Important Things to Carry for a Leh Ladakh Package

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Are you planning a bike trip to Leh Ladakh?  Firstly, rest assured that except for the rough terrain that you will be riding through, all the Leh Ladakh packages include safe places to travel in. 

Here’s what you need to carry and keep in mind for making your Leh Ladakh package an enjoyable ride to keep the excitement alive.

It is important to acclimatize properly to the weather condition and low oxygen levels at high altitudes to avoid falling sick with Acute Mountain Sickness and spoiling the fun. This is usually done by planning a day or two of rest on reaching Leh. If you plan your travel right, acclimatization of the body can happen on your way to Leh as well. 

  1. Body fitness Bike trip to Leh Ladakh is adventurous and exciting. You need to equip your body with the strength to endure the tough weather conditions and rough terrain. Do indulge in some swimming, cycling, jogging, and exercise to increase stamina to help you tackle the low oxygen levels at high altitudes. It is advisable to go through a medical checkup at least a week before the trip. 
  1. Plan the ride – The best time for a bike ride to Leh Ladakh is between June and September. There are two routes to get to Leh by road. One from Srinagar and the other from Chandigarh via Manali. Taking the Srinagar – Leh route has a very gradual climb, which gives the body enough time to acclimatize with the rising altitude and reducing oxygen levels. However, you must still take one day at Leh for proper acclimatization.

Comparatively, the Chandigarh – Leh route from Manali onwards has a very steep climb across the Rohtang Pass, which makes it difficult for the body to acclimatize with the rapid change in altitude and climatic conditions.

  1. Bike selection – If you are taking on rent, then the best suited for this trip is the Bullet Classic or Himalayan type of bikes that can carry the required supplies up the steep inclines and survive the rough terrains.

Make sure the bike is serviced before you begin the trip and keep spares like air pump, spark plugs, puncture kit, etc. First aid information on basic bike maintenance would be useful. Saddle bags attached to the bike can help you carry stuff that you want to keep handy during the journey.

If you are planning a group bike tour, then you can also consider hiring a van to carry the luggage, spares, and also a mechanic to go along with you.

  1. Protective wear to carry – 

Biking gear – Carry all type of protections like gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, bandana, balaclava, UV sunglasses, and sunscreen lotions

Clothing – Waterproof winter jacket, thermal inners, woollen gloves and socks, woollen/fleece upper layer, quick-dry t-shirts and pants, water-resistant trekking shoes 

  1. First Aid – You must always keep your medicines for fever, headache, cold, cough, bandages, and ointments. Avoid painkillers at high altitude cold locations. Mustard oil and lip balm must be carried along for moisturizing the skin and lips.

High nutrition food – Carry multiple packets of nuts, energy bars, biscuits, other glucose and food items that quickly energize the body. Appetite reduces at high altitudes; hence, frequent snack of these helps keep the body charged.

Try and stock up with some food for the road whenever you make a stop to eat.

  1. At times, you may not find a petrol pump for hundreds of km. Plan your destination stops to reach your destination with exhausting the available fuel in the tank. Tank up your bike to the full as frequently as possible. 
  1. Documents and IDs – Mainly roads on this route do not require any specific permits for riders, but some of them may do. In either case, it’s always advisable to keep your personal IDs and bike’s documents with you at all times throughout the trip in case of checking by local authorities or the military. 
  1. Mobile, camera and gadgets – BSNL network has good coverage in Leh Ladakh. Use a BSNL SIM if available, on your mobile phone. Be sure that you carry extra power banks and batteries for the phone. It would be wise to save some of the major routes and directions from Google Maps on the mobile phone.

A GoPro with all its accessories is highly recommended for a bike trip to Leh Ladakh. It will let you capture the beauty of each ride to store the memory for a lifetime very comfortably without disturbing the riding experience. DSLRs and Handycams are good too. Carry extra batteries and memory cards for your cameras. 

Also, keep a decent powerful torch handy.

  1. Stash your cash – Cards are not widely accepted, and it will be difficult to find ATMs in these localities. Carry enough cash to last a couple of days until you find an ATM.
  1. Trip Duration – To truly enjoy and absorb the astounding beauty of this place and your journey through the high passes, plan for ten days to 15 days trip. This would include 1 or 2 days to relax and acclimatize at the beginning of your trip and also allow you to relax for a couple of days to rest after the journey at the end of your trip before you head back home. 

I hope the above guidelines help you to plan your Leh Ladakh bike tour to heaven on earth. This is going to be the best experience of your life. Go make memories for a lifetime!

Ride safe and Enjoy! 

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