Sham Valley Trek Guide

So, first, come first. Are you one of those backpackers who has been gathering the courage to go on a trek at the rooftop of India - Ladakh? Or you're somebody with a mindset that wishes to burn off some calories walking beyond the terrains of Ladakh without depriving yourself? If this is true for you, we've got one of the simplest Ladakh Trek alternative, Sham Valley Trek.

Sham Valley Trek is the trekking place in Ladakh where amateur trekkers can staple their trekking dream. This is relatively an easy trek in the whole Ladakh which can easily be covered in 4 days. The tourists very much praise the Sham Valley Trek because they get a chance to satiate their trekking craving adventure here.

If you're planning that the Ladakh Trip this year with a few trekking in your mind, Sham Valley Trek is the absolute alternative for you, we've included all of the vital particulars within this Sham Valley Trek Guide. Take some inspiration, and share to inspire somebody in your friend’s list!

What Amaze Travellers to Flock to Sham Valley Trek?

The idea of hiking the easiest trekking trail in Ladakh might be the reason why many backpackers flock to this Baby Trek. Sham Valley Trek allows travelers to do a bit of warm-up before a more pumping adventure in Ladakh. On the other hand, the Sham Valley Trek sounds simple, but also, it requires some physical endurance to conquer the hiking of around 32 km.

Vital Information about Sham Valley Trek

The trek begins from Likir that is at an altitude of 3500 meters and ends at Temisgam (3750 meters). Meanwhile, you will be enticed with the privacy of the area, and Cedar Tree woods will bring out the passion for nature.

It's a four-day trek where you needs to pay for a distance of about 32 km, and the highest altitude during the entire travel is 3875 m — already feeling geared up?

The trek goes through Ridzong, Ang and Temisgang where you can favor homestays with all the natives to the have flawless gist of Ladakhi culture. If you're considerate and type, the natives might invite you to get a family dinner that we think is the very best approach to get the maximum on your Sham Valley Trek. Right?

This trek is completed from the north of Ladakh on Leh-Kargil course where trekkers even get the perspective of Lamayuru Monastery, so go back to the endpoint of this trek. Have not you heard of Lamayuru? Yes, that is true!

Sham Valley Trek distance is less and the duration is reasonable. The altitude is also uniform with an average of 3700 m.

Do’s and Don’ts of Sham Valley Trek
  • Carry a limited number of clothing with you throughout the trek to don't become tired manner before you're also expected. At this high elevation, draining from energy is a standard occurrence.
  • Remember to take Sunscreen lotions and creams as sunlight at these height strikes us straight. With the usage of this makeup, you can refrain from drying and tanning of the skin.
  • Carry a tiny first aid kit to counteract any scenario which requires medical aid.
  • Pitch your own camp at the villages to count countless stars above your head. Stargazing here is the best thing to do in Sham Valley Trek.

What's the best time for Sham Valley Trek?

Even though the course is available during the year, we'd suggest that you to take action between the beginning of May and end of September because the weather is quite agreeable ranging from 20 to 30 degree Celsius. Additionally, highways are also driveable and open during this period.

We bet you're likely to embrace the adventuresome side of yours throughout Sham Valley Trek. Stop by our site, examine the Packages and make us a call when any journey program is the best fit for your requirements. We’ve got amazing Ladakh tour packages in which Sham Valley Trek is a major FOMO!

So, why wait and sit admiring and scrolling the trekking pictures on social media, when you can actually promote the trekking goals? Book Sham Valley Trek now!

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