12 Exotic Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh in May 2023- Unfold Nature’s Magic!

Ankita | Updated on November 10, 2022

Excited to stroll on the barren lands of Leh-Ladakh? The planning of Ladakh travel in itself jolts your mind and brain with unmatchable enthusiasm and enigma. What could be the unexplored travel destinations to explore here? Aren’t you thrilled about the incredible travel expedition that’s about to begin? Charming yourself in the wonderland is quite possible by the month as the harsh winters waive off, and there’s a bearable temperature inviting you to its sheer serenity! While shortlisting the Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh in May 2023, you can experiment with some of the untouched and pleasant locations in Ladakh that could leave you in amazement. It is one destination that treasures the serene beauty everywhere, rugged Himalayan trails, and the raw trajectories where no one might have ever crossed over probably. Open vistas, the splendid beauty of nature, and the surroundings make you familiar with the glory and charisma of this place.

Why Plan a Leh Ladakh Trip in May?

There could be a bundle of reasons making your travel during this month a great decision. As the temperature starts rising, the frozen rivulets get transformed into lively streams, pretty monasteries shine over, and fortune ones might also encounter the sight of pretty snow leopards here.

However, the weather in Leh Ladakh in May is also relatively cooler, and the temperature might vary from -15 to 16 Degree Celsius. Pack wisely to ensure that you have a wonderful experience while travelling to this exquisite panorama. It is also a smart move to book Ladakh tour packages well in advance as it’s an off-season, and there are plenty of tourists pondering here during that time.

12 Top Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh in May

Are you searching for things to do in Leh Ladakh in may? Well, the below suggestive destinations could give you an unforgettable experience on your upcoming travel trip to Ladakh in 2023.

Kargil- Experience Chilly Winds in Dras


Ladakh dazzles with the majesty of the Kargil sector and the epic war associated with it fought in extreme weather conditions. Stunning landscapes and great trails of Kargil could leave you muted in the bizarre of thoughts related to this place. A particular highlight of Kargil is the Dras valley, known for the coldest area of the Ladakh region. 

It’s a sheer getaway for travellers and situated at a very high altitude of 10,700 Feet. Winters are extreme here as the temperature also drops to -45 Degrees in some cases. In May, the scenic views are close to perfect, and every landscape appears spectacular.

  • USP- Tiger Hilltop, Mushko Valley, Ningoor Valley, and the Kargil War memorial.
  • How to Reach- Take a cab from Leh or enjoy a bike ride.
  • Tip- Layer yourself with warmers to combat harsh winds.
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May-September

Lamayuru- Enjoy the Trek to Alchi


Ladakh is a trekkers getaway, and things to do in Leh Ladakh may also include the trekking experience here. Most travellers go for a 5-Day trek situated at the highest altitude of 5200 meters. The most exciting part of the May month visit is treks are open for the explorers to satiate their ultimate urge. You can also find a few hostels and guest houses here, but homestays are the best option to get their real vibe. 

It can allow you to learn about local Ladakh culture and its small intricacies. Travelling here from May to November can let you interact with the remote villagers and know about their rare facts.

  • USP- Sham Valley, Lamayuru Monastery, and Alchi Monastery.
  • How to Reach- Take a cab to Lamayaru from Leh and start trekking from the base camp.
  • Tip- Begin your day early to visit all the monasteries on the same day.
  • Ideal Season to visit- May-November

Thiksey, Hemis, and Shey- Explore Stonkers of Ladakh

While listing down the places to visit in Leh Ladakh in may, these beauties are bound to capture your attention. Ladakh has a rich heritage of monasteries looped across the Himalayan terrains. They appear timeless and provoke curiosity to know more about them. Such monasteries are an indispensable part of Ladakh, and the locals have their cultural strings attached to them in the form of rituals. As a result, the place is a striking choice for travellers planning to travel to Ladakh in May.

  • USP- Spituk Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Monastery, and Shey Gompa.
  • How to Reach- Take a drive-through cab from Leh to reach monasteries.
  • Tip- Follow the dress code and rules or discipline applicable for the monasteries here.
  • Ideal Season to Visit– April- September

Saka Dawa Cultural Festival- Go a node higher with Local festivities

Saka Dawa festival commemorates Buddha’s majesty and grandeur, which is an invincible part of locals’ beliefs. The celebration is backed by the belief that every good you do gets multiplied into million times and gets back to you. This festival goes on for the whole month, and the celebration’s highlight is on the 15th day, which is a full-moon day. 

People from discrete parts of the globe participate here, and you can too witness it on your trip to Ladakh in May 2023. During this time, people leave non-veg foods, make donations, help the poor and light the butter lamps. Prayers are made along with mantra recitations to please the deities.

  • USP- 15th Day of the Festival, Local Culture, and Food
  • How to Reach- Private cars from Leh can help in reaching the epicentre where festivities are held.
  • Tip- Enjoy and try to learn more about the local customs, traditions, and beliefs of this festival.
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May- November

Hemis National Park- The striking sight of snow leopard

Hemis National Park

Moving ahead with the list of places to visit in Leh Ladakh in May 2023, the sight of snow leopard sheltered in piles of ice is a memorable one. The expanse of white rules Ladakh as there is sub-zero degree temperature for most of the year, but you could luckily get to view white tigers in April or May. Locals also term them as emperors of the Himalayas and are amongst the most endangered species on Earth. 

Capturing the sight of such fascinating creatures gets next to impossible during the winter peaks. Leh Ladakh trip in may also help you find the mountain goat at the Hemis National park. However, such elusive creatures are rare to spot out in most cases.

  • USP- Snow Tiger sight, Mountain Goats
  • How to Reach- Hemis National park is situated at the end of Ladakh, and you need to leave early by bike or car to reach this destination in time.
  • Tip- Taking along a professional guide surges up your scope of identifying rarest species like the snow leopards.
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May-November

Diskit Monastery- Visit Oldest Buddhist Architecture

Diskit Monastery

Ladakh is primarily home to Buddhist culture, rituals, and architecture. Diskit Monastery is amongst the biggest Buddhist Monasteries discovered by the disciple of Tsong Khapa, known as Changzem Tserab Zangpo. The magnitude and aura of the largest Buddhist figurine that is 106ft tall are worth a sight. 

Hovering over the hilltop, this Buddha statue has golden and red embellishments making it look prettier. The statue primarily caters to 3 significant concepts: Diskit village protection, world peace, and avoiding war with Pakistan.

  • USP- Peaceful and tranquil sight of the Diskit Monastery, Shyok Valley, Khardung La, and Nubra Valley
  • How to Reach- Travellers take a car journey from Ladakh to witness exudes of this Monastery.
  • Tip- Tibetan consider it as a worshipping place. Modest dressing for both men and women is suggestive.

Royal Leh Palace- Experience the Grandeur

Royal Leh Palace

While listing out the things to do in Leh Ladakh in may, a visit to the Leh Palace can also be a heavenly paradise. The place is a blissful location for history enthusiasts and culture aficionados. Your itinerary must include this location as the aura oozes out the grandeur of this royal Monastery. The Palace was constructed as per the orders of Tsewang Namgyal, but the completion was done through Sengge Namgyal. 

After innumerable battles that took place here, Leh considers it as a heritage site for travellers. It’s worth taking a tour to the ultimate splendour.

  • USP- Thiksey Monastery, Shanti Stupa, and the General Zorawar Fort.
  • How to Reach- Target reaches here in the early morning hours as it is located near the city boundaries.
  • Tip- It’s worth munching on the scrumptious delicacies available at the eateries within the vicinity.
  • Ideal Season to visit- April- November

Phyang Gompa- Exclusive piece of architecture

Phyang Gompa

Phyang Gompa is associated with the red hat sector of Buddhism and ranges amongst the leading monasteries of Leh Ladakh. The breathtaking landscapes visible from the top of the Monastery can give an astonishing sight. The Ochre and white-coloured structure of this place is also an epicentre for the Digung teachings. Take a sneak out of the history depicting wall paintings that give a glimpse of the Buddhist heritage and culture. A day tour here is worth a visit.

  • USP- Exquisite pieces of Buddhist architecture
  • How to Reach- It takes only 30 minutes through a private car from Leh to reach here.
  • Tip- Hire a personal guide to get all details
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May- October

Likir Monastery- House of Tibetan Artefacts

 While pondering over the top places to visit in Leh Ladakh in May, include Likir Monastery into your list. Tucked in the mountains of the Ladakh region, this is an off-beat destination for travel enthusiasts who are eager to explore new locations. Apart from the private taxis, tourists can also take a bus service from Leh to Likir that works from morning 5 to 3 in the afternoon. 

Lama Duwang Chosen created the Likir Gompa during the 14th century, and since then, it has gained very high popularity. As per the belief of Buddhist mythology, the initial construction was started by the Tibetan monks. The museum situated within the Gompa also showcases a fleet of relics and Tibetan artefacts.

  • USP- Tibetan Artefacts
  • How to Reach- Likir Monastery is 53 km towards the west of Leh at the Likir village. Taking private taxi services is an excellent idea to visit.
  • Tip- Layer up with warm clothes to prevent frizzy winds.
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May- October

Phugtal Monastery- A mystic Gompa

Nestled within nature’s boundary, the Phugtal Monastery has a great location aside from the cliff. The construction is all around the hollow cave, and it seems like the most mysterious and fascinating structure for the tourists. Situated towards the southeast region of Zanskar valley in Ladakh, this place is inevitably spectacular. The isolated Monastery has a bundle of unsolved riddles layered inside it. A unique feature of this place is the endless waterfall from the cave that keeps flowing without water going inside it. It’s a belief that waters here have medicinal powers.

  • USP- Mysterious facts of the Monastery
  • How to Reach- It is a long drive of 12 hr 12 min from Leh city to the Phugtal Monastery. Taking a local vehicle is advisable due to the rough roads and trivial paths here.
  • Tip- Carrying a bottle of flowing water from here is an excellent idea as its packed with several medicinal powers.
  • Ideal Season to Visit- May- July

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa- A diverse and mystique sight

Do steep mountains and rugged trails fascinate you? If yes, the Leh Ladakh weather in May permits you to unfold the serene views of the Namgyal Tsemo Gompa. This Monastery is quite famous for its epic Buddhist principles and teachings. Tourists from worldwide visit here to witness the divinity of nature. It is worth exploring the charisma of this place on your visit here.

USP- Photography and visit to the historic site

How to reach- The easiest way to reach here from Ladakh is by road, which takes around 13 minutes to arrive at the exact location. Hiring a local vehicle could be a good option here.

Tip- Monastery visit has a dress code for men and women that you must follow.

Ideal Season to Visit- April-September

Stok Palace- The Royal Hone

Stok Palace

Stok Palace marks the legacy of Ladakh and the imperial Tibetan culture here. This lavish Palace is situated amidst the Stok village and is home to the royal family of this place. Created in 1820 by King Tsepal Namgyal, this palace epitome of regal lifestyle and historic magnificence. 

Travellers can also glimpse the Stok Monastery here, and there are beautiful gardens all around. Exclusive guests come for a stay, which is converted into a heritage hotel for the visitors. This is a worth visiting place to eye over the royalty.

  • USP- Library and gardens in Palace
  • How to Reach- Travellers can visit here via road, and it takes 40 minutes to reach Stok Palace from Ladakh city.
  • Tip- The heritage hotel could be a pricey deal, but you can get some great offers on early bookings for Ladakh tour packages in May.
  • Ideal Season to visit- May- September

After taking a glance at the spectacular places to visit in Leh Ladakh, it is tough to decide the best ones of all. The open vistas, rugged trails, mystic mountains, and untouched scenic views are sure to strike your sight forever. 

Getting all the essential details about the Leh Ladakh trip may help you plan well and explore the majestic location in a wonderful way. The prejudice of Leh Ladakh cuts you off from the outside world and your heart ventures into a unique world that is simply blissful!


Frequently Asked Questions


Que. Which is the ideal time to visit Ladakh?

Ladakh is closed during the peak winters due to the snowfall, and most of the sightseeing spots stay closed during that time. The ideal time to visit here is from May to September.


Can I visit Leh Ladakh on Bike?

The perfect time to visit Ladakh on the bike is during the months of June-July. As there is no snow in that period, roads are less slippery, and you have better clarity of vision.


What is the easiest way to reach Ladakh?

Closest flight strip to Leh airport in Ladakh that is conveniently reachable through roads. Travelers can also visit here from Manali through the Rohtang Pass.


What are the adventurous activities to try in Leh-Ladakh during May?

Adventure enthusiasts can explore a wide range of Ladakh activities that include biking, trekking, mountaineering, ice hockey, biking, and white water rafting.