Ladakh:

  1. Plan well in advance: A wedding is something that you have a broad idea about so, make sure you have planned your things well in advance. Especially, if Ladakh is the destination, check for weather conditions. Check for cheap Ladakh tour packages, it will help you save bucks. 
  2. Have a minimum list of guests: As exciting as Ladakh seems, it can be difficult too. So, make sure you have a minimum list of guests going with you. 
  3. Doctor advice is a must and takes your emergency kit and oxygen tanks along Ladakh is situated at a high altitude and humans take time to acclimatize themselves there so, be prepared and take enough time to rest and prepare yourself.
  4. Don’t expect much from the wedding: Destination weddings in Ladakh will be very simple and minimal. So, don’t expect a grand wedding ceremony with all the rituals. But, it surely will be a wedding that no one has ever attended. 
  5. Keep limited clothes in bag pack: Don’t go for fashion. Obviously, you can pick a lehenga and sherwani, but make sure it is super light. Keep clothes that are important and you would need in extreme weather conditions. 
  6. Be prepared for extreme situations: Have a doctor’s contact detail and nearby hospital details beforehand. Have basic knowledge about how to help someone in case of emergency. 

So, that’s it for now. Hope you guys have a safe and memorable journey to Ladakh. 

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