My Classic Bike trip to Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 23, 2022

I am deeply drenched with memories of my classic Ladakh Bike trip. Ladakh is a true heaven for solitude and adventure seekers. I planned my Ladakh Bike tour with They are travel specialists and have a very creatively designed travel plans for every traveler. More to this, they offer personalized customization to the travel plans.

When My Bike Roared Along the Meandering Path of the Himalayas

Going for a bike trip to Ladakh is a daring assignment that requires lots of courage, physical and mental stamina, and confidence in the heart which says, “I can do it.” I gathered all of these essentials with my crew(my bunch of friends which included 5 crazy guys including me).

Rohit, Shambhavi, Somesh, Priyam, and me, it was our crazy group of friends sharing a common passion called “mountain love” and dared to go for the thrilling assignment. Bikes chosen by us were thoroughly checked and monitored by the expert team of Ladakh which is also called the “roof of the world” has plenty of scenic landscapes on its way to the destination. Snow clad majestic mountains were perched in our way to Ladakh. 

They looked as if the courtiers of Ladakhi Kingdom stood with showerings of love, respect, and a very warm welcome. The uneven and ungreen sceneries of the terrain was a classic splendour. Barrens all painted with browns and sometimes, mistakenly with some green patches, pronounced the sheer classic beauty of the mountains. 

Tales of Monasteries, Dhabas, and Chilled Winds    

No tale of Ladakh can be completed without the scrumptious description of Maggi, momos, and coffee. It was getting dark as we saw the dark sky becoming a giant canvas for the artistry portrayed by twinkling stars. 

We experienced mouses dancing in our stomach and hence Somesh asked for a halt at the nearby Dhaba. Five of the bikes stopped at the Dhaba. Shambhavi has a Chinese heart and she always jumps for noodles and Chinese food. Thus, Maggi consisted of our order invariably along with an ample amount of Momos.

Every sip of our coffee crafted a story in our mind and we were binging on the scrumptious Momos and noodles like pretty big foodies. 

Our next halt included lots of traditional details of the Buddhist monasteries. The intricate Mural paintings are like peeping windows of history which enables you to watch the saga of Tibetan and Buddhist architecture. The Hemis Monastery, Spituk Monastery, Alchi Monastery, and Thiksey Monastery are some of the splendid illustrations of the magnificent architecture of the Buddhist era. The thangkas, the colourful prayer flags were strong enough to create a vibe that lets you feel the aura of Buddhism. 

I find time for appreciation and admiration of nature by any means. I have a strong belief that nature is the biggest healer and can be your best friend at times. Ladakh has got generous showers of love from Mother nature in the form of robust mountains which are snow sprinkled and clear, abundant skies which embraces you much lively. 

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