Family Trip To Leh Ladakh: An Ultimate Guide To Planning

Ankita | Updated on June 9, 2022

Family vacations to an exotic destination are the best way to bond and spend some quality time with your loved ones. With so many fun activities and captivating places to visit, Leh Ladakh offers a perfect family retreat. It has always been a popular haven for biking and travelling enthusiasts all around the globe. But, now it has become a major attraction for people of all ages and origins. To spend time with your family and also relinquish the daily routine of life for this paradise on Earth. Here we bring you the ultimate guide on how to plan a Family Trip To Leh Ladakh to the magnificent mountains.

Plan the duration of the trip

Leh Ladakh is a vast city and region in Northern India, and it takes anyone a minimum of 7 days trip to this beautiful destination. It is ideal for planning a ten-day trip if you want to cherish a balanced experience. A 15 days trip is best if you’re looking for a perfectly rejuvenating experience with adequate time to relax and explore the location. Leh Ladakh is not only a hotspot for the biker enthusiasts but a culturally rich location with several captivating places to visit, food to taste, and souvenirs to buy.

Estimate and accumulate the budget

The budget will strongly depend on the low and high end of the journey. Do you want to eat in places like Dhaba or visit the hotel, or there are many good cafes in Ladakh that you can visit. Or it can also be a mix of all isn’t it? Are you going by personal vehicle, through train, or renting transportation? There are several factors to consider when planning an adequate budget. The short answer to it is it will cost anywhere around 30,000 to 50,000 per head for an adult on a ten days trip. It will entitle you to have a comfortable experience without sacrificing any important aspects of the trip. From the Dhaba food to exquisite restraint cuisines, you will have the option to indulge in all of the activities. The budget must include small activities as well, like a ride on the Bacterian camel or trekking which could be on the higher side. So, don’t forget to check out some cheap Ladakh Tour Packages before you finalize your trip.

Planning your budget will include the number of days you will spend in Ladakh and hotel charges as well. Travelling will not be cheap. Also, there is nothing wrong with having little extra funds in case of an emergency, especially with a Family Trip To Leh Ladakh.

Know the Best Time to Visit Ladakh

There are two seasons for Leh Ladakh that are suitable for the trip. For most travelling enthusiasts and family vacations, the ‘on-season’ timing of April to June is fitting. There will be a rush, but the market will be blooming with the cheery crowd, and everything will be available. You can access most of the locations as it is prime time, and nothing is restricted. However, if you’re on the budget, know that it is usually costly around the season. Hence, the budget you prepared is most likely going to be exhausted by the time you return home.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking less crowd to indulge in the mesmeric beauty of Leh Ladakh, November to March might be the best season. It is going to be colder than usual, but it will open gateways to several fun activities in the region. The market will be slow overall, and it will be a serene experience, do not expect too much of an exuberant vacation. But overall, it will be a pleasant experience. However, roads may shut down due to heavy falls, but Chaddar Road is best for riding in January.

Prepare things like clothes and first aid

So, after you have decided on the months of your travelling and decided on the budget, know what all you need to pack for the trip. You are going to Leh Ladakh, and it is an extremely cold place. Hence, you will need to have an adequate amount of winter wear for everyone. Make sure you have kept enough woollens, socks, and gloves that can save you from extreme weather conditions. It is not about packing heavy clothes, rather go for warm clothes which are light in weight. Additionally, a first aid kit with essential medications like one for fever, one for pain, and such should be included in the inventory of a Family Trip To Leh Ladakh.

Places to visit in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is full of attractions that offer a glimpse of a ‘paradise’ for people. It has been blessed by the vibrant and spellbinding gifts of nature that enhances the beauty of the serene landscapes. It is culturally rich with incorporations like Future Buddha and Pangong Tso Lake. These are the primary options in any tour package. Leh Ladakh is full of architectural beauties like monasteries and Leh Palace. The captivating and curious magnetic hills that offer optical illusions in an unexplainable phenomenon is a fantastic addition for an enticing trip. You may visit the Indus and Zanskar river, or Alchi Gompa for its 800-years old paintings.

The places to visit will directly be relatable to the type of family members you have. The younglings will appreciate the Magnetic Hill, Pangong Tso Lake and other such exuberant places. However, if your family comprises of adults and elderly, places like Shanti Stupa and Monastries are a better choice. To experience the nature, flora, and fauna aspects of Leh Ladakh, you should visit Nubra Valley.

A flexible, but firm Itinerary

You’re travelling with family, and it is important to have plans on how you’re going to explore Leh Ladakh. Create an itinerary that elaborates each day accurately. However, it will require to be flexible. If you have kids or the elderly, your trip may be slowed down, or they may require proper rest. Consider these aspects and other possibilities like sickness, and always keep a ‘backup’ itinerary in case of emergencies. Read some of the blogs and articles, research, and discover the experience and tips of other people, and families. After that, you will have ideal destinations and things to try to create a perfect itinerary. While you should try to follow the itinerary, it is important to remember that you’re here to enjoy yourself with the Family Trip To Leh Ladakh.

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