The Eternal Vibes of Snow Land, Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

A Ladakh trip would check all the tickers of a perfect thrill holiday in the snow land, Ladakh. Ladakh tour package encapsulates the heavenly artistry of mountains dipped in creamy snow. 

The celestial earth, wind, and the sky

The sun, the moon, the stars, all were wrapped with celestial beauty. The earth, the wind, the sky radiating eternal vibes as I rewind my memories in the past. Yes, I am talking about my visit to Ladakh. When we started our journey towards the mountains, it was the dawn of the day, the grey sky was melting lovingly into the tangerine of the rising sun, and stars bidding goodbye with a sweet smile.

It was a family trip and we were driving in a Safari(SUV). The speed of the car kept our heartbeats increasing with a thrilling wish to meet the majestic mountains of Ladakh. I had heard so much so that I couldn’t control myself but keep counting to reach the heaven of hills, Ladakh.

The barren brown hues of earth, the chilling touch of wind, and deep azure sky left us gaping into the purity of the atmosphere. I found my eyes glued to the sight of brown mountains patched with greens of the flora.

Monasteries perched in sheer silence

My sister shared a common interest with me. Yes, Shivangi had the same passion for history and historical monuments as I had. Both of us were interested in exploring the ruins of old castles, forts, and spiritual ancient Monasteries. 

As we reached the Hemis Monastery, we gasped with breathlessness. No! Not because of lack of oxygen, but because of the jaw-dropping beauty and charisma of the ancient architecture. The vivid prayer flags, the Chortens, and the Mani walls were so captivating that I had to shake my Sister for moving forward in the journey. Then, she broke her silence and said, “ That’s amazingly beautiful. I can keep watching this for days and still won’t get enough of the sight. The gigantic statues of Lord Buddha and Guru Rimpoche are the real marvels of the Buddhist era.    

The relish of hot Momos and Maggi

Can a trip be completed without a savory and sumptuous meal?  Definitely, not!  We stopped at a local Dhaba standing beautifully on the roadside as my sister and brother kept shouting for a food break. 

Old but classy furniture of the Dhaba gave us pure comfort as we sat on the Khat( a woven bed with ropes). In no time I saw my brother going through the menu and decided in a jiffy, “A big bowl of Maggi and one plate of Paneer momos for me.” My sister almost snatched the menu card from his hands and uttered, “I will have Aloo paranthas….and some Maggi.”  We enjoyed the food very well and summed it up with a cup of classic chai. 

We eat, drink, and sleep in our homes. But, when you are on a trip and that too on a wonderland like Ladakh, everything gets an added flavor of the place. I still remember how we rejoiced every moment of our Ladakh trip and wish to rewind and repeat it 

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