Your Ladakh Clothing Guide: What to Wear in Summers, Monsoon, and Winters

Nowadays, the word holidays bring many good and bad memories as the pandemic has forced everyone in their houses without much of an option to go out and relax. But still, this has not prevented many backpackers from finding out different ways in which they can reach their favorite destination and get lost in the wanderlust. One such place which is the main attraction for people like this is Ladakh getting thousands of tourists and crazy travelers all throughout the year. Every season in Ladakh is beautiful yet very different in terms of climate change in its own way, which also means that whenever planning a trip, one has to be very careful regarding what and how they are packing their bags. One of the most genuine questions that people often get confused about is what clothes one should carry about different seasons in Ladakh.
Therefore, the Ladakh tour package by Go2Ladakh is here to answer all your questions and provide you with a clothing guide for what one should wear in summers, monsoon, and winters when travelling to this beautiful place. Of course, the tips and ideas that we are going to provide you with will depend on many factors like the mode of travelling or the duration of your stay in Ladakh, but we will try and cover up as much as possible so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Clothes to keep in your bags

Being the highest plateau in India at 9,800 ft (approx.), this place weather is mostly cold and dry. Therefore, no matter what season you are travelling to this place, winter clothing is a must, and you should at least take a few jackets for the trip. Usually, the degree of cold also depends on the altitude you are at, which means that it can be warm during the daytime. But for the nights, the climate is uncertain, and keeping some winter clothing would come in handy. But the number of winter clothes you take also may differ based on what month you are actually planning to visit Ladakh as when travelling from June to September, it is highly unlikely that one would experience extremity in temperatures. But things like gloves, caps, and creams should always be there in your bags, irrespective.

What to pack in summers?

Summer in Ladakh usually means that a person is travelling anywhere between June to September, wherein there is little chance of anybody feeling cold during the daytime. Even the evenings are surprisingly pleasant, wherein one would not require any heavy winter clothing and will be able to manage in a few jackets or sweaters. This means that one can actually wear a woolen while travelling and pack another to save space and keep the bag on the lighter side. Apart from this, usually, people roam about in shorts and t-shirts as it is quite warm. Therefore, packing some shorts with t-shirts would be just enough for your summer trip even if you decide to pack only 2-3 woolen clothing. Regarding footwear, one would not need boots or warm shoes, and only sports shoes with a pair of slippers can be bought for the trip.

What to pack in monsoon?

This season is the least chosen by travelers because of the continuous rain and moist weather that can prove difficult. The most important things to pack when travelling in this season are waterproof clothing and clothes made out of material which dries faster. Also, when roaming in Ladakh, make sure that your bags are relatively lighter with only minimal clothing as drying clothes do take time, and therefore it is advisable to only carry less with that being waterproof. Wearing many layers would not be recommended if travelling on a bike, but at least 3 layers would be required, with the top layer being wind and waterproof. As for the shoes, even they need to be waterproof to keep your feet dry and not get infected with being in the water for too long.

What to pack in winters?

This is the weather that is either hated by people who want to see this place or loved and nothing in between. In peak winters, the entire region is covered with heavy snow, which means that the temperature during the day and nights can go in minus, making it extremely cold and chilly. The most clothing that one is supposed to carry is in this season, including jackets, woolen socks, caps, protection for your eyes and ears, and gloves so that one can drive and do things without getting their hands too cold. While travelling on bikes, make sure not to carry too much but the right clothing to keep you from cold and high winds. A layer of warm leggings under your trousers is recommended in winters as jeans would not be able to do justice in this weather. As for the upper part of your body, make sure to wear something body-hugging which is warm so that even if one cannot wear a lot of layers, the warmer will be there to protect you from the cold weather. If you have decided to go hiking, then special hiking shoes would be required in this weather, and usually, ankle-length boots are recommended to save your feet from cold.

As we discussed earlier, the amount and kind of clothing to be packed when travelling to Ladakh highly depends on the mode and therefore if commuting via car, one should always wear clothes which they are comfortable in and just pack everything as you will have more space as compared to someone who is travelling on a bike.

The Ladakh road trip offered by Go2Ladakh also provides information regarding where to stay and what to do during your time in Ladakh, which comes in handy. All in all, the basics like sunglasses, lip balms, water bottles, and sunblock lotion with a couple of other things remain the same in every weather, but it is still advisable to pack according to the season you are travelling to Ladakh in.

If you have any queries related to what to wear in Ladakh, feel free to drop your questions in the comments!
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