Stok kangri Trek

Ankita | Updated on May 17, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Stok kangri expedition by Go2ladakh with the most comprehensive and valuable information by our expert trekking team.

Stok kangri expedition overview

Duration: 8N9D days
Difficulty: level 7
Distance: 38 km
Max elevation: 6153m
Elevation gain / loss: +2551m / -2551m


Stok kangri It 6150 meter, one of the most famous expeditions in the world it located in Himalayan Ladakh region Stok village in Hemis national park range, its highest peaks in the range.

Stok kangri expedition is a very popular trekking in the Himalayan region, climbing Stok kangri is getting popular among international tourists and as well domestic tourists over the last few years. The reason behind this trek is it very easy access from the town and its minimum it takes 6N7D expedition from Leh, during the trek we don’t advise to use any fixed roper and not advisable to beginner hikers and trekkers, it very challenging task both physically and mentally, if you are interested in Stok kangri expedition, you must need basic mountaineering skill and must be middle lever trekker to climb the Stok kangri summit. lots tourist only enjoys the Stok kangri peak view from Leh by staying in hotels and guest house. And it is not an easy job for everyone it only for recommended to only has adventure and experienced trekker. to climb to we need proper guidance and well experienced local team and well acclimatizes yourself before the expedition. ones you reach to summit You can also get a spectacular view of the Karakoram and Zanskar range from the Stok Summit. Stok expedition is once in a lifetime adventure and every avid trekker’s dream.

How to start the trekking and reaching Stok kangri trekking point.

We just guide how To reach Stok kangri trekking point, first, we will reach to Stok village and later Stok trekking point it one hour’s drive from Leh town via Indus river, before you start the Stok kangri expedition, you can take blessing from Stok monastery and enrooted you can visit Stok palace also .ones you reach to Stok trekking point, where all trekker members assemble there and our trek leader will do briefing to all team and introduce you with trekking team. Stok trekking point is 200/ 300 meters higher from Leh town.

Best time to Do Stok kangri trek

our professional guide and team leader advises you deferent time to do Stok kangri expedition as per your suitable time and strength.
From May to August is the best time for climbing the Stok kangri there will be lots of snow trails on the way summit. so you have to carry all the gears and

From august to October
There will be very less on snow on trails, it gets us a chance to use axe and crampons etc,
From January to February is stock kangri expedition is it extremely adventured and expedition, needed all professional gears and well supportive team, extremely cold -30 -40 freezing temperature.

Altitude of Level of During the Stok Kangri Expedition

The lowest point is Leh 3300 meters and the highest point is the summit of Stok kangri which is 6150 meters From the beginning of the day, every day you will have to trek above 500-800 meters. normally trekker has planned for 4-6 days duration for the expedition, but our professional guide suggests you keep 2 more days free day for hassle-free from emergency and reschedule due to weather condition and medical reason.

High Altitude Sickness and Symptom

  • Acute mountain sickness
  • High altitude pulmonary edema
  • High altitude celebuaul edema

Tips for the stok kangri by local our professional guide and expert

Best Tips and Trick for Stok Kangri Expedition

Before starting the trek, you must have learned about altitude sickness and its prevention precaution and proper checklist carry. Make sure you carry a proper sleeping bag, Proper gears, seat harnes, Ice axes , carabiners, crampons, helmet, sung glass, sun cream, good gloves, thermal winder stoppers, geters.

Basic Gears You Must Have During the Stok Kangri Trek

1. Helmets: From base camp to summit, there has a risky area where stone and rock fall, so helmets are very important.
2. Crampons: you need a walk on glaciers and up to summit it helps you for better grip of walking always use the good quality crampons during the expedition
3. Gaiters: prevent the snow into your boots
4. Climbing boots: must carry the good quality climbing boots
5. Basic medical kits: for every trekker in case of any emergency
6. Expert group leader: your group leader has rich experience and must certify with wilderness medicines which is very helpful during the expedition.
7. Quality clothing: before shopping please consult the local team
8. Head Lamps: Important in the early mornings and in case you have to hike at night (I do not recommend this).
9. Buff: To warm up the air before you breathe in to prevent the nasty case of Khumbu Cough afterwards.
10. Get THE Maps: Our expert-designed Map with detailed elevation will offer you in Leh only
11. Travel Insurance: is very mercenary while travelling to an expedition to Stok kangri

If you are looking for travel insurance to go along with your trip to LADAKH, please contact the go2adakh team for travel insurance our expert will guide your

Where to stay during the trek

During the Stok kangri trek, there has no concrete homestay or lodge on the whole trails of the trek,
You will find the fixed camp at every camping point that is managed by locals of Stok village, usually starting from mid of May to September.

Why you must trek with Go2ladakh

Go2ladakh well-established travel company since 2007, we have a local dedicated professional and local trails expert team.

1. Team: All our team members have more than 6/7 years experience in adventure journey, we designed the packages very comprehensively and deliciated, helpers are very attentive and helpful on you.
2. Gears: all our gears and accessories are very high-end products and internationally branded we used Coleman expedition tent, gears tent, which approve on expedition level and it makes you feel more comfortable and encourage your adventure journey,
3. Food: our professional cooks take care of all your health and energy throughout the expedition. with priory on notional and hygienic food, and drink, it creates wonderfully and wonders lust and memorable expedition in your life.

Short and Brief Day Wise Expedition Itinerary

Day 01: leh arrival and drive to Leh hotels O/N at Leh.
Day 2: leh local sightseeing O/N at Leh.
Day 3: acclimation and short hiking in Leh near Shanti stupa O/N at Leh.
Day 4: Stok village – Mankarmo
Time: 5 hrs Distance: 10. km
the trek starts from Stok village, follow the trail as it enters a gorge
walk through a beautiful valley.
Day 5: from Mankarmo – Base Camp Time: 3 hrs Distance: 3.4 km
the distance to the base camp from Mankarmo is less than 4km, a very short and easy day.
Day 6: Base Camp – Stok Kangri Summit – Base Camp
Time: 8-11 hrs Distance: 9.1 km E
the summit day starts before dawn so that you have sufficient time with us. It takes a few hours to reach the glacier. Keep walking up to the ridge that takes you to the summit. Enjoy the spectacular view of the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas, the Karakoram and Zanskar ranges
Day 07: Base Camp – Stok
Time: 3-4 hrs Distance: 12.4 km
Elevation gain/loss: +0m / -1366m walk down the valley towards the village of Stok and continue to drive to Leh O/N at Leh
Day 08 buffering day
Day 09 check out the hotel and transfer to leh airport
For more details and customized itinerary our teal will tailormade the programs as your interest and suitable

Our costing model is based on your group size and your hotel’s preference in Leh we also arrange the cultural tour on extension day in Leh

For further more details information Please consult to Stok kangri expedition team.

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