What are all things to consider while planning a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh?

Ask any traveller, will they skip going to Goa over the experience of riding a bike in the towering mountains of Ladakh? Chances are; they all will say; A BIG YES! Synonymous with lifelong bike affair memories under the arms of snowy hills, sweeping monasteries, pristine lakes and highest motorable Khardung La Pass, Ladakh makes no traveller speechless when it comes to riding motorcycles here.

But, being on the high altitude, one need to take care of a few of those points on a bike trip to Ladakh. Read those points and thanks me later for informing you about the hacks of enjoying the motorbike adventure bike trip in Leh Ladakh

1) The Routes

Out of 2 routes to reach Leh-Ladakh. The Jammu -> Srinagar -> Leh motorway and the Manali ->Leh dual carriageway. Both the routes are similarly breathtaking to take and reach Leh. I suggest taking a specific direction whilst going to Leh-Ladakh and opt for the second while coming back from Leh-Ladakh. if you ask me thru my experiences, I might endorse you take the Srinagar highway for going to Ladakh and take the opposite choice of Manali route while coming back. In order to lie the beauty of both the highways, I advise this to you. Else, you're free to visit and come back by the same route.

 2. Best Time to Visit Ladakh by Bike

In order to equally enjoy the bike ride in the land of high passes - Ladakh, one need to make sure that the time of your visit to the vicinity of Ladakh is precise and right. Wondering why? Because the roads of Ladakh for bike riding are open for only 6 months on both the Srinagar and Manali route. I have been to Ladakh not by bike, but I have chosen Go2Ladakh Motorbike Tours and the company arranged the motorbike expedition in Leh-Ladakh for my 2 friends also. So, as per my knowledge, I found that the best time to visit Ladakh by bike is from the end of May to the mid of September.

 I urge you to not to visit Leh Ladakh by bike on the time of Independence Day, 15th August. Because at this time, the valley of Kashmir is expected to trouble visitors and tourists alike with unusual activities like protesting for political significance. 

3. Oh-God, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

If you have low immunity level in the high altitude, think before going to plan a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh. Because you’ll be in a constant flux of acute mountain sicknesses you will be in the higher altitude. Acute mountain sickness can result in headache stomach pain, shortness of breath and similar. 

If you want to seriously visit Ladakh and ride a bike while watching the barren beauty of Ladakh vicinity while fancying yourself amidst the Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Turtuk Village and then better to take a mountain sickness kit with you. 

4. Drink and eat as much as you can

Correct me if I’m wrong! Water is the basic necessity for survival, and it becomes the only necessity when you are in the higher altitude region of Ladakh. Your body demands the maximum amount of water when you are on the higher slopes or altitude. Have and drink as much as water right from after the higher altitude starts from Srinagar. I personally advise you to intake 3-4 litres of water when you are in the higher altitude of Ladakh vicinity. Have some snack with you and I repeat, eat and drink as heavy you can to generate energy in your body. 

5. Skip Alcohol because you’ll Get High with the Views of Splendorous Ladakh

Trust me, I can understand that being a Delhite and Mumbaikar, you can’t resist yourself to drink alcohol on your bike trip to Leh-Ladakh. But let me tell you that, alcohol does not reduce the acute mountain sickness, though, it makes you feel dehydrated and you’ll lose your senses while riding your bike over there. So, I advise you to skip the alcohol idea while you are covering the surreal beauty of Ladakh on the bike tour. Allow yourself to bask in the unmistakable beauty of Ladakh without making alcohol your better half. 

Inspired by my list of things to consider while planning a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh? I have some more information on Ladakh specific places to cover on your bike trip to Ladakh. Jump on my blog section and bookmark your cravings for Ladakh in one go with Go2Ladakh motorbike tours. 
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