Leh Ladakh Bike Trip – Uncover the unseen charms of the avenue

Ankita | Updated on May 27, 2022

Fortunately, my bucket list of destinations included Leh Ladakh Bike Trip and I finally got that golden chance to fit into the right shoes for exploring the place. Choosing Leh Ladakh for my Bike Trip is strongly backed by robust reasons like Buddhist culture, nature’s paradise, solitude station and many more.

Road trips have always been a fun factor for me. It thrills my nerves to gather the rich experience of discovering gems of the way to Ladakh. I decided to go for a 10-day long bike trip to Ladakh. So, I planned well in advance with www.Go2ladakh.in for the tour package. Go2ladakh.in are highly specialized in providing customized tour packages as per the taste of travellers. Their team always stood on their toes to help them with relevant information. Moreover, their, blogs and articles were really interesting as well as informative.

Affordable Bike Trip, Must Read-  Leh Ladakh bike trip

Yes, please! Appreciate my dedicated and timely efforts for planning the journey well in advance. I am the kind of person who has an eye for emergencies. Thus, I packed well for the bike trip tour. My bag was stuffed with eatables like digestive biscuits, dry fruits, energy bars, juices and drinks, and even some delectable cup noodles. Yes, you got me right, I am a big foodie!

But packing food didn’t prevent me from keeping some emergency medicines with me. I took medicines for headache, fever, loose motions, nausea and altitude sickness. My first aid kit included band-aid, antiseptic, and tapes. I am a person who enjoys adventures and the risks of life, but at the same time, I really love to secure and be prepared for emergencies if any may come.

I do agree that road trips are not only meant for pleasures and pleasant surprises. It can even put you in some kind of hardship. But, the real flavour comes only with the right blend of sweet and sour, at least for road trips. Agree??? So, when I started the journey, I was really overwhelmed with the natural panoramas of the way to Leh.

Day 1- I reached Manali from Delhi by bus. I still remember that dewy fresh morning when I was mugging up my coffee and finishing my breakfast. After completing my breakfast, I headed to my bike and started checking it for any malfunctioning. I took my bags along and started my much-awaited journey. As I started riding through the Kullu Valley, I was mesmerized by the awe-inspiring beauty of the hills.

Day 2- After taking a short overnight stay at the hotel, I again started my journey and this time it was for Rohtang Pass. Uncertain weather conditions and really bad roads marked the start of my journey. Lahaul valley welcomed me with snow-capped mountains and long stretched valleys. I decided to rest my senses at Jispa and hence went to one of the affordable hotels over there. Yummmmmm! This was the sound that came out of my mouth after binging on my dinner. Ah! Those sumptuous momos and thukpa, I really loved them.

Day 3- My day 3 was lined with the great majestic beauty of the Himalayas as I started my drive to Sarchu from Jispa. Baralachha pass, situated 5000 m above sea level, took my heart away. The sheer beauty of the mountains captivated my senses. I ended my journey for the day when I reached Sarchu. I looked for much needed ample rest and some steaming good food at the nearby hotel.

Day 4 – Sarchu is considered a marking borderline between Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal. I kickstarted my morning with some hot and tasty breakfast and went off for Leh. This day showed me lots of hardship as I started the bike trip on flat land which eventually went to the odd mountain ways. The journey called for my special biking skills, which I handled pretty well by God’s grace.

I was really fortunate to cross the Tanglang-La pass which is 2nd highest motorable mountain pass. After the mountain pass was crossed, I was happy to see the perfect road conditions till Leh. I fed my eyes with the serene and traditional allure of Thiksey and Shey monasteries. It is really optional, but I would advocate taking out some time for exploring the nearby local places.

Day 5 – Khardungla pass was the main attraction of the 5th day of my Ladakh bike trip. So, now I can boast of visiting the world’s highest motorable pass, the Khardungla pass! I was in the town, Leh, my much-awaited destination. Yes, I have finally reached my dream destination.

How can I resist my temptation to dig the hidden treasures of the town? So, I left for the random wandering in the city. Oh yes! I like it that way only. Exploring narrow streets and peeping into the local accessories shoplifts my mood. So, I went for a shopping spree and ended the day with multiple layers of eating various cuisines. Make it your 1st priority to visit one of the garden restaurants in Leh when you are here.

Day 6- Tired! No, I wasn’t. In fact, I was ready to explore more and more of this high altitude desert. I dedicated my day for my visit to Pangong Lake, which is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. The breathtaking beauty of the lake was showcased by the crystal clear water and changing hues of blue colour in the lake water. I crossed Changla and finally opted for a warm and cosy rest at one of the guesthouses.

Day 7- Heading to Leh from Pangong marked my journey. Shanti Stupa, the white-domed Buddhist architecture, was my most memorable sight in the Leh. The town also enthralled me with its eating junctions and shopping spots. I am a bargaining person and love to go for it. I did that pretty well here. The town also entitles you to take breathtaking views of Indus Valley and Zanskar Range.

Day 8- So, I was riding away from Leh, but happy for I had framed some golden memories in my heart from my road trip. I was driving from Leh to Sarchu and then went for an overnight stay for it was much needed by my body.

Day 9- Reaching Manali on day 9 was my target and I accomplished it very well. Driving through the plains of Sarchu and Baralaccha plains twisted my mind and I enjoyed every bit of it. I could not forget my struggle to go through some of the mud rivers I found on my way to Rohtang Pass. I ended the day with a comfortable stay at one of the hotels of Manali. Steaming food and nice weather rejuvenated my mind and body.

Day 10- So, finally my bike tour to Ladakh ended and I was filled up to the brim with contentment and joy. Finally, after bidding a sweet goodbye to Manali, I took my flight to Delhi.

Opting for Leh Ladakh tour package was one of my wisest decisions and I enjoyed every moment of the Ladakh Holiday Package.

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