Why is Visiting Ladakh in September 2023- the Spectacular Time of Year

Ankita | Updated on November 9, 2022

Ladakh is the destination that would leave an indelible impression on visitors. This is a land that appeals to both young and old travellers who want to explore, have an exciting time, relax and recharge. Every tourist site in Ladakh has its own set of charms and offerings. Visiting Leh Ladakh is virtually associated with going on a road trip with friends and generating countless memories along the route, all while rubbing elbows with nature’s most primitive form. September is the month to visit Ladakh if you’ve always wanted to see it in a more secluded state. As the winter chill sets in this month, warm jackets and earmuffs will come in handy. However, the Himalayan sunset on a September morning in Ladakh will leave you with no regrets. On an unusual September day, you’ll be able to take leisurely, lonely strolls through Leh, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, go cycling, and savour delicious dinners without feeling rushed. If you prefer to avoid crowds, visiting Leh Ladakh in September is the perfect time for you.

There are numerous reasons why to plan Leh Ladakh trip in September from exciting weather, fun activities, to spectacular views. Going through this complete guide will help you unveil places to visit in Leh Ladakh in September, activities, weather information, travel ways, etc. So, keep reading ahead! 

Ladakh Weather in September

Ladakh provides so much to visitors in September with fewer crowds and pleasant weather. In September, Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh highways are open and accessible. In Ladakh, you can quickly get accommodation and transportation. By mid-September, however, high-altitude passes had begun to receive snowfall. As a result, plan for a time, as severe snowfall may obstruct your trip plans.

How to Reach Ladakh in September

Ladakh provides so much to visitors in September with fewer crowds and pleasant weather. In September, Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh highways are open and accessible. In Ladakh, you can quickly get accommodation and transportation. By mid-September, however, high-altitude passes had begun to receive snowfall. As a result, plan for a time, as severe snowfall may obstruct your trip plans.

Leh Ladakh by Bike

A bike trip in Leh Ladakh in September is perfect because there is no rain and the roads are smooth, making for a pleasant ride. If you’re considering a bike journey to Ladakh in September, there are a few things to consider and prepare for. There are extremely few petrol pumps and mechanics along the Manali-Leh Highway. So, if you can’t find a technician, have a basic understanding of how to repair and replace your vehicle’s parts. The one word of caution here is to dress for the cold. 

Leh Ladakh by Public Transport

Both Manali and Srinagar are well-connected by public transportation buses from Leh. In addition, both Srinagar and Manali have excellent connections to Delhi and Chandigarh. As a result, you can easily travel by bus from Delhi to Jammu to Srinagar to Leh or from Delhi to Manali to Leh (JKSRTC, HRTC). Other tourist destinations in Ladakh, including Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri, are connected by buses or other public transportation once you are in Leh. However, the frequency of these public transportation buses, particularly between Leh and Pangong Tso or Leh and Tso Moriri, may be limited.

Leh Ladakh by Private Taxi

You can travel to Ladakh in September by your own personal or private vehicle. Cars with white number plates registered in your name, your wife’s name, or your father’s name are permitted to tour Ladakh and visit places such as the Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri. The taxi fares in Leh – Ladakh are classified or separated according to the cab’s model and make.

Leh Ladakh by Flight

The main airport to the city is Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, around 5 km away. There are numerous flights available from Leh airport that will take you to various other destinations, and many cities and states have direct flights. 

Best Places to visit Ladakh in September

Ladakh is a paradise for nature lovers. We’ve compiled a list of the top five places to visit in Ladakh in September.

Lingshed Monastery

In the Zanskar region, Lingshed Monastery is a Gelugpa Buddhist monastery. It is home to approximately 60 monks. It has six main shrines, kitchens, storerooms, and a residence for Ngari Rinpoche or other visiting high lamas on the top floor. It is one of Zanskar’s most isolated and important monasteries. This valley’s Buddhist origins date back 900 years and are now as real as they were then. Several Buddhist festivals and spiritual events are held in the area and visiting the valley during such celebrations is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

Sumda Chun

Sumda Chun is a settlement in Tibet with a temple erected by Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo at an elevation of 12,000 feet. This town is only accessible after a 5-hour journey across a mountainous river valley. It is part of Ladakh’s hidden historical legacy as we take you to Ladakh’s ancient monasteries and allow you to stay in two gorgeous villages along the Zanskar River. During his reign, he established 108 temples, inviting artisans from Kashmir to bring their distinct art styles and painting with them. As a result, Ladakh’s most famous and unquestionably most beautiful monasteries were found.

Markha Valley

The Markha Valley trip is one of the most popular and scenic hikes in Ladakh. The panorama views, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and distant settlements are popular attractions. The hike through Markha Valley is both beautiful and adventurous. The walk includes multiple river crossings, some of which are waist-deep, and crossing Kongmaru La, a high pass (17,060 ft). Markha is a lovely river valley in Hemis National Park, located in Ladakh’s barren, cold desert. The trek offers breathtaking views of Mt Kang Yatse (21,300 ft).

Chang La Pass

Located at 17,586 feet, Chang La is considered to be the world’s second-highest motorable road. It is the primary entry to the Nubra Valley region, situated between Leh and Pangong Lake. The 15-kilometer Pass is viral among bikers because it is so close to the Chinese border the Indian Army guards and protects the Pass. The region, which reverberates tranquillity and tranquillity, is always blanketed with snow.

Stupa Shanti

The Shanti Stupa in Leh is a magnificent white-domed Buddhist monument built on a rocky hilltop at a dizzying height of 11,841 feet.  It is a sacred site for Buddhists since it houses Buddha’s remains, which the 14th Dalai Lama sanctified. It is extremely popular with tourists since it provides a panoramic view of Leh and the Changspa town nearby. When the moonlight naturally lights the Shanti Stupa, the whole moon night is adorable.

Turtuk Village –

Turtuk village is an offbeat location in Ladakh and also the last village to the Indo- Pak Border. You can experience various things like balti cuisine and culture here. You can explore Buddhist monasteries, or gompas, seen in all colours of the rainbow. Don’t miss out trying the locally grown apricots. 

Nubra Valley –

Nubra Valley is a beautiful place to visit in September. The valley is located in the lower ranges of the Himalayas and is surrounded by snow-clad mountains. The Nubra River runs through this area. It’s not just the scenic beauty that attracts tourists to Nubra valley but is also famous for its Buddhist Monasteries. One can also experience Camel Safari in Hunder and visit the famous statue of Maitreya Buddha in Diskit. 

Things to do in Leh Ladakh in September

1. Awe-inspiring Scenery

Prepare to be enchanted by surreal sights all around you when visiting Leh in September. The monsoon would pass, but only after leaving plenty of vegetation in Kashmir’s and Lahaul’s valleys. The mountains will appear to have been freshly scrubbed. On the route, you’ll see lush greenery and be overwhelmed by the beauty of the brown in the Ladakh deserts. It’s also the beginning of autumn, so you’re in for a treat. At the tops of the peaks, snow begins to settle, creating a remarkable contrast of desert and snow.

2.  Ladakh Festival

In September, you’ll be in Ladakh. One of Ladakh’s most significant celebrations is the Ladakh Festival. It takes place in September and lasts for two weeks. People from across the region congregate in Leh to showcase the region’s rich and colourful cultural variety. The festival features a variety of cultural programmes and magnificent masked dance performances, colourful robes, and Polo matches at the Polo ground in Leh. Attending this festival provides you with an authentic taste of Ladakh.

3. Exploring Nature’s Beauty Saser La Pass

In September, the most significant thing to do in Ladakh is to visit the Saser La Pass, majestic in scale and intriguing in detail. It provides a diverse range of experiences. This motorable route is characterized by high cliffs that stand in stark contrast to long, empty roads, stunning lakes that shimmer invitingly on all sides, and an air of purity and calm. Making a journey to such a spectacular location will leave you with unforgettable recollections.

4. Rafting

Rafting on the Zanskar River is progressively gaining popularity as a popular high-altitude water sport in Ladakh. In September, it is the most daring thing to do in Ladakh. You can choose from mild to severe difficulties, with rapids ranging from grade 2 to 4. The river path provides breathtaking views of Ladakh and the Zanskar Ranges. In September, the swirling rapids and freezing water combine with beautiful neighbouring scenery to give Ladakh an unforgettable white water rafting experience.

 5. Kargil Visit

This battleground gives every Indian goosebump and those who are well-versed in the history of India and Pakistan. The army heavily guards Ladakh’s second-largest town. Kargil’s terrain is characterized by rocky, mountainous, and high roadways, with a minimum elevation of 8,000 feet. It is one of the world’s oldest permanent settlements. It is also strategically important because it is located at the same distance as Srinagar and serves as the gateway to Ladakh.

Shopping at Leh Market –

Ladakh is known for its high-quality handicrafts, which are sold at the Leh Market. The market sells a wide range of carpets, shawls, wood carvings and jewellery made by local artisans. The market also offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of Ladakhis. You can buy different souvenirs, jewelleries , clothes and a lot more at cheap rates. 

Visit Different Monasteries –

Leh is a popular tourist destination, not only because of its beautiful landscape and snow-capped mountains. Leh is a historical city, which has been known as a religious centre for centuries. Some of these famous monasteries are Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Gompa, The Lamayuru Monastery and Alchi Monastery . So, do not forget to visit these monasteries in your bucket list of must do things in Ladakh. As they offer serenity and peace to their visitors as well as locals who come here to escape from their busy lives outside city limits.

Do's and Don'ts on a Ladakh Trip -

Do’s in Ladakh Trip –

  • Carry some food items with you like biscuits, chocolate etc., which can be consumed easily during long walks and hikes, so that you stay energetic.
  • Take enough warm clothing to stay comfortable in the cold weather.
  • Carry a good amount of cash as ATMs are not available in every part of Ladakh.
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Try Ladakhi cuisines like Momos, Thukpa, Tingmo, etc.

Don’ts Ladakh Trip –

  • Do not carry any plastic packages in Ladakh as they are banned in Ladakh.
  • Avoid wearing short dresses to Buddhist monuments in Ladakh.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking on high altitudes as it may lead to AMS. 
  • Do not try to provide any harm to the flora and fauna in Ladakh.
  • Do not think of taking a dip into the lakes in Ladakh.

How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh in September-Excellent Tips

If you are planning to travel to Ladakh in September solo or with family, you need to take care of the tips mentioned below:

Clothing Tips for Ladakh in September

  •  A windproof jacket that is both good and bulky.
  • Cotton textiles of any kind
  • Cardigans and pullovers made of wool
  • Warm socks and a hat
  • Gloves of good quality
  • Innerwear made of thermal material

 Trip to Ladakh in September by your Vehicle Checklist

  • Ensure the vehicle is in good working order and has sufficient ground clearance.
  •  If you’re going to put your luggage on the car’s roof, make sure you tie it up properly.
  • Carry extra petrol because the Manali-Leh route has a limited number of gas stations.
  • Make sure you know how to fix minor problems with your vehicle in case it breaks down, as finding a technician in Ladakh might be challenging at times.
  • Carry spare components for your vehicle with you if the mechanics don’t have what you need.
  • Ensure that you have your insurance, permits, photo ID evidence, driver’s licence, and other vital paperwork with you.

Travel Tips for a Stay in Ladakh in September

  • Most tourist destinations in Ladakh require an Inner Line Permit (ILP) due to their proximity to the India-China border. Tourists must get inner line permission (ILP) from the District Magistrate’s Office in Leh for security concerns.
  • Carry your medications with tourist destinations that only have modest medical services.
  • As you will be walking a lot in Ladakh, bring solid and comfortable shoes.
  • A basic travel essential kit includes a rechargeable power bank, a torch with additional batteries, a phone charger, a water bottle, goggles (for sun protection), and a high-SPF sunscreen cream (50 or above).
  • Every tourist should keep a modest first-aid kit in their luggage. Carry toiletries and dry food as well.
  • ATMs are not located in every part of Ladakh, the number of ATMs in Ladakh is minimal, and there are only a few places where credit or debit cards can be swiped. As a result, it’s critical to have enough cash on hand.
  • In Ladakh, only the BSNL and Jio networks are operational.

Now that you know more about why you should visit Ladakh in September 2022, pack your luggage, and start your journey to this gorgeous retreat. This information will assist you in planning your trip to Ladakh. Ascertain that you will take all required procedures to have a pleasant trip.


Will I be offered good accommodation facilities in Ladakh?

Yes, there is a wide range of hotels and guest houses for you to choose from. You can choose any hotel or guesthouse according to your convenience and affordability.


What are the things I must carry on a trip to Ladakh?

Waterproof jacket or sweater, Warm clothes (woollen socks, gloves, hat) , Warm shoes (sturdy boots), a Warm sleeping bag and pyjamas, Waterproof backpack are the things one must carry on a trip to Ladakh.


What is the average travel period each day?

Well, it completely depends upon the number of days you have to explore Ladakh and your itinerary but on an average travel period, each day is 6-7 hours.


Will it be safe to plan a trip to Ladakh in September?

It is safe to travel to Ladakh in September. The weather is pleasant, the days are long and the nights are cool, so you can plan a trip to Ladakh in September without any worries.


Will I face any problems on a trip to Ladakh?

Yes, you may face a few difficulties in Ladakh like it being a high-altitude area there are chances that you may suffer from mountain sickness and some breathing issues. Otherwise, Ladakh is a place worth visiting once in a lifetime.


Will it be too cold in Ladakh?

Yes, it will be cold weather in Ladakh. If you are planning a trip in winter make sure you are prepared for it. Do not forget to carry enough warm clothes on your trip to Ladakh.


How many minimum days are required for a trip to Ladakh?

There are so many places to visit in Ladakh but talking about minimum days. You are required at least 7 days to explore the best places of Ladakh.

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