Ladakh Travel Guide for Women Travellers

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Even though Ladakh is an off-beat destination, it is one the safest place to travel for women in India. As a woman traveller, it is an exciting opportunity to travel to the Land of Lamas, ride bikes at 12,000 feet, and visit places that are part of the oldest civilizations on earth. Planning a trip takes a lot of time, so it is best to stick to the Ladakh tour package and then customise it according to preferences.

Here’s a guide we have developed for women travellers planning a trip to Ladakh:

1. Research Every location

If you or your friends have been to Ladakh before, this part of the guide will be easy for you. However, if you haven’t, you need to start researching the places you want to visit. Search online which places are the best to visit in the month you will be making the trip. Go on YouTube and check women travellers who went there in groups or solo to find out about their experience.

Read blogs of people been to the location. In Ladakh, tourists attractions are located far away, so you need to research every little detail.

2. Book flights and hotels in advance

An aerial view of the Himalayan landscape will completely blow your mind. You have to book the window seat to capture as many photos as possible. When it comes to hotels, book ones that have oxygen supplies. After you land, don’t rush into tourist activities. It is important to rest and get acclimated with the change in altitude and weather.
You will be at an average elevation of 12,000 feet, where oxygen in the air is low and might cause difficulty in breathing. If you plan to camp overnight a couple of times during your trip, check with the camp guide if they have the necessary requirements.

3. Open the maps and start building an itinerary

Don’t blindly trust Google Maps when building your itinerary because it is inaccurate. It doesn’t take into consideration the turns and twists of the mountainous region while mentioning the time you will take to cover the distance between two locations. For example, the distance between Leh to Kargil is 218 kilometres and Google Maps tel that it will take you up to five hours. That’s not true because you will need at least seven hours and that’s excluding the pee and food breaks.

Purchase a physical map of Ladakh and circle the locations you want to visit. Call up a friend who has been there earlier and draw out a ring route around the points, such that you have to travel the least and cover more areas.

4. Pick out a practical wardrobe

Take out all warm clothes you have, throw in a couple of beanies, woolly socks, and scarves. Purchase a large warm jacket, and you are all set for your Ladakh trip. Switch jeans with sweatpants because they are more comfortable and retain heat better. Don’t carry any polyester or nylon clothes with you because they will fall cold at a high altitude.

5. Hiring a car

Unless you are riding a motorcycle or lived in the mountains all your life, it is best to hire a car. It will eat into most of your travelling budget but you are in an unknown location with barely any civilization. The car driver will not only give you company but also have a lot of interesting stories for you.

Call up all your girl pals right and start planning the trip!

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