5 Reasons to go for Manali to Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Leh Ladakh is a travel destination which radiates mystery, adventure and lots of thrill. If you are planning to go for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip, plan it very cautiously. The biggest advantage of going to Ladakh Road Trip is that apart from experiencing the celestial charm of Leh Ladakh, you can enjoy the adventure, thrill, and beauty of the journey as well. 

When you choose the route of Manali to Ladakh Road Trip, the journey becomes even more memorable and thrilling. Some of you may think that when there are other fast and flexible routes like by air, and by train, then why to choose the difficult one, Bike trip. But, it has its own charm and adventure. 

5 Beautiful Reasons for going to Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:

Although you don’t need any reason for going to a vacation, still counting on the reason pushes your heart beyond limits to sail through the adventure called Ladakh Road Trip Let’s count 5 beautiful reasons for going to Leh Ladakh Bike Trip:
  • When you choose the bike trip over other Ladakh Packages, you actually choose thrill, excitement and adventure-filled journey. As you head towards Ladakh and you gaze through the scenic panorama of hills, you feel pure and crude happiness which is incomparable. 
  • Sometimes fighting against harsh and chilly gush of air would load your heart with excitement and thrill. Climbing those irregular patterns of mountains stuff your soul with adventure and thrill.  
  • A Ladakh Road Trip is capable of showcasing much more than just the beauty and charm of Leh Ladakh. No doubt Leh Ladakh is an adventure spot, but when you choose Bike trip for this, it shows varied shades of natural beauty and miracles as you transcend through the road to Leh Ladakh. 
  • It will add more happiness to your platter if you are a big foodie. As you cross the zigzag lanes of hills, you will come across various Dhabas and food joints which provide simple yet sumptuous cuisine. You simply can’t resist but taste the simplicity of hilly foods.
  • Enjoying a bowl of Maggi noodles with some hot chai can be truly satiating when you get those hunger pangs. Some food joints even serve paranthas and chai as well.
  • When you complete your journey you feel a sense of completing one tough challenge. The road trip to Leh is certainly filled with hurdles and a bunch of challenges. 
  • Traveling to Leh Ladakh through Bike trip along with your besties is bound to gift you a golden memory for a lifetime. 
  • You can enjoy nomadic life for a while which is likely to fill the hearts of 90 % of people. Nothing can compete for the bliss and serenity of sitting beside a calmly flowing river and cooking cuppa noodles on the bonfire.     

Best Time for going to Ladakh Road Trip    

Although you can enjoy the bliss of natural serenity in any season when you travel in the months of June to September, it is highly suggested and comfortable time for a road trip to Ladakh from Manali

Take some time for short halts to sniff the real serenity and beauty of the hilly desert paradise. 2 days are sufficient for reaching to Leh Ladakh if you go by taking normal halts.

Weather of the route when you visit Manali Leh Highway from June to September

 You can expect a temperature of 21 degree centigrade during day time and 7 degree centigrade at night. Overall, the weather is quite pleasant and safe to travel to Leh during this period of the year. 

An average humidity of 64% is experienced in Leh during June to September. As the weather is free from snowfall, so it is safe and convenient to go for a Bike trip to Leh during June to September.  

Distance of Ladakh from Manali

Manali Leh Highway covers a distance of 473 km. So, This is the actual distance of Leh Ladakh from Manali.

Condition of road in June- September

When you choose the month of June to go for the bike trip, you may find some hard snow blockages but if you are on the Manali Leh highway during August September, You will find slush and dried roads which are quite easy to drive on. 

You may get the heavy tourist crowd during this period as most of the travelers choose this very time to explore leh Ladakh. 

Especially, we can get a rough estimate of road conditions at some of the significant halts of Manali Leh highway:
  • Manali to Rohtang pass - Average road condition
  • Rohtang to Kokhsar - Bad and slushy road
  • Kokhsar to Sissu - Average
  • Sissu to Keylong - Very good condition
  • Keylong to Jispa - Good
  • Jispa to Zingzing Bar - Good
  • Zingzing Bar to Baralacha pass - Good
  • Baralacha pass to Sarchu - Bad condition, dirt stuck
  • Sarchu to Pang - Bad, dirt stuck 
  • Pang to Moore plains - Bad and bumpy
  • Moore plains to Tanglang La Pass - very good
  • Tanglang La pass to Rumste - Very good
  • Rumste to Leh - Very Good

Places you can visit on the way to Leh Ladakh

There is an attractive list of places to visit during your road trip to Ladakh from Manali. Explore these junctions and save lifetime memories in your heart:
  • As you start your journey from Manali, so your first thrill station becomes Manali only. It is a place which reflects the pure and the crude realm of nature and is a paradise for tourists and travelers. Winters gives it a milky white snowy sheet whereas summers are quite soothing with pleasant and enjoyable weather.
  • Rohtang Pass is one such place which waits for your sheer surprise during your journey. It is 51 km away from Manali and quite a spectacular place filled with breathtaking scenic views. 
  • Jispa is the place meant to redefine all the allure and panorama of water, hills, and soul enticing greenery. As Chandra river flows beside a piece of land, it gives mesmerizing breathtaking views of lush greenery and sturdy mountains standing as alert soldiers beside the river Chandra.
  • Darcha Village is the best halt for road travelers going to Leh Ladakh. It is located beside the Bagha river and there is a camping ground which is used by travelers while they go for a night or day halt.
  • If you have time, you can go for Darcha Padum trek and uncover the unseen miracles of Mother Nature.       

List of essentials you need to bring with you:

  1. Extra key of your bike
  2. Tubeless puncture repair kit
  3. Extra Spark Plug
  4. Carrying an extra half litre of engine oil 
  5. OEM Toolkit
  6. Clutch and Accelerator wires
  7. Spare Tube
  8. Electric Tape, M-seal and steel wire
  9. Medical Kit containing general medicines for injuries, headache, fever, and stomach ache and mountain sickness
  10. Sunscreen and lip balm
  11. Glucose and eatables including dry fruits and biscuits
  12. Toiletries including paper wash, face wash and dettol 

A road trip to Leh Ladakh from Manali is a soul-stirring journey which promises to relax and unwind your mind, body, and soul. Plan it well with some good travel agents and enjoy the road to Leh Ladakh.  

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