6 Must-Visit Places in Leh Ladakh in August 2022

Crisp air, beautiful lakes, magnificent mountains offer a perfect backdrop to the fluttering prayer flags; yes, that’s Leh Ladakh in August. The month unlocks a different face of Leh Ladakh. Even though the relief rainfall may increase intensity because of the increased monsoon winds, still the region experiences little or no rain. But nothing can stop the advent travellers from experiencing something that appears to be so surreal. There can be challenges on the way but yes, it is doable when prepared accordingly. 

If you too are up for vacation and in search of the best places to visit and things to do in Leh Ladakh in August 2022, we ease off the pain for you. Check out the list below to make the most of your holidays. 

1. Nubra Valley: To Enjoy Beauty and Adventure Altogether 

The valley of sand dunes Nubra Valley should be at the top of your list when looking for the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh in August 2022. As you enter the destination you will find yourself surrounded by the stunning panorama of monasteries, double-humped camels and a lot more that you can’t even imagine. The valley offers unmatched beauty and adventure that will give you memories to experience for a lifetime. 

Best time to visit Nubra Valley: The months between April and October are the best to plan your trip. However, the weather in Leh Ladakh in August makes travelling really challenging due to rainfall occurring in some parts leading to Ladakh. But it’s doable. 

How to reach Nubra Valley: Time taken to travel from Leh to Nubra Valley is 4-5 hours. So, you can book a private or shared taxi from Leh. You can also travel to Nubra Valley by bus that you can get from the Leh bus stand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the activities/things to do in Nubra Valley? 
A. You can visit one of the famous monasteries of Leh Ladakh- Diskit Monastery along with other Samstanling Monastery, Ensa Gompa and more; enjoy ATV Ride/Quad Biking, the Bactrian Camel Safari, at Hunder Sand Dunes; taste apricots in Turtuk village; and take a dive in hot spring in Panamik village. Zamskhang Palace and Yarasb Tso lake can also be visited. 

Q. Where can I stay in Nubra Valley?
A. There is no dearth of accommodation options in Nubra Valley. So, you can book your stay at the hotels, camps and even homestays here. 

Q. How many days do I need to explore Nubra Valley?
A. A minimum of 3 days is required to explore the important tourist destinations of Nubra Valley and enjoy various activities.

2. Pangong Lake: To Witness the Magical Blue Waters 

A must-visit place on your Leh Ladakh trip, Pangong Tso Lake has gained immense popularity after being featured in the Bollywood movie-3 idiots. Even though there many other beautiful yet famous lakes in Ladakh, Pangong Tso remains to be at the top because of its unmatched beauty and being a delicate border point along the Line of Actual Control. The mountains meeting the deep blue meditative waters of Pangong is a sight that will remain lodged in your heart and memory for a lifetime.
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Best time to visit Pangong Tso: Between April and October, you can plan your visit to Pangong Tso. 

How to reach Pangong Tso: You can either take a bus or book a private/shared taxi to reach Pangong Tso from Leh which would take around 6 hours. 

Frequently Asked Question: 

Q. Do I need a permit to visit Pangong Tso?
A. Yes, you need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit Pangong Tso which you can get from Leh. 

Q. Is camping allowed at Pangong Lake?
A. No, camping at the Pangong Lakeside isn’t allowed. However, you can choose to stay at the camps, cottage and small guest houses in the villages located in close proximity to Pangong Lake. 

Q. How long is Pangong Lake?
A. Situated at an altitude of 4,350 meters, Pangong Lake is 5 km wide and 134 km long. One-third of the Lake lies in India while two-thirds is a part of Tibet China. 

3. Hemis National Park: To Witness a Wide Variety of Flora and Fauna 

A famous wildlife destination in Ladakh, Hemis National Park is renowned for its high population of snow leopards and a plethora of a wide variety of birds. The national park is not only a must-visit for the wildlife buffs but also for photographers and trekkers. Apart from exploring the rich flora and fauna of the national park, you can head to visit Hemis Monastery which is one of the richest monasteries in Ladakh and Ganda La also known as Kanda La, which is a high mountain pass connecting the villages of Markha Valley to Leh. 

Best time to visit Hemis National Park: May to October is the ideal time to plan your trip. 
How to reach Hemis National Park: As Hemis National park is located at a short distance of around 50 km, you can either book a private or shared taxi to reach the national park. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How far is Hemis National Park from Leh? 
A. Hemis National Park is located at a distance of around 50 km from Leh. 

Q. What are the timings for Hemis National Park? 
A. You can visit Hemis National Park between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  

Q. What are the trekking opportunities inside the Hemis National Park?
A. There are different trekking routes inside the Hemis National Park, such as the Ganda La, which is located within the premises of the park. 

4. Tso Moriri: To Find Peace Amidst Picturesque Setting 

Nestled in a secluded yet beautiful Rupshu Valley, Tso Moriri Lake is yet another place to visit on your Leh Ladakh trip in 2022. The serene lake attracts a range of wildlife, including migratory birds, rarely the Tibetan wolves. The sight of this calm and sacred high altitude lake in Ladakh is a treat to the eyes. You will get to see multi shades of blue colour in a picturesque setting that is sure to take your breath away. 

Best time to visit Tso Moriri: May to August is the time when you can head to visit Tso Moriri when on a trip to Leh Ladakh in August 2022

How to reach Tso Moriri: You can reach Tso Moriri from Leh by booking a taxi. This will take you around 6-7 hours to reach. However, if you are planning to extend your trip from Pangong Lake to Tso Moriri, you have to take the Chusul-Tsaga La-Loma-Mahe route. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Can I pitch a tent at the side of Tso Moriri Lake?
A. No, as the lake is part of the wetland reserve under the Ramsar site and is also known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve, you can’t pitch your own tent here. 

Q. Do I need a permit to visit Tso Moriri?
A. Yes, you need to get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to visit Tso Moriri as the lake is situated near the actual Line of Actual Control.
5. Khardung La Pass: For an Adventure Soaked Experience 

Being the world’s highest motorable mountain pass, Khardung La is yet another best place to visit in Leh Ladakh in August 2022. The place is for adventure enthusiasts who will get a bike and cycle ride like never before. Khardung La is one of the most enchanting landscapes in the world where you can treat yourself by sitting peacefully and admiring the beauty all around.

Best time to visit Khardung La: You can plan your visit between April to October. 
 How to reach Khardung La: Khardung La is located at a distance of 40 km Leh. So, book a taxi or take a bus to reach Khardung La. You can also ride your own vehicle. 
Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How fit should one be to go cycling to Khardung Leh? 
A. A good level of fitness is required to go cycling to Khardung La. 
Q. Where can I stay in Khardung La?
A. If you want to spend a night at Khardung La, pitch your own tent. If you wish to stay at comfort hotels, then Leh is where you can get accommodation options ranging from low to mid to high budget. 

6. Kargil: To Get the Adrenaline Rush Pumping 
If you want to experience activities like camping, river rafting, trekking, mountaineering and more., Kargil should be on your list when visiting Leh Ladakh in August 2022. Besides getting your adrenaline rush pumping, you can even visit the old gompas and monasteries. 
Best time to visit: May and September is the ideal time to plan your trip. 

How to reach Kargil: Kargil is connected to Leh via NH1. So visit Kargil by travelling either by taxi or bus that you will get from Leh. 
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. What are some of the trekking adventures from Kargil?
A. Some of the best trekking adventures to enjoy from Kargil are Zoji, Padum to Lamayuru, and Sumdo Chinmu village to Alchi.  
Q. Where can I stay in  Kargil?
A. There are guesthouses and camps that support your stay in Kargil. 
Travel Tips to Plan Your Trip to Leh Ladakh in August 2022

  • Keep the Itinerary simple. Even though Ladakh is a rain shadow area, to reach a few places you have to cross areas that experience heavy rainfall. So, it is recommended to book your Leh Ladakh tour package with a reliable travel agency. 

  • With rainfall in some places, the weather in Leh Ladakh in August will be cold. You should carry 2-3 warmers, windcheaters, raincoats. Don’t forget to pack waterproof shoes.  

  • As the climatic conditions are a bit harsh, keep buffer days in your itinerary.  

  • In order to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), stay hydrated and consult your doctor before leaving for the trip. Your doctor will prescribe you drugs that will help you get rid of AMS. 

With this, we come to an end to our best places to visit in Leh Ladakh in August 2022. With proper planning, your holidays in Ladakh will turn out to be a memorable one. It is advisable to talk to travel consultants before heading to Leh Ladakh in monsoon who would guide you with a perfect Ladakh tour package as well so that you can enjoy your holidays without any hassle. 

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