10 Reasons Why You Need To do sham valley trek

Those who want to do short trek in Ladakh must choose sham valley trek which is also known as Baby trek. This route is opened throughout the year; this region is specially known for snow leopard trail in winter and inexperience trekker. Trekking point start from Liker to Temisgam village in sham valley. It can be done in three days or four days.

On the first day, early morning trekker will be drive to Liker from Leh. En route some amazing place can be explored .first among them will be Magnetic Hill, confluence of two rivers, famously known as Sangam and Liker Monastery.

Likir monastery is one of the oldest monastery in ladakh. It is believed to be established in the 11th century and inhouse mesmerizing statue of Buddha and text book of Tibetan Buddhism.  Most amazing feature of the monastery is giant statue of future Buddha which is the first such statue to be built outside of monastery in Ladakh.

Around 11 am trek can be started. First day trek relatively will be easy but if you are doing trek in summer season weather could be hot. Starting point of trek is high school Liker, after walking for 500mtrs   leave the metal road and walk down into the valley. Enroute cross the stream and ascend to other side of the valley. On the way trekker will come across some Stupas, barley and mustard field. You can also feel sweet fragrance of lavender flower. keep walking on dry plain to reach the first pass of trek Phobe  La(3500 mtrs),on the pass  cool breeze can be felt. while  taking rest at the top  you can have view of colour full mountains of ladakh. Descend into the gorge while keeping your concentrate on your step because track is bit slippery and reach at Sumdavillage. Here you can have drinks, tea prepared by local self-  help  woman group. You can also have look at toy made by woman group of the Saspochayvillage. After getting refreshed cross the stream and ascend to reach second pass ,Chagatse pass(3700 mtrs). If you are lucky enough sometime you can see wild animals such as mountain goat.from the top of the pass Yanthang village can be seen which is just thirty minutes walk.

Yangthang is small and beautiful village, which has only 10 houses, overnight stay will be in local home.to pass your evening trekker can go around the village and see small monastery of the village. Early morning walk up to see rise and feel cool breeze of Yangthang and around 9 am trekker can start their trek to reach Hemishukpachan. Today is the easiest day of the trek. On the you will be crossed Ule stream and can see local water mill which will be memorable experience for trekker. After crossing the stream,start ascend the Tsermachanla ,which name after cedar plant which is found  in abundant around the pass. Today trekker will get enough time to rest because of short trek. Afternoon visit giant statue from where you can have panoramic view of the village. Trekker can also go to see nearby nunnery and small monastery. At nunnery you can ask about the life and Practice of nun and they will happily serve you black tea.

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On the day third day start walking towards west of village enrout lot of cedar plant can be seen that is prime reason of naming the village hemischukpachan.reach at first pass which is full of buddhist flag . From the top you can see the zigzag track of otherside of the highest pass of the trek. This is toughest day of the tekk. Descend in to gorge   just keep right hand side to reach at   Metbak La (3900 mtrs). After taking rest at the top start descend and trekker will reach at Ang village. Afterward of the Ang trekkers have to walk on metal road for 40 minutes to reach at the Tingmosgam.

Tingmosgam is lies on the below 3000 mtrs and you can feel warm weather. Valley  is full of  apricot ,Walnut and willow trees. Post afternoon visit old palace of Timosgam and monastery. Treker can see have eye-catching view of Tia Timosgamvillage. Timosgam palace was built in 15th century  by King Dragspa BumDle. It is through his grand- son Ladakh famous Namgail dynasty of Ladakh originated and    is historically important place of ladakh because Treaty of Tingmosgam between Ladakh and Tibetan signed, wherein the boundary between the two countries was demarcated as we find it today.

This is end point of trekking on the way explore Alchi monastery.

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