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Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Few places on earth are the abode of natural panorama and the mysterious beauty of Mother Nature. Leh Ladakh is one of them. When you visit the place it fills your heart with inner bliss and you experience the best of nature. When you go for a Ladakh Bike Trip, you get a good chance to explore hidden natural wonders on the way to Ladakh. 

Pristine white hues of snow-clad mountains are pretty sure to allure your heart. The jingling sound of cascading waters of rivers lends sheer happiness and inner peace to your soul. Smiling white faces, fresh hilly apricots, freely grazing herds of goats are just a few of the breathtaking sights you get on your Leh Ladakh Road Trip.  

Turtuk - the land of Baltis

Turtuk is a land filled with the sweetness of apricots and smiles carrying myriad shades of life. It is also called the land of Baltis. Balti descent has a close resemblance to Iranian people. You will be amazed to see the pink and white hues of people and their wide gleeful smiles. This village stands far away from the crowd and chaos of city life and has preserved the essence of pure and crude natural beauty.

Uleytokpo – The village of adventures

Uleytokpo village is situated on the bank of the Indus river. It is a perfect hub for adventure freaks as it is a camping base for trekking and camping. Although it is a less explored land, undoubtedly it is full of spectacular sights. 

You can enjoy your visit to Lamayuru Monastery, Rizdong Monastery, Bichir and Alchi Monastery. The village is surrounded by these lovely places to be visited. You can also enjoy river rafting in the Indus river. The cham dance which is a major highlight of the region is a dazzling dance performed by masked monks of the Monasteries. 

Sumur – Hidden gem at the bank of river Nubra

Sumur is a wonder village situated at the height of 10,827 ft. Sumur is known for adventurous hiking and discovering nascent things in the crudest form. Samstanling Gompa is a major attraction of the village and has been nexus to Nubra valley since 1841. This Monastery is a cultural heritage and is home to some of the most ancient and graceful paintings of deities.    

Basgo – the ultimate culture capital

A village that breathed late into the 15th century is a hub that is politically and culturally significant. It used to be one of the wealthy towns of history. When you come here, take time to explore the ruins of ancient heritage in the form of the royal palace and monastery. 

There are three magnificent temples which are pretty sure to catch your eyeballs. These are Cham Chung Temple, Serzang Temple, and Chamba Maitreya. The magnificent life of Lord Buddha is depicted very well on these monuments. These temples are dotted with copper statues, artifacts and royal paintings which would feed your soul graciously.  

The warm hospitality of the locals is sure to win your heart and you would long for a longer stay at the place.   

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Panamik – Enchanting portrait of nature

Panamik is a small village which houses naturally occurring hot sulfur springs. It is known to cure many of serious body ailments. It is also proven to relieve you from mountain sickness if any. It is a destination nestled beautifully in Nubra Valley. The world’s highest battlefield Siachen is also located nearby.

You can enjoy the full warmth of comfort extended by the locals as well as frame the enchanting memories of panoramic landscapes. Overall, a visit to this village is sure to heal your senses rejuvenate you and re-energize you.  

Changthang – Blend of Tibet and Ladakh

Changthang, a spoonful of Tibet and another spoon of Ladakh, that is how Changthang is described. It also holds the crown of one of the five “Biodiverse regions” of India. Your visit to the place is sure to gift you a meeting with wild heroes of the region like, snow leopards, wolves, bharals, gazelles, and local birds. An intimate time spent with wildlife is the perfect way to rejuvenate your stressed lives.  

Changpa nomads are the locals who earn their living by rearing endemic Changi goats. They fetch the supreme quality of wool from them and live their lives. Changthang plateau is actually much colder than other regions of Ladakh and thus you are advised to carry your warm wardrobe with you.  

Upshi – the village of Pashmina Shawls and Pashmina goats 

World celebrates the elegance and comfort of pashmina shawls. Upshi village is the cosy home of these pashmina goats. The locals of the village rear the Pashmina goats and fetch the precious pashmina wool from which pashmina shawls are made. 

The village is cuddled along the bank of the Indus river which imparts magnificent hues of the natural panorama to the place. The place also houses comfortable, cosy, and affordable guesthouses as well as hotels. However, tourists also love to spend their time and stay with the locals of the village.    

In short, it can be said that if Ladakh has breathtaking picturesque views of landscapes, the way to Ladakh is even more studded with precious gems of Nature. Leh Ladakh Road Trip is the best way to explore these hidden wonders of nature which are sparsely visited and less known. Hence, these junctions are sure to soothe and relax your senses. So, pack your bags for the Road Trip to Ladakh and enjoy your vacation up to infinity

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