Top Ladakh Packing List Items

Ain’t a thrilling Ladakh expedition is a travel milestone? Ask them who venture to the remotest landscapes and get rewarded with breathtaking snow-capped vistas, waddles of adorable Himalayan birds, and snow leopard encounters that seem ripped from the copies of Lonely Planet.

There is no adventurous hobby, like travelling. You get to explore different places, different people, and different cultures all together. Many of you might have created your bucket list for your travel plans. Some of you might be interested in domestic travel while some might be keen to explore various countries. The list would never finish even if we only target India, and the most preferred location people love to explore is Ladakh. Due to Bollywood movies and some other reasons, Ladakh tour packages have become more popular among tourists. It is a beautiful place situated in the arms of Kashmir, and it is famous for the breath-taking landscapes. You would also get to see some of the incandescent mountains, longing valleys, and the beautiful crystal-clear sky. Apart from this, one can explore various thrilling adventurous activities and Buddhist monasteries as well.

So, you have booked the Ladakh Holiday Package. What's next? Planning a trip to any location requires preparation, and Ladakh is no exception for this. In fact, travelling to Ladakh requires many things to carry with you since there is always an issue with the necessities such as mobile connectivity, fuel stations, eateries, and even ATMs. Hence one needs to be totally prepared for this trip before stepping out of the house. Today's write-up is all about the things you need to carry while travelling to get the maximum out of your Ladakh bike tour. So, grab your pen-paper and get ready.

Suitable Clothing's

This is one of the basic and most important items on the checklist. Since Ladakh is the place with the lowest temperature and the weather changes rapidly, it must carry suitable clothing with you. Make sure you carry clothes which you can wear in layers. So, suppose if you are at a place with a shadow where the weather is chilled, you can layer your clothes with a jacket, and if you are going out in the sun where you are feeling warm, you can wear normal clothes with a single layer. The best choice would be to carry thermals which would keep you warm in chilled weather. Do not stuff all the heavy or woolen clothing in your bag.

Carry your food

This is another item on the checklist, and probably the other most important one is food. We understand that the hotel or guesthouse might have arranged the meals for you during your stay, but you also need to munch on during your trekking and roaming out. Hence it is recommended to stock on your favorite dry fruits, chips, biscuits, and even chocolates if you like. You can also carry instant food premixes if you are not sure about the food quality of the places you are travelling to.

First Aid Kit
You will be travelling to a completely unknown place, and you are not sure about the kind of medical help you will get if required. Hence it is always safe to carry the first aid kit along with few medicines. Your first aid kit should include a pain balm or spray, Band-aid strips, antiseptic cream, Dettol liquid bottle, a crepe bandage, and even nasal drops. Many of you may suffer from mountain sickness, resulting in severe headaches, upset stomachs, and even cough or cold sometimes. Hence it is advised to carry medicines like Diamox, which works on acute mountain sickness. Do not forget to carry a pack of glucose power mix to keep yourself energized during your trekking and other activities. Finally, it is highly important to carry a sanitizer and make sure you sanitize yourself well wherever you go.

Carry your cash

Due to the digital era, we prefer to make online payments everywhere as there is always a risk of losing cash. But this is not the case with Ladakh. If you are travelling to Ladakh, make sure you are carrying a sufficient amount of cash to cover your expenses. It is tough to find ATMs at this place. There is only a single ATM available at Leh, and the other one is located at Kargil. You can use your credit cards if you are travelling to Leh, but it will not work in Ladakh.

Bike Essentials

It is a trend nowadays to plan road trips to Ladakh. Sounds adventurous, but you also need to prepare yourself beforehand for this. You are not sure where you will get help if there is an issue with your bike. Hence it is important to carry your bike essential tool kit with you. The first thing that goes on this list is the puncture repair kit. The additional required things you need to check would be the cables, tires, wheel alignment, oil, Clutch plates, chainset, brakes, suspensions, electricals, and nut bolts. Make sure you service your bike before riding to Ladakh.

Photography Essentials

Who does not wish to capture the beautiful views in the lenses? If you love photography, then make sure to carry your digital camera with you to record this phenomenal experience. Ensure your shooting bag includes filters, lenses, memory cards, tripod, batteries, charger, and Rain cover along with your digital camera.

Required Documents

Though you are travelling in India, you would need to carry some important documents before starting the journey. You would need to carry any government-issued ID proof such as an Aadhar card, passport, voting card, or driver's license. It is always recommended to get multiple copies of your ID proof along with the original. Apart from this, including a few more documents such as your travel itinerary copy, hotel reservation booking copy, passport-size photographs, and the flight ticket's printouts if you are travelling by air. If you have got the Inner line permit in Leh, then make sure you get the copies of the same as well.

Other Essentials

We have now covered the most basic items that you would require to pack before leaving for Ladakh. A few other essentials are equally important and mandatory to carry with you for your trip. These essentials include accessories such as gloves, caps, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Since you will be visiting the coldest region, it is important to carry moisturizer or anybody oil to take care of the dry skin. Apart from this, you also need to carry toiletries that include Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap, Comb, face wash, toilet paper, towel, shampoo, and deodorant. Carrying a jar of mineral water is also essential as the water in Ladakh is a bit hard for the stomach. You can also carry the rechargeable torch, safety pins, a lighter, extension cord, etc. While travelling to Ladakh, make sure you completely charge your electronic devices. Also, carry a power bank as your phone tends to eat a comparatively lot of battery in a cold environment. 

This was the comprehensive list of the essentials that you would require for your next Ladakh trip. You can certainly add more as per your plan and requirement. Travelling to Ladakh is a beautiful journey and a lifetime experience. Hence make sure you plan it well before in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and hassles. There are various Ladakh Holiday packages available online, which you can go for if you are travelling for the first time. These packages generally include the stay, food, and sightseeing options. You can also customize the Leh Ladakh holiday packages as per your stay of duration and interest. 

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