Bucket-List Material: Leh Ladakh 15 Best Restaurants!

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

If you think that Ladakhi food is all about momos and noodle soup, you need to know more about its flavoursome cuisine! Ladakhi cuisine features one of the most exquisite recipes of India that has an amalgamation of local flavours, and fresh ingredients, giving you a perfect chance to sneak peek at the roots of this mystic land featuring impeccable beauty.

Who doesn’t love food and that too while travelling? All you need is a place with a perfect blend of good ambience, hospitality, music, a wide range of menus, and definitely scrumptious food to make your dining experience a pleasant one.

There are numerous top restaurants in Leh Ladakh that give you a chance to savour delicious local recipes. If you are holidaying at this spectacular place full of impeccable escapades then here are some of the famous places to eat in Leh Ladakh to satiate your taste buds over your trip:

Top 15 Restaurants in Leh Ladakh

Here we are listing a few of the restaurants in Leh Ladakh for a pleasing experience, keep scrolling for the list and flavoursome experiences of the region:

1. Bon Appetit Restaurant

Bon Appetit Restaurant is one of the best Leh restaurants that features an exquisite design. The property comprises three separate spaces; an enclosed dining area with a lounge, a Ladakhi style courtyard and outdoor seating with gorgeous surroundings. The prolonged backyard has an in-house vegetable garden and verdant walkway where you can spend time with your fellow partners after a delicious meal.

The concept offers customers a one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy their meals in a setting of their choice. On warm, pleasant days they can have their meals outdoors and on hot days take refuge indoors. We are located in the heart of Leh town but a little away from the hustle and bustle of the market in verdant and peaceful surroundings.

The property remains open between May-November. Try continental recipes and tandoori platters prepared with local ingredients. 

  • Address: Lower Karzoo, Leh Ladakh Landline:01982251533
  • Must-Try: Spinach & cheese lasagne, Roasted chicken with vegetables, Lemon & Apricot ice tea
  • Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, International
  • Timings: NA

2. Amigo Korean Restaurant

Amigo Korean Restaurant at Changspa Road is yet another best restaurant in Leh is another famous restaurant to plan out your meals. You can try Korean dishes that feature the dominance of rice, vegetables and meats. Kimchi is a complimentary add on served with almost all meals. At Amigo Korean Restaurant, vegetables are grown beside the restaurant to serve unmatchable delicacies. The place gives you a chance to taste authentic Korean recipes on high terrains.

  • Address: Opp. Morvain Mission School, Gyaslang Complex, Changspa Road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Bibimbap, Fried chicken, Chicken porridge
  • Cuisine: Asian, Korean
  • Timings: 9 am – 10 pm

3. Alchi kitchen

A perfect place to taste the local cuisine on your Ladakh holiday, Alchi Kitchen offers delicious Sku, Thukpa, Chutagi, Momo, and Khambir. Known for serving authentic flavours with a modern blend, the restaurant features a cosy ambience. The traditional setup with an enticing view is ideal for a tasteful halt. It was the first restaurant in Ladakh that offered traditional food cooking classes.

  • Address: Kawoo House, Chutney Rantak, Main market, Leh
  • Must-Try: Desert momos, Chutagi, Khambir
  • Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
  • Timings: NA

4. Chopstick Noodle Bar, The den of Asian food

The calm and cool indoor ambience and the spacious outdoor seating of Chopstick Noodle Bar is the best place to eat in Leh if you are looking for delicious Asian food in Ladakh. The gorgeous architecture adds charm to the dining area. If you crave Thai food then it is an interesting escape where you can also try Chinese and North Indian food. Schezwan chilli garlic noodles, crispy fried chilli potatoes, and momo are the most popular recipes among visitors. This is one of the best restaurants in Leh Ladakh.

  • Address: Kawoo House, Chutney Rantak, Main market, Leh
  • Must-Try: Schezwan chilli garlic noodles, Crispy fried chilli potatoes, Momo
  • Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Asian
  • Timings: 10:30 am – 11:30 pm

5. Sky Wok, Restaurant with a home feeling

Sky Wok is a multi-cuisine restaurant cum cafe in Leh Ladakh that has a home-like environment. The place will satiate all kinds of food cravings whether it is for Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Italian and local food or even fast food along with a variety of beverages. The restaurant remains open throughout the year. You can choose to sit inside or enjoy the rooftop setup giving a spectacular view of the main market and surrounding mountains. So, if you are in looking for the best cafes in Leh Ladakh, your search ends here. 

  • Address: Opposite Chowkhang Vihara, Main market, Leh
  • Must-Try: Potato and cheese momos, Dal makhani, Mutter mushroom
  • Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Tibetan, Thai
  • Timings: 11:30 – 10:30

6. Cloud Cafe

Cloud Cafe is a lush green garden restaurant located in Thiksey village near the Thiksey monastery. The spacious garden area with a choice of covered and alfresco seating is a perfect place to enjoy your meal at any hour of the day. You can try Indian, Chinese and European recipes here. Pizzas and roasted chicken are more frequently ordered by visitors. The vegetarian meal option is also available. The tranquil ambience of the restaurant with the picturesque beauty of mountains and trees are admirable. This is one of the best restaurants/cafe near Leh. 

  • Address: Leh Manali Highway, Thiksey village
  • Must-Try: Pizzas and roasted chicken
  • Cuisine: Indian, Chinese and European
  • Timings: 10 am – 10 pm

7. The Grand Wazwan Planet

One of the top restaurants in Leh for Kashmiri cuisines, the restaurant is quite spacious with common seatings and separate cabin choices. Sizzled with spices, they serve a wide variety of mutton and chicken, making it one of the best places to eat in Leh. Starting from the tandoori dishes to red hot curries, the meals are accompanied with Kashmiri Pulao or Naan or Roti. This will definitely end your craving for authentic Kashmiri cuisine.

  • Address: Opposite SNM Hospital, Leh
  • Must-Try: Tandoori platter
  • Cuisine: Kashmiri
  • Timings: NA

8. Gesmo

Amidst the busy market, Gesmo offers the best food in Leh and is a perfect place where you can plan all three meals of the day and snacks. They serve Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and Italian. Tuna sandwiches, Yak cheese pizza, and Israeli cuisine are popular options to try here. Also, you can try cakes and cookies after savouring delicious meals or you can just grab a window seat, and enjoy hot coffee or tea while glancing at the sights over the street.

  • Address: Opposite Yak Tail Hotel, Fort Road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Tuna sandwiches, Yak cheese pizza
  • Cuisine: Italian, Indian, Pizza, Tibetan, Chinese
  • Timings: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm

9. Tibetan Kitchen

Nestled amid serene surroundings, Tibetan Kitchen is another famous restaurant in Leh Ladakh to end your craving for Tibetan food. The restaurant has both outdoor and indoor seating facilities. You can expect good food here, and even candlelight night with your significant other. You can try authentic Tibetan dishes here and can be visited with your travel gang. If you are travelling during peak season then make sure that you reserve seats beforehand.


  • Address: Fort Road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Thukpa, Momos, Noodles
  • Cuisine: Tibetan, Chinese, Indian
  • Timings: 12 pm – 10:30 pm

10. Chef Kitchen

Chef Kitchen is located centrally in the main market and features spectacular rooftop seating from where you can overview the Leh palace. You can also choose to be seated at the spacious indoor setup if you love to stay inside and dine. The restaurant is ideal to try Chinese, Tibetan, North Indian, Northeast and Thai food and from mild flavoured to spicy bites, you get flavoursome meals served on your plate.


  • Address: Opposite Post office, Main market, Leh
  • Must-Try: Chicken momos, noodles
  • Cuisine: Chinese, Tibetan, North Indian, Northeast, Thai
  • Timings: 10 am – 11 pm

11. La Piazzetta

La Piazzetta is amongst the most happening places to eat in Leh and you can reserve an outdoor dinner with candle lights that involves a bonfire with live music. You can try Chinese, local food, Italian, Kashmiri dishes here don’t forget to try firewood pizza if you have a special appetite for Italian delicacies. The restaurant also provides home delivery service within a 5 km radius of Leh city.


  • Address: Near Moravian Mission School, Changspa road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Pizza, Tandoori platter
  • Cuisine: Italian, Indian, Pizza, Chinese
  • Timings: 7:30 am – 11:30 pm

12. Tenzin Dickey Restaurant

One of the cosy restaurants in Leh Ladakh with a sober setup, Tenzin Dickey Restaurant is the best place in the region to eat vegetarian food. They serve Chinese and Tibetan recipes and chilli garlic noodles and cheese momo are their hot selling dishes.


  • Address: Fort Road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Chilli garlic noodles, Cheese momo
  • Cuisine: Asian, Tibetan, Vegetarian Friendly
  • Timings: NA

13. Namza Café

Namza Cafe is a site in Ladakh where you can shop local products and eat delicious food. The cafe gives you a chance to check out designer and traditional Ladakhi attires and serves centuries-old local recipes cooked with fresh ingredients. Yarkandi Pulao is their best seller and its recipe can be traced back to the era when Silk Route served to be prominent connectivity for travellers and traders. This gorgeous restaurant in Leh Ladakh offers heartwarming hospitality.


  • Address: Zangsti Road, Near Marathon office, Leh
  • Must-Try: Yarkandi Pulao, Blueberry cheesecake
  • Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Indian 
  • Timings: 10 am – 10 pm

14. Lamayuru Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian holidaying in the Leh Ladakh region then Lamayuru Restaurant can be a saviour where you can plan your meals. This pocket-friendly restaurant offers gratifying service and mouth-watering dishes. You can try Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan food here, however, Indian delicacies are most popular amongst tourists who visit this one of the best restaurants in Leh. 


  • Address: Fort Road, Opposite Hotel Yak Tail, Leh
  • Must-Try: Tandoori momos, Ting momo, Thupa
  • Cuisine: Indian, International, Asian
  • Timings: 7:30 am – 10:30 pm

15. Penguin Garden Restaurant

Perched at a serene corner across busy Old Fort Road, Penguin Garden Restaurant is ideal for peace seekers who wish to spend time amid cosy surroundings while enjoying delicious recipes from their menu that have dominance of Asian and Indian cuisine. As the name suggests, greenery at the site makes you capture great times with loved ones. It is perfect for large groups who need more space during meals.

  • Address: Fort Road, Leh
  • Must-Try: Tandoori chicken
  • Cuisine: Multi-cuisine
  • Timings: 8 am-10:30 pm

A vacation to Ladakh gives you a chance to enjoy a local culinary fiesta with an amalgamation of international recipes. Don’t forget to visit the above-mentioned 15 famous restaurants in Leh Ladakh if you wish to have amazing food on your upcoming holiday. You can also plan your future trip to Leh Ladakh with Go2Ladakh and enjoy an enthralling vacation.

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