Ladakh Lakes that cannot be missed!

Ladakh is a land of several pristine water bodies. WIt's a must to visit these beautiful crystal clear lakes when you decide to pack your bags for the Leh Ladakh. A visit to these lakes cannot be missed when you are in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a snowy landscape dotted with blues and greens all around. Even though you may find more barren brown patches than greens, Ladakh has plenty of water bodies and green pastures. These water bodies or lakes as you may call it, are known to have healing effects on our mind and body. A tour to Ladakh will surely treat you with a gift of scenic landscapes and beautiful lakes all around. Let us look at the beauty spread across Ladakh. 

At subzero temperatures in Ladakh, you will love to bask in the glory of warm afternoons, or take a around in chilling evenings. You can also arrange an unforgettable overnight stay along the bank of any of the lakes of Ladakh. When you are with your family, kids will rejoice and stay along the lakeside. Today’s urbanization keeps our kids locked behind the doors, away from the splendor of nature. You would feel elated when you see them smiling widely and laughing loudly from the corners of their mouth. They will love the grandeur of the celestial blanket of twinkling stars above their head.   
Pangong Tso
Pangong Lake is popularly known worldwide for its changing colors of water from teal, turquoise, aqua green and sapphire blue and sometimes even to hues of red.This lake is based at a height of 4350m and gives a breathtaking view to the travelers coming here. This lake has gained more popularity after the movie 3 idiots was shot here. The lake water of Pangong Tso becomes a shimmering beauty with a touch of sun rays. Gala festival is known to celebrate here along the bank of the lake.

Tso Kar 
Tso Kar lake has striking properties which may attract you more apart from its natural beauty, The one half portion a the western side of this lake is salty and another half on the Eastern side is the source of freshwater. Hence this lake is also called a twin lake. When you reach there and gaze through the mirroring water of the lake, you will feel lost in the heavenly charm of the lake. The serenity of the place will instantly lift your mood and make you feel happy from the inside. You can even go for meditation or just relax along with the aqua splash.

Kyun Tso and Ryul Tso
These two lakes are also known as twin lakes of Ladakh. Located at the height of 5000 meters above the sea level, this lake makes a stunning location to visit. The good altitude and the chilly vibes from the mountains will make you feel surreal. The silvery-shimmery blue water of the lake and clear azure sky all that you need as a respite from urban toxification.

Tso Moriri 
Tso Moriri lake is famously known to be a Wetland of International Importance. Situated at an altitude of 15075 ft, this lake is a paradise for birders and photographers. You shall be able to catch the sight of some of the rare species of birds here. This lake is also the largest lake of Ladakh region with its crystal clear water and a craggy backdrop of mountains. The scenic landscape here is a treat for photography lovers.

Chagar Tso
While you are moving towards Pangong Tso, you will encounter another piece of nature’s wonder, Chagar Tso lake. A beautifully crafted lake filled with crystal clear water. It gives a dreamy visual, when you find the shadow of snow-capped mountains and greeneries around in the lucid water of the lake. 
Bird watchers are sure to get captivated by the glimpse of some rare migratory birds. Take out some time to read through the behavior and chirping of birds. 

While the Leh Ladakh package gives brilliant options for tourists to explore the hidden gems of the northern region, holidaying in Ladakh is a great option for families, friends, as well as solo travelers. 

Ladakh has a plethora of panoramic, picturesque locations. Nature has showered much love on the terrains of Ladakh in the form of clear blue skies, skyrocketing mountain passes, snow-clad mountain peaks and austere barrens of Ladakh. Tourists find various fun activities such as trekking, river rafting, mountain biking, and camel safari in the land of high passes, Ladakh. Let us look at them in detail : 

Trekking in Ladakh is really fun for tourists. Apart from hiking on high altitudes and daring mountain passes, travelers also choose the very challenging and interesting frozen river Chadar trek. It is an interesting and most challenging trek organized on the frozen surface of the Zanskar river. There are various levels of difficulties that need to be accessed, depending on the capacity of the traveler. Grade 1 and grade 2 are the various levels of rapid river rafting in white waters of Indus.      

Mountain Biking
Manali to Leh region sees mountain biking in full swing. The mountain bikers pass through the routes of Rohtang La pass, Baralacha La pass, and Lachung La pass. It finally ends at Tanglang La pass. 
Those who love height and love to challenge their fear beyond every limit, mountain biking is the thing made for them. It increases an adrenaline rush and gives a very satisfying feeling to the travelers. It is more like enjoying both the thrill of exceeding heights and increasing the speed of the bikes. But, those who are weak-hearted must avoid this.  

River rafting
River rafting is a fun activity which tourists prefer to do at white waters of Indus and Zanskar rivers. The most famous one being the trail of Phey to Nimmo, which is astoundingly beautiful and adventurous. Best time to explore the fun of river rafting in Ladakh is from the month of June to September as the rivers are gushing with rain waters and melting of ice. 

Camel Safari  
Camels are the prime mode of transportation in the remote region like Ladakh. You will find double-humped Bactrian camels in and around the regions of Leh Ladakh. Camel safari of these beautiful creatures is great fun. Especially kids who really enjoy the camel ride 

Your travel agent will book them right if you inform them. Be it, adventure junkie, a grown-up adult or kids, and teenagers, a camel safari is equally enjoyed by everyone. You can explore the best parts of Nubra Valley on a camel safari.
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