Prime Guidelines for Ladakh Road Trip

Are you someone who wishes to increase your adrenaline by adventurous road trips? Are you the one who talks in their head about our ancient history and wish to dig more? Or simply the one who’s internal bliss increases proportionally with the right dose of pure and unadulterated nature? If any of these questions get your answer as “yes”, probably you are the pretty fit for Ladakh road trip. Especially, if you wish to feel the heart jumping thrill, go for a bike trip to Leh Ladakh. But before you pack your bags, make sure you are well tuned with the Ladakh Travel Guide.

Starting from : Kashmir srinagar
Drop to Manali (Himachal )
Duration : 10N11D
Both option (small group tour / private road trip
Tour Theme : Road Trip  ( Wonder of Ladakh Raod Trip)

Best road Itinerary

1. Srinagar arrival
2. Sriangar local sightseeing
3. Srinagar to kargil
4. Kargil to leh via enroute sighseeing
5. Leh rest and local
6. Leh to nubra
7. Nubra to pangong
8. Pangong to leh
9. Leh to jispa
10. Jispa to manali
11. Manali sighseeing
12. Departure


Snow-capped mountains ready to salute you in full fervor, a cool and pure gush of cascading rivers eager to touch your feet! These all are just a few of nature’s best luxuries you get upon visiting Leh Ladakh. No wonder, Leh Ladakh is called roof of the world. Reason for the same is that Ladakh is home to the top 3 highest motorable mountain passes in the world.

Some dos while you climb the hills 

You are entering the geographical paradise where cobalt blue skies would welcome you. Brightest and clearest rainbows would leave you awe-inspired. Natural panorama densely dotted with our historical heritage in the form of Monasteries could leave your heart spellbound. But, there is a bucket list of things which when done judiciously would multiply to your adventure and safety during your bike trip to Leh Ladakh.
  • Plan your journey slow and gradual which will ensure maximized health benefits for you. This will lend enough time for adjustment of your body with atmospheric changes as you climb the hills. When you will reach Leh, you will experience a very steep fall in atmospheric pressure. Thus, it is advised to stay for 2 days in the Leh if you are planning to go through the roads. This will give immense adjustment to your body according to the atmospheric changes.
  • Cover your head and ears with your soft woolens as chilly wind can worsen your health condition.
  • Carrying enough cash is a necessity as you could spot very less number of ATMs in hilly and very less populated areas.
  • If you are choosing hotels for your stay, choose the ones that come with oxygen supplies in case you need them.
  • Don’t hesitate in carrying a surplus of medicines and food items as you are going to need them for sure.
  • Do carry some skincare essentials along with you. You must be enjoying the natural panorama of hills and breathing into the fresh air, but dipping temperature and chilly winds act as the biggest enemy for your skin and lips. Thus, protect them with a good quality sunscreen and lip balm.       
Some don’ts while you are up in the mountains  area
  • There is a list of things which must be avoided for the safety of yourself and sanctity of the mountains. Follow them and enjoy more responsible vacations.
  • If you are fighting with diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, and asthma, then Ladakh is not the destination meant for you. It is better to plan different vacation ideas for your safety.
  • Smoking and drinking are a strict No-No at such high altitudes as it only adds up to your altitude sickness.
  • Avoid excess of physical activities in order to be free from breathlessness and fatigue during your trip.
  • Never ever trust and depend upon your mobile phones and the internet as they are bound to cheat you and you would feel helpless. It is better to take help from paper materials like maps etc. 
  • Enjoy your vacation and trip but at the same time be responsible and environment-friendly. Don’t litter the scenic beauty of hills with plastic bottles and other wastes. Use dustbins or relevant areas for throwing waste materials.
Stuff your bag with these pretty essentials

Yes, I know you are pretty choosy with your clothes while you are in vacationing mode. But, when you head your feet towards Ladakh, there is much more than your attire that needs to be thought and packed wisely. Below mentioned is the list of essentials when you pack your bags for Ladakh:
  • You need to choose and pack your cozy woolen warmers. This is because you have chosen a destination which is all snow capped and a hilly region. You may bear the weather in a jacket during day time but you have to be strongly prepared to face the temperature dip as the dusk embraces the hills. Thus quilted hand gloves, mufflers, socks, caps, and thermal inners must find their place in your bag.
  • Your first aid box requires no tickets, right! So, pack them graciously for your emergencies. It must contain bandages, cotton, antiseptic creams, antibiotics, and general medicine. As mountain sickness is very natural, thus you need to carry relevant medicines for vomiting, nausea, or headache.
  • You definitely need a happy and healthy tummy in order to enjoy the trip. Accommodate plenty of chocolates, biscuits, dry fruits and juices as you will see the dearth of eatables and food junctions across your journey. This is very likely as you will see areas to be sparsely populated as you climb the hills.
  • The waterproof, comfortable and right size of shoes and boots are going to be your savior during your road trip. They will not only protect you from the extreme cold but also save your feet from the ill effects of cool water streams and chilly winds. Moreover, they are key requirements for safe and comfortable riding and trekking.
  • Needless to mention that you must carry daily use essentials like soap, paper-wash, toothpaste- toothbrushes, towel, and shampoos for personal hygiene.
  • Those who wish to camp must carry sleeping bags with them. Insect repellent creams, sunscreens, and moisturizers must find their place in your bag.
  • You need a cell phone and power bank for all types of emergencies. If you nature freak and wish to freeze and capture lively moments, carry your professional camera along with you. Although cell phones have their own torches, still keeping a torch with you makes you more safety and comfort-laden.
  • One thing which gets forgotten generally is a raincoat. But, it must not be avoided because you never know when it will rain cats and dogs. It is better and safe to keep it along.

Pack carefully, move and travel responsibly and judiciously and you will see more than the beauty of Leh Ladakh. Reading this Ladakh Travel Guide will definitely help you in abundance during your road trip to Leh Ladakh.

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