All About How to Prepare Your Car for Ladakh Road Trip in 2021

Ankita | Updated on May 26, 2022

Going to Ladakh by bike or car is a dream for many. After goa, if any location people die to go every time is Ladakh. It is known as a paradise for trekkers. There are many who are not keen on trekking but still love to go to Ladakh to take a break from the hectic life and explore the beautiful sceneries. Snow-capped landscapes are the major attractions for visitors in Ladakh. Many Bollywood movies have already endorsed its scenic beauty, and hence it is gaining a lot of popularity. Travelling to Ladakh is very easy. Many top-rated travel companies including Go2Ladakh offer special customized Ladakh road trip. You can either go by train, air, bike and even car. Planning a trip by car requires more preparation as you would be travelling to a long-distance and a totally new place altogether. If you plan to go by car with your friends, then there are few things you need to remember while preparing for your Ladakh bike trip.

Get the car servicing done

This is the very first step you need to take while planning your Ladakh bike trip. If your car has crossed more than 6000 kilometers, it is important to get your car serviced. If you are not willing to go for complete servicing, you can go for a full health check-up. Make sure you check all the parts such as bolts, nuts, fan belts, etc. Also, make sure that your car does not make any rattling noise.

Wheel Alignments

Since you have no idea how much time you will be driving the car, it is important to check the most important parts of the car, which are tires. If your car has driven for more than 5000 kilometers, please check the tires and wheel alignments. Also, check the condition of all the tires. If you find any cracks or cuts over it, then please get a new set of it. You can also do a one-rupee test to check your tire condition. All you need to do is take a one-rupee coin and insert it in a tire tread to check the depth. You would need to do it for all the tires. If the depth is the same for all the tires, then there is no need to worry. If there is any difference in the depth, then it is time to get the alignment done.

Check Brakes

This is another important part that needs to be checked, failing to which there could be major issues while you travel, and it can even end up in major tragedies. If possible, try to get the brakes changed completely before you leave for Ladakh. Do not forget to check the brake oil. It is recommended to bleed the brakes to check if they are working fine.

Get a new set of wipers.

The weather at Ladakh is always unpredictable. You may experience snowfall at some places, while you may experience a bit higher temperature at some places. If you ever face snowfall while driving, then your car’s wipers should be in a working order to show you the correct path. Hence make sure to get a new set of wipers. You can also keep an additional set-in spare in case of requirement.

Check the oil

If your car has crossed over 5000 kilometers, then it is mandatory to change the brake oil. You would need to check brake, gear, and engine oils. If your car has been driven under 5000 kilometers, then do not forget to top it up. Apart from the oil, also make sure to check the suspension of your car. If it is not working properly, then it is recommended to change completely to the new one. Check if the vehicle is tilting on any particular side. If there is any tilt, then it needs to be corrected before you plan to move.

Check the electric connections

Apart from the mechanical parts, it is also important to check your car’s electric parts and connections. You would need to check the things, including bulbs, worn-out wires, Alternator, and starter. Apart from these electric connections, make sure to check the battery as well. It should be in good condition and make sure to top up the battery water. Also, look in the car’s cabin and ensure all the gauges, lights, locks, handbrake, pedals, window rollers, headlamp, indicator, and doors are in working order.

Check Cooling system

It is always advisable to get the coolant changed before planning any long road trip. Make sure you completely inspect the cooling system and check if there is any leakage. The engine of your car experiences heating if driving at higher RPM; hence the cooler needs to be working. Also, check if there is no wear or tear of hoses and hose clips. Clean the radiator tubes and fins with a high-pressure water jet.

Check clutch plates

The extremely important mechanical part of your car is a clutch plate. Clutch plates are useful when climbing is required in your way, and you will face many such climbs in your Ladakh trip. Hence check your clutch plates before you leave for your trip.

Check for leakage

Do check if your car has got any kind of leakage. Ensure all the nuts and bolts in the fitting are fastened, and there is no trace of oil. Do not forget to check your car’s underbelly, especially if you are driving a hatchback or sedan, which generally has low ground clearance. Make sure to fix an aluminum plate over it to prevent damage.

Check the belts

If your car’s belts have aged more than 3 years or if your car has completed 50000 kilometers, it is necessary to change the belts. Also, check the pulley bearings condition and replace it if there is an issue with it.

Additional Spare items

Apart from checking these mentioned mechanical and electric parts, you will also need to carry few spare items for your car, which would help you during the trip. Always carry two sets of Jacks, two towing rods, Extra headlight bulbs, Extra engine oil, Extra gear oil, Extra brake oil, Extra fuses, Wrenches, Wheel Spanners, Cello tape, Small hammer, Piler with a screwdriver, Petrol Jerry can with the capacity of 10 liters, Knife, Tyre puncture kit, Portable air pump, and M seal.

Other necessary things

Apart from your car accessories, it is important to carry some of the required things that would help the trip. You can keep a set of 2 3 water bottles, Camera, Torch, Leather gloves, 2 3 blankets, Dry fruits, Map, Couple of fully charged power banks, deodorants, sleeping bags, foldable tent, and a first aid kit.

Required Documents:

There is also a set of documents you would need to carry while leaving for your Ladakh trip. The document kit should include a driver’s license, hotel reservation receipts, Car insurance papers, RC, and PUC. If you have booked the Ladakh Package, then make sure to carry the itinerary as well. You may include other documents as per your requirement, but these are mandatory if you travel by car

These were a few basic checks you would need to do if you plan for the Ladakh road trip. You may check for a few more things according to your car.

If you think we have missed anything that should be mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments section.

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