How Ladakh Group Tour with my gang of friends made a wonderful story

I am happiest when surrounded by my friends and my friends really know this very well. It was one lazy winter afternoon of Sunday when I was stuffed warm in my quilt and my body refused to come out of the comfort. Suddenly, my phone rang and I saw that Shikha was calling me. After receiving the call, I came to know that my gang of friends was planning for an adventure vacay. She had called me to ask for my participation as well as choice for the vacation spot.

I jumped out of the sofa as if some gush of energy has entered my body. “Let’s go to Ladakh.” this was my expressive set of words and my friends who were on the conference call agreed and felt excited too. Thus, finally, we decided to hit the cold desert hill station full of adventures. - the authentic travel partner
“Ladakh is a land of surprises and adventures.” No, this is not my personal statement. Blogs and articles written on mention this very prominently. I personally have gigantic faith in and their dedicated team. After finalizing our Ladakh group tour, I started scanning the web for the best of the offers and authentic information about Leh Ladakh. Then, I came through and found information on the website which was very helpful.

Here we go to the snowy wonderland 
We started our journey from Delhi airport. Let me tell you that we were super excited about moving to chilling geography of Ladakh from scorching and burning heat of Delhi. 8 of our friends decided to explore this high altitude desert. All of us had big luggage as expected and it comprised majorly of warm woolens and eatables. But, the thing which bothered our mind was acclimatization. So, we packed lots of emergency medicines like aspirin, paracetamol, and other chewable tablets. 

As our flight took off from Delhi, we started daydreaming already for the snowy views of Leh Ladakh. As we were nearing our destination, our window panes privileged us to see the majestic snow-capped Himalayan Ranges. I and my friends were awe inspired and quite held our breath upon witnessing that surreal beauty of the mountains. 

Moonland or mystery land - Ladakh 
Finally, our flight landed at Leh airport. I must quote that timely and proper arrangement of people helped us profusely. As we came out of the flight and in no time assigned cab drivers arrived to pick us and provide a comfortable drop till our hotel. Hotel rooms were cozy, comfortable and warm. We had been given 4 rooms, 2 people per room. We enjoyed the food and went for a sound sleep. Well! This was required for removing our tiredness. 

It was only in the evening that we decided to hit the local market and dig through the various cultural treasure spots like Shanti Stupa. Shopping is really a treat in itself, but it becomes even bigger when you are with your friends. Negotiating for 10 rupees with your gang of friends gives immense pleasure. We returned to our rooms after spending some good time in the local market.

The lit bonfire, sumptuous dinner(comprising majorly of hilly dishes) and the company of my dear friends made me forget all of my worldly worries and I was floating in the ocean of happiness. Ah! You know when your gang is with you, the party has to last all night. Same happened to us and it was only 4 a.m in the morning when we went for sleep.

The charismatic charm of Pangong lake   

Sleeping late forced us to wake up only when it was midday( afternoon). After having our meals and getting ready, our gang sailed through for Pangong lake. We had heard so much about it that each one of us was getting impatient to get a glimpse of the lake. Remember, that typical shot of the movie, 3 Idiots, and the backdrop of Pangong lake. After reaching the lake, we found our jaw-dropping and breaths held. The beauty of the lake was beyond explanation. Starlit sky even added to the charm of that wonderful evening.

We thought of camping on the bank of the lake. I know planning is good. But, the joys of unplanned things sometimes spark the adventure even better. So, we went for unplanned camping. I really thank some of my friends who had been carrying camping essentials with them and the rest of the stuff was arranged locally. It was such fun, can’t explain in words.

Digging other treasures of Ladakh   

Next day, upon reaching the hotel and getting some refreshments, we left for the Leh-Srinagar Highway in order to dig some hidden treasures of Ladakh and nearby regions. Magnetic hill was the place which attracted us most. As we had been given an SUV to go by, many of our friends were trying their hands at the driving just for the thrill of experiencing that magnetic effect on the hill. Actually, vehicles appeared to be moving uphill without any external known force. This would have happened probably because of some scientific reason.

We also explored the beauty and grandeur of Pathar Sahib Gurudwara, Lamayuru Monastery and Khaltsi. Well! We had some devotional souls in our group too. So, they were forced to stay for longer in the Monastery. I was one of them. The appealing tranquility of the Gompa gave immense peace and contentment to our soul. I wished I could stay here forever, but that was not possible because of certain reasons. The beautiful carving done on the interior walls of the Monastery was mesmerizing and splendid.      

We returned back to our rooms before night and waited for our flight in the morning. Till then we were trying to imbibe every splendid bit of the beauty of Ladakh in our soul. Next morning, all of us boarded the flight and were back home remembering the snowy glimpses of Leh Ladakh

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