One day at the world's highest post office

Life is not a chosen itinerary, but we can choose our travel itineraries. Let's stop cribbing about life and plan wonderful holidays to explore the best horizons of life. At least I strongly believe in such an ideology. Himachal tour packages provide the best options for unwinding your tired mind and body. I am going to share my experience of spending one day at the world’s highest post office. It lies high up in the mountains of a village called Hikkim at an elevation of 4440 m in Lahaul-Spiti district. 

The desolate Hikkim    

Dwelled between Komik and Langza, it looks like a small wonder in the hills. Multilayered fields of Hikkim alternating with hues of green and browns create a scenic vista along with simplicity. Hikkim looks quilted with a white sheet of snow even in summer months. But, it is quite a comfortable weather in summers out here. Hikkim is situated at 45 minutes of daring drive from the Kaza town. 

You may not very much appreciate and admire the beauty of the old Monastery of the village if you have visited KI, Tabo, and other Monasteries of the region. But, it is a place for serenity and tranquility. To your wonder and astonishment, Hikkim is home to fossilized crustacean of the Jurrasic era. Take time to try your hands for the same.     

The night sky and the day stroll

The stargazing session at Hikkim is truly magical and heavenly at night. Those coming from urban bundles may gasp in surprise to see the gigantically clear night sky. It may give them an illusion of touching the stars at just a distance of your arm length. Don’t be surprised if the moon looks extraordinarily big and romantic. Moonlit and starlit Hikkim creates a mesmerizing spectacle that refuses to be forgotten. 

A day stroll across the village gives you scenic surprises of snow-capped peaks, layered fields, and fluttering prayer flags. It may look plain and simple to see the row of white mud and stone houses with blue doors and red windows. But, it is captivating as it stands against the scenic snow brushed peaks.

Walking through the village and visiting the school, monasteries and local bazaar is an unmatched interesting experience. You will be touched at heart by the hospitality, simplicity, and smiles of the people of Hikkim village.      

Posting the letter to my Mom 

I knew I never needed this, but still, for the thrill of doing it, I wrote a letter to my Mom in Patna. I wanted to feel the excitement of posting a letter from the world’s highest post office, Hikkim. 

I wrote the letter and enclosed it within one of those peculiar envelopes. Later on, I handed my letter to the busiest man in the village, Mr. Rinchan Chhering, a 55-year-old man who has been serving the post office since when he was 22 years old. With a broad smile, he took my letter and said, “Be assured. It will reach on time.” 

My trip to Hikkim has left an everlasting trail on my heart which I can still feel very strongly.
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