Manali in December 2022: Best Places to Visit, Things to Do & Travel Tips

Ankita | Updated on May 25, 2022

For those who yearn to witness snowfall, Manali in December is a perfect time to plan a trip.  The month makes Manali magnanimously beautiful and lets you enjoy snow sports and dance in the snow showers. What else do you need on a winter vacation?  The entire Manali looks no less than a winter wonderland after getting covered with a thick snow blanket. So, why wait? Whether you are up for a honeymoon, a family vacation or a solo trip, your holidays in Manali this December is going to be a magical one. 

The verdant meadows, apple orchards, gurgling rivers & streams, dense jungles, gushing waterfall cascade and quaint hamlets await you in Manali. As you take a stroll through the towering deodar and pine trees you see them all covered in powdered snow. Come and explore the scenic landscape of Manali but before that take a quick look at some of the best places to visit, things to do and travel tips so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Manali Weather in December

December is the time of the year when Manali receives snowfall. It is a perfect time for those planning a winter holiday in Manali. The weather of Manali in December is extremely cold with a chilly breeze that you can feel touching your face. Always Check Kullu Manali weather in December before planning to visit the hill station.  

Manali Temperature in December

Manali’s temperature in December ranges from 5°C in the daytime to -9°C at night. It is important to pack all the warm clothes that will come to the rescue when you will feel extremely cold, especially during the night. The climate in Manali in December remains cloudy during this whole month and you can experience snowfall at any time of the day/night. Check Manali’s temperature in December 2022 before planning your trip. 

How to Reach Manali in December

No doubt, Manali is an unparalleled hill station in India and attracts lacs of travellers throughout the year. The hill station is best connected with  Delhi and you can reach there by all modes of transportation. However, the best way to reach Manali is mentioned below:  

By Public Transport

  • By Bus:  The most cost-effective way to reach Manali is by bus. There are several buses operated by HPTDC and HRTC that you can take from Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala and other nearby cities and states to reach Manali.  
  • By Train: Manali doesn’t have its own railway station. So the best way to reach is by boarding a train to Joginder Nagar which is at a distance of approx 144 km.  You can take a taxi or local bus to reach Manali from Joginder Nagar Railway station.  

By Flight: The nearest airport is at Bhuntar which is approx. 50 km from Manali. There is no direct flight to Kullu Manali. However, Indian Airlines operates an ATR flight between Delhi and Bhuntar. So, if you wish to visit Manali quickly, you can opt to travel by air.  

By Private Taxi:  The taxi service is yet another most preferred way of reaching Manali.  You can either choose a shared or private taxi to reach your destination from Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, Jalandhar, Amritsar, and more. 

By Bike:  

A bike trip to Manali is every biker’s dream. If you start from Delhi take NH44 to reach Manali.  The journey will be full of excitement and thrill. You can either embark on the bike trip on your own bike or rent one from the Manali tour package provider. The destinations you make your way through en route include Delhi >  Panipat > Kurukshetra > Ambala > Mandi > Bhuntar > Naggar > Manali.  

Best Places to visit Manali in December

When it comes to the best places to visit in Manali in December, there are many but it all depends on what kind of trip you are planning. Right from exploring the temples to indulging in hiking to shopping, there are so many places that will leave you wonderstruck by their beauty on your Manali visit in December. 

Solang Valley

If you are in Manali in December, you can’t miss out on Solang Valley.  The entire place receives snow showers which makes it look even more beautiful.  Being a hub of adventure activities, Solang Valley offers opportunities for the daredevils to indulge in skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and sledding. You can see families, couples and solo travellers, enjoying their time playing thrilling activities. Snowfall in Manali in December can be best witnessed here. 

  • Distance from Manali bus stand: 11 km
  • Things to do: Skiing, snowboarding, skating,  tobogganing, paragliding, zorbing, cable car ride etc. 

Old Manali 

A hub of hippies, Old Manali is known for its vibrant aura. It is one of the best places to visit near Manali town. Once here you will find yourself surrounded by shops, cafes, and hotels. So, if you are seeking peace and want to spend some time amidst nature, Old Manali is where you should stay when visiting Manali in December. The place will offer you much-needed rejuvenation. Not only this, but Old Manali gives an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the town. 

  • Distance from Manali bus stand:  2 km
  • Things to do: Cafe hopping, hiking, nature walk 


This quaint hamlet is yet another hub for adventure activities and heaven for peace seekers. Come here to indulge in some snow sports like snow fighting, sledding, and skiing with your partner, family, and friends. The snow-capped Himalayas offers awe-inspiring views that will remain etched in your heart forever. It is during this time of the year when the lush green meadows transform into beautiful white fields which look no less than a fairyland. So, come here to witness the landscape in its purest form.  

  • Distance from Manali bus stand: 13 km 
  • Things to do: Trekking, sledding, skiing etc.  

Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara

To experience some divine vibes, head to visit Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara. The architectural beauty of the monastery, artwork and beautiful craftsmanship will leave you amazed. Even though the monastery looks beautiful throughout the season, it becomes magical in the month of December.  The bright colour of the monastery makes it even more captivating amidst the snow.  

  • Distance from Manali bus stand: 52 km
  • Things to do: Sightseeing, photography and more. 

Gauri Shankar Temple 

Situated in the village of Naggar, Gauri Shankar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is built in Shikara style architecture. If you are a history buff, you are surely going to love this place. With the snow-capped Himalayas as the backdrop, the temple looks stunning and makes the place look even more beautiful during December. You have to indulge in a short trek by making your way through the lush green dense jungle beside the River Beas. Come and visit this yet another one of the places to visit near Manali in December to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva.  

  • Distance from bus stand: 23 km
  • Things to do: Trekking, meditation, seeking blessings from Lord Shiva 

Vashisht Village 

Named after a great sage, Vashisht village is known for the temple and hot water spring and is one of the best places near Manali to visit in December. The village is quiet and an even more compact version of Old Manali. You can explore the various rest houses, and souvenir shops when in Vashisht. The village offers amazing views of the lower valleys and river Beas but then Vashisht is more than just offering scenic views. The prime attraction of the village is the temple and the hot water spring. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and local saint Vashisht. Enjoy a dip in the holy hot water spring that is believed to have medicinal properties and can cure skin-related issues. 

  • Distance from Manali bus stand: 16 km 
  • Things to do: Hiking, temple tour, bathing in hot water spring, etc. 

Things to do in Manali in December

Manali offers a plethora of things to enjoy in December. Be it indulging in an adventure activity or a temple tour or shopping or relishing good food at some quirky cafe. Below are some of the things to do in Manali in December that you should definitely not miss out on. 

  • Snow Adventure Activities in Solang Valley

Solang valley is true bliss in Manali and those looking for adventure can indulge in activities like skiing, snowboarding, skating, tobogganing, paragliding, zorbing, a cable car ride and more. No matter whether you choose to go on a vacation with friends & family or a honeymoon or a solo trip, you can enjoy these activities and get an adrenaline rush. 

  • Indulge in a Temple Tour

To attain some inner peace, you can head to visit temples in Manali. This is yet another one of the activities in Manali in December. There are a number of monasteries and temples in this hill town of Himachal Pradesh that hold legendary stories. Head to visit Gauri Shankar Temple, Raghunath Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, Vashist Temple & Hot Water Spring, and Manu Temple.  Once you visit these temples, your heart will be filled with peace and sanctity.  

  • Medidate and Relax in Arjun Gufa

Head to the historic cave where Arjun (one of the Pandava brothers) once meditated. You can sit here and meditate to embrace the silence all around you. A visit to Arjun Gufa is considered to be one of the offbeat things to do in Manali. There are some cafes too near the cave, you can sit, relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea/coffee before heading back to the town.  

  • Buying souvenirs and Gifts from Manu Market

You would obviously want to take back home souvenirs or buy gifts for your loved ones from your trip to Manali. Head to Manu market which is also popular among the locals. The small lanes of the market are lined up with both quirky Indian as well as hippie wear. You can even show your bargaining skills here and get the stuff at the best possible price. Once you’re done with shopping you can visit the cafes and restaurants here to make your tummy happy.  

  • Bathe in the Vashisht Holy Hot Water Spring

One of the best things to do in Manali is take a holy dip in the Vashisht hot water spring. It is in the quaint Vashisht village. It is strongly believed that the water of the hot spring has medicinal properties and can cure various skin allergies and other issues. A dip in the water amidst the serene nature will make you feel rejuvenated. 

How to Plan a Trip to Manali in December?

Planning a trip to Manali in December requires special attention. Why? Because the weather is going to be cold with snowfall happening at any time of the day or night. You need to take care of clothes, footwear, and other essential items to carry along on the trip. To make it convenient in figuring out, we have compiled a list of tips below that will make your Manali trip in December hassle-free.  

  • Book your Manali tour package in advance as it can help you save a lot and enjoy your trip to the fullest.  
  • The weather in Manali is going to be extremely cold and harsh so carry warm clothes, gloves, a woollen cap, and everything else that can keep you warm.  
  • Take prior permission if visiting Rohtang Pass is on your list. 
  • Carry all the basic medicines for common health issues especially cold and cough.  
  • If you are up for camping in Manali in December, don’t carry your own tent as it will be hard for your to pitch it.  You can approach service providers, who rent their tents. 
  • Carry your government-approved ID proofs as hotels in Manali do not allow guests without valid IDs. 
  • Stay hydrated and drink bottled water.  
  • Getting a tour package will save you from spending unnecessary amounts on local tour guides, taxis, adventure activities and more. 
  • If you plan for snow trekking in Manali, it is advised to carry a water bottle, and eatables like chocolates so that you can take a short break and feel comfortable.  
  • It is important to carry sunglasses, sunscreen with SPF 50, lip balm and moisturizer.  

So, this was all about Manali in December. Hope you are now all for your winter holidays in this beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh. If you need any assistance in planning your trip or checking the December temperature in Manali, we are all ears. Our experts will help you plan the best ever holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. Get ready to lose yourself in the serenity of Manali.  


Are the roads to Manali open in December?


Yes, the roads to Manali are open and it is completely safe to travel. Chances of snowfall are always there but it won’t spoil your trip.


Is December a good time to plan a trip to Manali?


Yes, December is a good time to plan family vacations, a honeymoon or a solo trip to Manali. You will get an opportunity to witness snowfall and indulge in a variety of fun-filled snow adventures. 


What are some of the best places to visit in Manali in December? 


Solang Valley, Manu Temple, Hadimba Temple, Vashisht village, Old Manali, Gulaba, Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara, and Gauri Shankar Temple are some of the places you should visit in Manali in December.  


What are some of the adventure sports to enjoy in Manali in December? 


Some of the adventure sports to enjoy in Manali in December are snowboarding, sledding, skiing, cable car ride, ice skating, cable car ride and more. 


How much does it cost for a Manali tour package? 


The cost of the Manali tour package depends on the category of package you choose, the kind of adventure activities you want to add to your trip, accommodation, transportation and more. 

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