Lahaul and Spiti? Gateway To Blissful Heaven

Ankita | Updated on May 26, 2022

Simply stunning with breathtaking views sprinkled like stars on the land! A trip to Lahaul and Spiti was no less than visiting heaven on Earth. I have been yearning to go to Lahaul and Spiti for a long time. One fine day, it seemed that God was willing to fulfill my wish as hubby surprised me with a well-planned trip to my dream destination. My birthday was approaching and this beautiful trip was a gift from him. I jumped with joy and started packing the necessary stuff. We had to leave one day later; so, I was left with very little time to arrange things. But, out of surprise, everything went smoothly. 

And the day finally arrived when we had to leave for our trip to Lahaul-Spiti Valley. Our first halt was Manali in Himachal Pradesh as it is halfway to Spiti. After enjoying a day in Manali, we visited the most popular places including Hadimba Temple and Beas River View Point. The next morning was the day when my heart was throbbing with excitement as we were headed to Lahaul and Spiti. Rugged, but scintillating, the route was an experience in itself. Our driver kept telling us about major attractions on our way. The first one was Gulaba, where all the passes to enter Lahaul and Spiti valley are checked by the Police Authorities. 

Further to this is Marhi, where we experienced snow and played with it. That was the first time I saw snow and my experience was amazing. Marhi has a rugged backdrop with Rocky Mountains covered with thick snow. I was simply enthralled with the beauty of the place and could not resist becoming a photographer. It seemed to me that the driver was taking us to heaven and the route was extremely quaint. After crossing Marhi, we reached Rohtang Pass. Standing at a height of 13,000 feet, the beauty of Rohtang Pass is beyond explanation. By this time, we were starving like anything and were in search of some food and luckily, we came across a Maggie Stall and enjoyed a spicy treat. There is something about having maggie on the hills. 

Rugged terrains beautified with the photogenic milieu, Rohtang Pass was a visual treat. I stopped there for some photoshoot for sure and which is why it is known as the Gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. From there on, the journey became tougher and more beautiful. We passed through Gramphu, Batal, Kunzum Pass, and Kaza to reach Keylong in Lahaul Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh. There, we stayed at a hotel that was pretty cozy. I felt like I was in heaven with clouds touching the mountains and a mystic atmosphere creating its own aura. 

We had lunch and went on to explore Spiti Valley and Chandra Taal in the Spiti district. Both the places were no less than a picturesque point. It seemed that I could live my entire life here with solitude everywhere. Of course, the beauty of nature was at its best. Being a high altitude lake and valley, we could feel ourselves close to the clouds. There was a trekking option for us to reach Chandra Taal from Kunzum Pass; but, we chose for the drive instead. 

And when we reached Spiti Valley, I was awestruck with its beauty. Fantastically blissful and cold place; it was truly scintillating. Known as a desert mountain valley, it has been uninhabited with nature enjoying its tranquillity at its best. In Spiti Valley, we went to Tabo Monastery, where we could see the Tibetan methods of worship. The murals and stupas in the valley exhibit the cultural heritage of Tibetans. Since Lahaul Spiti is the Middle Land between India and Tibet; you are bound to see the Tibetan effect with monks all over the place. 

After enjoying a spectacular visit to the places in Spiti Valley, we headed back to the hotel for the night stay because the other day we had to return. When the next morning came, I was just not willing to go back and wished that I could stay here forever. I am a nature lover and staying close to it makes me feel elated. Though, we returned with a heavy heart; but, the beautiful memories of our visit to Lahaul and Spiti will always tickle my mind. That very day, I decided to return to Lahaul and Spiti with my friends next year.???????

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