Stunning and Unexplored Lakes of Leh Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 27, 2022

Read on to learn about some of the most offbeat and hidden lakes of Ladakh. These lakes are spectacular destinations, and definitely, a must add in your Leh Ladakh road trip.

The cold desert of Ladakh, which is also known as the Tibetan Himalayan region, is an amusing land where its beauty, tranquillity and thrill will amaze you. 

People travel for different reasons. For some, it’s a way to relax and unwind away from the grill and fast life and day to day activities. For some, it’s about coming out of their comfort zone and trying a new adventure or a thrill with that much-needed adrenaline rush. We have already talked a lot about the monasteries and adventure sports, now let us head to the crystal clear and sparkling lakes of Ladakh. 

Ladakh has become a perfect holiday destination on account of its pristine landscapes, green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful Ladakhi culture. Hence lakes like Pangong Tso have thousands of visitors every year. 

But there are still many unexplored regions and hidden beauties of Ladakh, which are unconventional and beautiful. To begin with, let me help you learn and understand more about the different and unexplored lakes.

So be ready to explore the magical and impeccable Ladakh. 

Hidden Lakes of Ladakh :

Yarab Tso Lake :

 One of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh is the Yarab Tso Lake. Located approximately at a distance of 180kms from Leh, this lake is found in a small town named Panamaik which is tucked away in the Nubra valley. You can easily access the lake by road journey; however, there is a small trek up the hill towards the lake once you reach Panamaik village. This lake is ideal for those looking for some peace and a relaxed holiday. Surrounded by the beautiful skies with brown mountains, you will find yourself completely de-stressed here. This destination is a must-add in your Leh Ladakh road trip to discover and experience new things.

Lang Tso And Stat Tso :

This is an isolated lake based at an elevation of more than 16000 feet above ground level. This is a must added destination in your bucket list and has to have an entry in your Leh Ladakh road trip. These twin Ladakh lakes are located adjacent to each other in the Zanskar region and are easily accessible by road. These tiny lakes are completely unknown for travellers visiting Ladakh. Hence you will not find much crowd here. The locals and offbeat travellers who visit here maintain a calm and composed atmosphere throughout the year.

The reflection of the blue sky and snowclad peaks in the crystal clear water will leave you mesmerized for a long time after you leave the place.

 Kiagar Tso 

This Ladakh Lake is another hidden beauty of the Himalayas where you will get lost in the tranquility and serenity. This lake is located approximately at a distance of 270 km from Leh city and is a hidden treasure in the mountains. You can laze around for hours here beside the lake, which will bring a soothing and calm on your soul. So do not forget to include this place in your Leh Ladakh road trip, which will make you feel completely rejuvenated and revitalized. You may find several species of animals here around the lake. 

All in all, it’s a great place to click some mind-blowing pictures and take back home stunning memories.

Chagar Tso 

If you want to find a place which will let you experience solitary and seclusion from the world outside, this is the place for you. Chagar Tso is a Ladakh lake located approximately 200 km from Leh city. You will be surrounded by beautiful sceneries and pleasant weather with a breath of fresh air here. This place is a small portion of heaven you have entered into and will definitely be one of the most favorite places to explore in your Leh Ladakh road trip.

The cool and calm breeze will touch your inner chord, thereby making it the ultimate place to find some peace and tranquillity.

Mirpal Tso 

One of the most mesmerizing and crystal clear lakes, Mirpal Tso, is an undiscovered beauty of Leh Ladakh. Located approximately 200 km from Leh, this lake is a must-visit place and should definitely be included in your Leh Ladakh road trip. This Ladakh lake is your calling if you want to discover hidden beauties and unknown places and take back home some never-seen-before pictures. Frame the miracle by nature in your camera forever. 

Apart from the above unknown treasures, there are many other numerous lakes in Ladakh, which you will definitely find in your Leh Ladakh package.

  1. Pangong Lake, known for its colour-changing properties, is worldwide famous for lots of travellers across the world. You will be hypnotised by its beauty the day you set your foot here. 
  2. Tso Kar Lake is a stunning blue lake with an amalgamation of salt and freshwater together. It is also counted as a favourite spot for bird lovers and photographers across the world.
  3. Tso Moriri is one of the largest high altitude lakes with the most alluring backdrops and impeccable views. This mountain lake is most visited by people to attain peace and calm and also spot migratory birds like black-necked cranes and Brahmin ducks.

Most of these lakes are 10000 feet above in high altitude mountains, and people visiting this place should take extra precautions and proper AMS medication with them. You can also go camping in Pangong Tso and Tso Kar lake, depending on the climate conditions and seasons you visit. Set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring golden plains and snow-capped mountains, these lakes are simply profound and amazing.It is not possible for you to include all the Ladakh lakes in your Leh Ladakh road trip; however, do try to include one or two offbeat places that will make your trip different from others.

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