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1. Which month is best to visit Leh Ladakh?

The months of April and May are best to hit the wonderland of monks and monasteries. Come April, and you find the growing crowd of tourists all over the terrains of Ladakh. Lakes which have frozen back in the winter start melting and ready to serve the full fervor of natural charm. You can expect a soothing temperature of 16-degree Celsius during day time which is very soothing. Mostly you can enjoy sunny weather with a clear sky. But you may have to wait till May for the opening of major highways. 

Sunnyside of Ladakh enables you to enjoy the sojourn of summer beauty very well. Be prepared to see the slush of water and other blockages across your journey because most of the mountain snow is melting by this time. May is that time of the year when you can witness the Saka Dawa Festival( meant for commemorating the life of Buddha). The most auspicious day of this festival is a full moon day. Locals of Ladakh have a sacred belief that deeds done during this period multiplies manifolds and returns back in the life of individuals.
Although summer months(April - May) are best for vacationing in Ladakh, you can’t even question the hilly-snowy beauty of the winters. Winter months have their own charm and splendor. You simply can’t resist but gaze through the fairyland-like appeal of snowy Ladakh. 

One can also enjoy the best of trekking during the months of April and May. Lamayuru to Alchi trek is one of the most memorable and adventurous trekking trips for the individuals. This is usually a 5-day trek and covers best of the Ladakhi beauties. You can get shelter in guest houses, hotels, and hostels. However, many tourists prefer to go for a homestay in order to taste the real life and culture of Ladakhi localities.    

2. How can I go to Ladakh from Mumbai? 

If you live in Mumbai and wish to explore the unseen marvels of hilly and snowy beauty, Ladakh, You can opt for traveling through train from Mumbai to Jammu Tawi as it is the nearest railway station. Once you reach Jammu Tawi, you can either hire a taxi or go for a JKSRTC bus for reaching your destination, Ladakh. Ladakh is 434 km away from Srinagar and can be reached comfortably in a jeep, car or bus. 

You need to schedule your travel in advance and book tickets much early as you may face a shortage of tickets, especially in the peak season when most of the travelers wish to explore such mysterious place like Ladakh. 

You may also reach Leh Ladakh by air. It is the most comfortable, shortest and easiest route to go there. Leh airport is conveniently connected with major metros like Delhi and Mumbai. You can also fetch some attractive deals and great discounts from travel agencies when you plan early. Choosing air transport may cut down on your travel time and increment your comfort but if you want to see the real shades of adventure on your way to Ladakh, then road route is best for you. Hire a cab, jeep or car and you are good to go for an adventure souk. 

3. How can I go to Leh Ladakh from Bangalore? 

If you calculate the distance of Leh from Bangalore, it is 2352 km in terms of aerial distance and 3351 km of road distance. Thus, reaching Leh Ladakh from Bangalore is a significant affair and must be planned appropriately.

Folks from Bangalore may have to plan very carefully as there are no direct flights, buses, or trains from Bangalore to Ladakh. The easiest way to reach Ladakh from Bangalore is to take flight for Mumbai from Bangalore and then take another flight from Mumbai to Ladakh. You may take local conveyances from Leh airport to your hotel or guest house.  

If you want the cheaper version of travel, take the train(Ajmer Express) from Bangalore to Mumbai and then board the flight from Mumbai for reaching Leh. 

You have even another option. You may take a state transport bus from Bangalore to Chennai. Then, you should go to New Delhi from Chennai by flight and then board the flight for Leh from there. 

Irrespective of the route and travel type, always try to plan the trip in advance. You can always save big bucks when you plan beforehand and make the journey more convenient. Pay special attention to pack winter and mountain essentials in order to comfort your trip properly.

4. How much will it cost to visit Ladakh?

When you plan to go for a holiday destination, the next question which pops up in mind is about the total cost of the trip. Well! It depends on your place from where are you traveling to Leh Ladakh. If you want to save your big bucks and fetch a fair deal, go for early booking of the tickets and travel packages. This entitles you to get a good discount and save your hard-earned money. 

Flight: The average cost of travel from Mumbai to Leh is approx 12,000 Rs. If you travel from Delhi to Ladakh, it will cost you Rs. 4500. 

Railway: When you chose the rail route, the cost of traveling from Mumbai to Jammu is Rs. 2600.

Road route: Traveling through a car or taxi could cost you somewhere around 8000 to 12,000 Rs (when going from Mumbai to Leh).   

You want to enjoy your vacation, right! For that, you need to plan it well and define the budget very crisply. If you choose a good travel agency, it has a complete array of tour packages which offers tours and packages. These tour packages are customized according to various tastes and requirements of the travelers.      

5. How can I go to Leh Ladakh from Mumbai by train?

Are you planning to go to Leh Ladakh from Mumbai by train? Jammu Tawi is the nearest railway station from Ladakh. It is 700 km away from Ladakh. Jammu is perfectly connected with Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.  

One thing which is most important when you plan to travel by train is that you must book the tickets much early in advance so as to avoid the lack of available seats. Booking tickets early could also earn you big discounts and great deals. 

The best trains available for traveling to Jammu Tawi from Mumbai are Swaraj Express and Vivek Express. Rest can be checked pretty easily on the website of IRCTC

Traveling through train is a true feast for the eyes. You get to experience the real natural charm of the journey while your train moves slowly towards Jammu Tawi. Also, you enjoy the company of your loved ones in the comfort of your AC births. 

Fare for 3rd AC is Rs 1955, for 2nd AC is Rs 2855, and Rs. 740 for sleeper class. However, you get great discounts and deals when you plan much earlier for your trip. You can plan and book tickets accordingly as per your budget. 


6. Is Leh safe for tourists? 

Leh Ladakh is quite safe for tourists. Media may make the hype and question the safety of tourists coming to Leh. But, contrary to this, it is quite safe and convenient for tourists and travelers.

High mountains and valleys look pretty charming in Leh. But, one may also think that high hills and low valleys are quite dangerous in Ladakh. But, it is not so. It is quite safe to travel and uncover the hidden marvels and beauty of Leh Ladakh. 

Geographical boundaries, wars, and political hindrances can also declare Ladakh as an unsafe destination to travel. The reason for the same is that media has been projecting it in quite a different way. However, Ladakh is a mysterious yet safe destination for travel. 

Chinese incursion which was widely spread in news could not produce a harmful environment and litter the safety of Leh Ladakh. Hence, Leh Ladakh is a place which is full of surreal beauty and pious serenity.  

During the incursion, the tourist area was far away from the Chinese platoon. Apart from the frequent invasions by China, tourist places have remained quite safe and pretty far from the disturbance areas. 

Leh Ladakh is nothing but safe, divine and highly spiritual.

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