Stolen moments from my Family Leisure Trip to Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Well! I love travelling for all good reasons and I wish to spend some gigantic time of my life travelling to some of the fantastic places across the globe. I strongly feel that travelling is the best way to spend your leisure time. Ladakh is a destination meant for a luxury leisure trip. The fun of the trip gets doubled when you travel with your family. 

Ladakh – My dream destination

I had chosen the summer months to explore this cold wonderland with my family. One strong reason for the same could be that summer months call for summer vacations of the kids and lots of time to connect and unwind with your family and kids. My kids are pretty much like me only and they love to explore the destinations filled with nature’s own wonders. 

When it’s a family outing, you need to pack your bags in quite a different way. I must tell you it’s really a big project to pack your bags when you have little monsters(your kids) around you and I collected all of my patience and energy to do it as effectively as possible. I packed lots of their favourite food, biscuits, chocolates, candies, and juices. This was needed to ensure that their tummies are filled and they are happy during the journey.

Well! I know apart from the kid’s stuff, I need to pack essentials for the adults as well. It included a shaving kit of my husband, his clothes(a fresh pair of socks and handkerchiefs for sure) and his favourite deodorant. I also checked for the important documents which may be required during the journey. It included ID proofs and a passport. My husband is always there to help me. But, you know these men! I mean they are really bad at remembering things. Aren’t they???

We are early birds in true sense. We planned well in advance for the trip for we wanted to save some big bucks for our shopping spree. is a trusted agency for providing Ladakh Tour Package and I was more than satisfied with their services. I mean, these guys were really amazing and delivered each and every aspect of their promises made at the time of booking of the package. Their team was always ready to answer millions of our silly questions. – wonderful support system

Apart from offering an awesome tour package, their website, helping us in familiarizing with the geographies of Leh Ladakh. I read their multiple blogs and articles related to Leh Ladakh and found the information quite handy and relevant. It is always better to know the place beforehand as you plan to visit a place for vacation. It helps you to peep into the weather conditions, culture, people, and cuisine out there.

And the journey begins…

Keeping in view that we were accompanied by our kids, we decided to board a flight to reach Leh. I still remember that kids were super excited to board the flight and kept asking me millions of questions to me. I had no option other than to answer them. So, we reached Leh airport and it was a breezy afternoon out there. 

We hired one cab from Leh airport to reach the heart of the town, Leh. Actually, I wanted to go to an open jeep. But, you know you have to compromise sometimes for the safety of the children and that’s what I did. Although we enjoyed a lot during our journey and kids were actually jumping out other than normal upon seeing natural wonders like valleys, snow-laden hills, and rivers.

Breathtaking views of the hills

When we reached our booked hotel in Leh, all of us were tired but the scenic beauty of the mountains gave quick healing to our body and senses. But, still, it was a fact that our body demanded some rest. Hence, after taking a bath and getting refreshed, we filled our tummies with delicious delicacies of the mountains and went for a restful sleep. As we woke up, it was almost evening and we decided to chase the changing shades of the sky. So, we left together and went wandering locally in the Leh town.

As we had given ample time for acclimatization of our bodies, we were fit and ready to go. We visited Shanti Stupa and kids were astonished to see the plain but enchanting beauty of the Shanti Stupa. Any of my trips were incomplete without doing some local shopping, so I went searching and negotiating some good deals in the local market area of Leh. It included some colourful accessories, handicrafts, and woollens. 

As the evening sun left for its abode, we headed towards one roadside Dhaba to have our dinner. As kids yelled for some Chinese spicy food, so we ordered some Chowmeen and Manchurian for them. I ordered some plain north Indian food for my husband and me. The food was satiating and delicious. 

We enjoyed a warm, cosy, and sweet nap during the night and woke up with full refreshment. We had Nubra valley in our mind and we finished our breakfast and got ready for the day. has arranged one Toyota Innova for us and we all fitted into the same. Sand dunes, mountains, and rivers were served to our eyesight and we were soaking into their beauty. We visited North Pullu, Khardung La, South Pullu, Khalsar, and Shyok River. 

Spiritual Serenity

I had a spark of spirituality within my soul and the same goes true for my hubby. So, we went to the Maitreya Buddha statue near Diskit Monastery and did our soulful long prayer to attain ultimate eternal peace. 

Visiting the Monastery gave sublime bliss and contentment to my heart. The Gompa radiated ultimate peace and serenity and I wished that I could live here forever. Kids were busy searching and inspecting various corners of the Monastery. After all, they had seen something so serene for the first time only. 

We also enjoyed the ride of double humpback camels and my kids were giggling all the time. Sand dunes were our next spots where we spent some quality time. Shangri La camp was our spot for resting at night and we were served some of the plains yet tasty foods of the hills. 

The morning sun, chirping birds, and flowing rivers welcomed us together in the morning. We were back in our hotels in Leh before afternoon. As our flight to Delhi was scheduled in the evening, we took rest till then after eating our healthy and sumptuous meals. We boarded the flight with framed memories of Leh in our hearts. 

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