My experience of Ladakh Valley on a Royal Enfield thunderbird 500

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

The bike is my first love and I have an intense passion for driving the two-wheelers to the Himalayas. Ladakh bike tour is a fantasy ride that fascinates the mind of every adventure lover. It did the same with me. I can’t forget the goosebumps I got while I was on my Ladakh bike trip. The touch of chilly wind, the sight of azure sky and calmly perching Himalayan peaks touched our hearts and weaved memories for us. 

We were a crazy gang of 5 friends who drove together to explore the charms of Himalayan lanes. Some of us were camera lovers and others were solitude seekers. Yes, I know, there are not only the merry things that happen during a road trip, but it also shows some blues of the journey as well. But, I can say straight away that I enjoyed every moment of our bike ride with Royal Enfield thunderbird 500.      

When Passion drove my senses

Driving at a thrilling but safe speed increased the rush of adrenaline in my blood. Snow brushed mighty Himalayan peaks, peculiar and rare foliage, a land dotted with Buddhist Monasteries, and freely flowing Himalayan rivers, kept us engaged with mesmerising views. Five bikes riding in a row created a mesmerising view. 

I loved the speed, the thrill, and the extremely cold weather. We drove and drove and drove until it got dark and then we stopped to enjoy our night halt at one of the best affordable hotels in the way. The cosy quilt and hot coffee prevented us from the unbearable cold waves.     

And we binged upon the Momos and Thukpa

Being a big foodie, I always looked for the roadside Dhabas. My friends laughed at me. But, when we stopped I laughed at them. It is because those who were laughing at me stood first in line to give orders for the food. I winked at them and Somesh(one of my friends) said, “It happens! Don’t worry, we all will enjoy together.”  

My eyes can still visualize the steaming plate of Momos accompanied by tongue-twisting chutneys and Thukpa(a thick soup with noodles and vegetables). Ladakhi people know great culinary art and cook healthy but highly tempting food items. How could we forget the hot cup of butter tea in such chilling weather? We spent quality time at that Dhaba gazing at the scenic landscapes of the Himalayas. 

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