Leh Ladakh Bike Tour – A thrilling journey

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Leh Ladakh Road Trip can prove to be a thrilling journey for adventure lovers. Reaching your dream destination and experiencing the joy of being there is one thing. But, exploring and discovering the unseen and unknown thrills of the way to your dream destination is even more rewarding and satiating.  

When your body feels the cool breeze of mountains with a speedy gush of winds, you experience an unmatched glee. Capturing those breathtaking views of nature’s best portrait in your lenses can be a life-long memory for you. When your eyeballs move in clear coordination with the ups and downs of the hills and valleys, you get a healing solace for your soul. Leh bike tour is a splendid treat for your eyes and soul and the journey is worth going for it.

When you go for a Leh Bike Tour, you get the golden chance to explore the territory at your own pace. Sniff through the crude fragrance of hilly desert and infuse your heart with eternal bliss. Taking short breaks at roadside Dhabas and food joints add more glee and enjoyment to the Road Trip. 

It usually takes 9 nights and 10 days for travelling and reaching Leh Ladakh by a Bike Trip

What you get when you ride a bike along the hills of Leh

 When you travel from Manali to Leh Ladakh, you come across the magnificent views of the Great Himalayan range across Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. 


Manali is the heart of hill station and it captivates tourists with its bewitching beauty. It is a small town scattered with ample quantity of natural beauty. You can enjoy the bliss of shopping and nature walk simultaneously in Manali. 

Rohtang Pass:

The mighty Rohtang Pass is sure to win the heart of tourists. It is just 55 km away from Manali. As you scroll through your way to Rohtang Pass, you will get plenty of panoramic scenes of snow clad-hills, gushing streams of springs and waterfalls, and enchanting landscapes.    


Gramphu is the destination where you would find one Dhaba where you can take a short halt. One more thing which makes this spot even more remarkable is that road for Spiti bifurcates from here. 

Chandra River:

As you walk beside the bank of river Chandra, your soul will get elated with the gushing sound of cascading river water. Chandra Taal is the origin of the Chandra river and is a beautiful lake indeed. Until Jispa, you can enjoy the company of cool streams of river Chandra.   


Kokhsar is the origin of Lahaul valley and is home to many good Dhabas and food joints. They also work as Chadar tents and you could find some of the mechanic shops as well. If you wish to stay for long, you can book early with the PWD guest house which is located in Kokhsar. 


Another small village which celebrates the beauty of the Chandra river also offers a chopper service. You could find some good food joints and Dhabas in the village. It is good to take a short halt in this village.   


Tandi is known for two good reasons. One is that it has the last petrol pump and another one is that it celebrates the confluence of two rivers, the river Chandra and river Bhaga. Together they take the shape of the river Chandrabhaga which is further called as Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir.   


This is the largest town you find on your way to Leh Ladakh from Manali. Administrative headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti is located here. You get major facilities including ATMs, hotels, and guest houses in the town. You will also find Kardang Monastery and other tourist junctions in the town.  


Jispa is a beautiful small village wherein you can stay and spend your night very comfortably. You get some of the good hotels and even some campsites. The Mechanic shop is also located on the route which is the last one. 


You can stay for your night halt in Darcha. Few Chadar tents are also located in the location. Zanskar trek which is famous globally also originates from here only. Take your time to explore the place.

Deepak Tal

Deepak Tal is sheer beauty in itself. Although it is small in size but quite gigantic and captivating in its charm. You get your access to many of the small Dhabas and they even provide help in arranging camping sites if you wish to do so.

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Few army camps are located in the place and are a good site to spend your time during your journey to Manali Leh Highway. 

Zingzing Bar:

The path becomes quite inaccessible after this point. The origin of Baralacha La starts from here and would not find any road after this point. You could spot some Nallahs formed out of melting snow.

Baralacha La:

Take your time to explore this second high altitude pass. It is generally covered with thick sheets of snow and you get the view of white wonderland.

Suraj Taal:

When you reach the top of Baralacha La pass, you will find this small and splendid lake. You can also opt for a trek from here to Chandra Taal. The month of July witnessed the complete frozen beauty of Suraj lake.

Follow these helpful tips during your bike adventure:

  • A perfect bike for a perfect biking experience
  • Prepare your bike well for the hilly adventure
  • A First Aid kit is the first thing to keep with you
  • Decide the route much in advance and get the map handy with you
  • Take charge of your health(precautionary measure for mountain sickness)
  • Pack enough eatables for your tummy
  • Carry extra petrol with you
  • Plan your halts wisely
  • Select the right season to get the most out of the trip  
  • Say a strict NO to alcohol, smoking, and antidepressants
  • Enough cash in your wallet is a must
  • Get adequate sips of water during your journey
  • It is safe and suggested to carry the necessary documents like driving licence, insurance, and registration papers

Bike trip to Leh Ladakh is a complete treat in itself. As you travel through the curvy cuts of hilly roads, you will find every point sparkling as a tourist spot. The Manali Leh Highway is all stuffed with adventure and eyeball catching picturesque views of nature.

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