Incredible India is going to be even more incredible than ever. And the most popular tourist place in Incredible India is going to become even more demanding than before. The natural beauty for which people visit Ladakh and plan for Ladakh trips is evolving and becoming even more magnificent in the absence of human contact. It is getting ready to serve an astonishing sight to its visitors as soon as this pandemic ends. 

The country has been facing major crises due to the pandemic Covid-19. There has been a long pause in people’s lives, everything is closed and it seems like the world has taken a break. The traveling has stopped and so is tourism. Ladakh has never been so vacant at any time of the year, especially these months are the peak months to visit Ladakh and soak its beauty.
The good part of this is that nature has shown beautiful changes during this lockdown and Ladakh is all about natural beauty, scenic view, greenery, and breathtaking valleys. After these hard times vanish, Ladakh is going to look even more beautiful and breathtaking than ever before. 

According to a report, the travelers said that for the next few months, after the pandemic ends, they are going to select the Indian destination to travel, not just for a few months but until there is a proper vaccine for Covid-19. This implies that domestic travel is going to increase and Ladakh is going to witness a lot of Indian travelers for quite a whole. Being the most desirable place to visit in India, it is assumed that many people are going to plan the Ladakh trip after the pandemic ends. 

Ladakh tourism will be updated with certain new rules and measures which is considered to be the post-pandemic effect. People are eager to travel once again and have those fun trips with friends, family, colleagues, partners, once again. Ladakh’s trip has always topped the traveler’s list when it comes to experiencing new adventures amidst nature. The travelers all around India are going to plan their visit, which is going to be exciting as well as a little risky. The crowd might be a responsibility to the security people of Ladakh tourism. 

As soon as the tourism in India starts, Ladakh trips will be planned, things are going to start slowly at the beginning, and this time with extra measures and care. These changes that are going to take place will ensure the safety of the travelers. Ladakh has experienced more of the road trip travelers and hikers and that is going to rise in the upcoming period because people are going to opt for road trips rather than flights. Ladakh tourism is going to get a boost up in terms of road trips too. This just not only brings good news to the local businesses in Ladakh that are dependent on tourism for survival but also brings so many important responsibilities of ensuring tourists’ hygiene. And not just the tourists but their own hygiene too. 

Starting with the tourist spots, these are always going to be kept clean and sanitized. It is going to be watched out that cleanliness is hygiene is maintained throughout. The tourists are going to have a sense of comfort if the hygiene is maintained. Security measures will be taken to look out that the tourists are following the social distancing.  Now, while selecting a place to stay, tourists are going to be more careful, because comfort will become the second priority but sanitization and cleanliness are going to be the first. And for that, the hotels in Ladakh, the guest house, etc; are going to be extra conscious about the healthy and hygienic environment while inviting a guest in.
There might be an increase in the price range of accommodation and not just accommodation, but the taxi fares, food, restaurants and even on the tickets for the tourist spots. Due to the pandemic, the businesses are facing loss and after it ends, these businesses are going to get back in the market with an increased price to fulfill their losses.  

It has been taught that social distancing is going to become a thing even after this pandemic, for a while. Because there is no surety of the pandemic not coming back, until the proper vaccine is made, the measures we are taking during the pandemic had to be taken even after it. 
Ladakh trips are going to happen and during those trips, there are going to be many occasions where people are going to find themselves where there are crowds. Many of the chores like purchasing tickets are going to find an alternative from the ticket window. But waiting in lines outside the tourist’s spots is going to remain the same. Though measures like dividing the time slots according to the number of tourist groups so that there is no crowding are going to take place. But between those, the security is also going to make sure that people are at a distance during their visits. 

As it has been observed that there has been a severe loss to the people who are dependent on daily wages for survival. And it has been also noted that Ladakh is one of those places, also without tourism, people in Ladakh are facing crises. When everything gets normal, these businesses are going to jump back, it might take a bit time to get back to normal. 

Right at the moment, the active cases of Covid-19 are less than 50 and so far Ladakh has taken great measures that the total cases haven’t reached even more than 50. This shows that the people in Ladakh are cautious and are taking the safety instructions seriously so that the virus stays away from them. Practicing the social distancing at a tourist place is going to turn out a bit difficult but for your own safety people have to follow the rules and will have to take measures.

It is going to be a lot more difficult to lead on with the normal lives after this pandemic because there is going to be a new normal which will include more hygiene, health, safety, and sanitization. Whether its the Ladakh trip, tourism, or local life of the people of Ladakh, everything is going to face a change, a change that is definitely for good. It might test the patience of some people, also it will make lives difficult as well, but in the end, it’s all for good. 

The pandemic end but the fear is going to remain for a long time. Until the fear is gone, till then people have to be cautious always. These measures are to be taken care of safety, health, and hygiene. Health and hygiene are good anyways, whether its pandemic or not, maintaining the safety in terms of health during traveling are going to keep you away from any kind of disease and you might be able to travel more, explore places, without fear. 
While taking care of all the measures, one should never forget that they are in the paradise on earth and they should look around, soak in the scenic beauty of Ladakh, and capture the magnificent view in their memory, until next time!

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