Taking a Bike Trip across India's highest motorable road

Every bike lover and adventure geek has a dream to visit Leh Ladakh once in their lifetime. A Leh Ladakh bike trip will give you the most scintillating thrill. There is a different excitement and feeling for adventure seekers who decide to take this trip to heaven on the bike. The magical vibes from alluring roads and mountains passing through the ‘Land of high passes’ is just exhilarating and challenging as well.
To further help you know and prepare for the journey, let’s look at the most essential things to remember while planning a trip to Ladakh on the Bike.

Best time for a Ladakh Bike Trip
Mostly summers are the perfect season to fly to Ladakh on a bike, mainly between the months of May to September. This period will allow you to explore and enjoy Ladakh on a motorcycle. You can start your journey to Leh and drive towards Spiti in Ladakh. You can drive from Srinagar during this period. In fact, anywhere between June to Sept, when the monsoons have not yet begun is a perfect time to plan your trip to Ladakh on the Bike.
The roads are mostly closed due to heavy rainfall and landslides. The journey from Manali to Leh opens up by mid-May when the snow has started to clear off slowly. The roads are closed at the end of September due to monsoons and winters eventually. Adventure tourists begin their new year with this adventurous bike journey this surreal land of snow-clad peaks.

No of days required for a Bike trip to Ladakh
The ideal number of days needed for your Leh Ladakh trip depends on a lot of different factors like the route taken, your budget, schedule, and weather conditions. 
It also depends on where would you like your Bike journey to commence. Some tourist prefers to start their journey from Delhi itself while some of them would prefer to hire a bike from Manali or directly from Leh. Around 15-20 days are ideal enough for your bike tour, which can cover maximum areas and give you an experience of a lifetime. So depending on the road you pick and the places you would want to cover your bike tour can be anywhere from 7-15 days.

Which Bike is the Best for Ladakh Road Trip ?
The most important thing to decide for a bike trip to Ladakh is which bike would you pick for your trip.
Your trip can be the best bike trip to Ladakh, depending on your choice to drive the best engine. Whatever bike you choose, it should be strong enough to bear the high altitude, cold weather and steeps roads. Essentially, it needs to be comfortable, easy to handle, and safe for the riders to make this journey.
Even though Royal Enfield is considered as the best weapon of choice for Leh Ladakh Trip with an engine of 350 CC or 500 CC, you can also opt for Royal Enfield Himalayan with a strong engine of 400CC for a smooth and hassle-free ride on offbeat roads. Also, choose a bike that you have driven before, which you know how to maintain and service in case of any problems.

Your bike is going to be your best buddy on this trip to Ladakh. Any decent bike even smaller bikes in good shape can make through the journey so long as they are not very bulky and pick up good speed in time.

Bike Trip Expenses for Leh Ladakh 
If you have taken the decision to visit Ladakh on the bike, there will be a significant expense to your trip which will be towards your ride. This ultimate adventure trip requires proper planning with your budget.Considering you will be covering a distance of approx. 3500kms, you can keep aside Rs 7000-8000 for petrol for around 100 liters of petrol

Finding places to stay within your budget is another primary concern if you are planning a bike trip to Ladakh. An average accommodation with the best of facilities and basic comfort can cost you between Rs 500-Rs 2500 per person. Assuming the journey for 15 days, you can fix a budget of Rs 7000-8000/- which goes easy on pockets for accommodation.

Similarly, food expenses also depend on whether you would prefer to eat at an upbeat restaurant or a Dhaba. An average of Rs 3000-4000 is something that you can keep aside for meals during the trip. Apart from that, always keep some amount of money for medical emergencies, permits, last-minute shopping, etc. You can save a backup of Rs 3000-5000, which can be used for various other things throughout the journey.

Renting the Bike in Leh Ladakh
There are plenty of bike renting options available from Delhi as well as Manali if you are thinking to hire a bike if in case you don’t have one. Depending on condition and design of the bike, the rent charges are pretty affordable and may be available @Rs 1000 - Rs 2000/- per day. You will also need to pay a reasonable amount of deposit along with original proof of identity like PAN card, AADHAR Card, Voter ID etc. 
There are few things you have to keep in mind when you decide to rent a bike for Ladakh trip.
Considering the bike should give more than 250ccs, Bullet and Enfield seem to be the best options. However, it is always recommended to take a test drive to know its limits and functions properly.

Petrol Pumps on the Highway :
One of the most important factor while on a bike trip to Ladakh is Petrol. Since you will be covering a distance of 3500 km with an average mileage of 35 km/l, you will definitely require 100 litres of gas for which you may need to spend roughly about Rs 7000/- to Rs 8000/- for Petrol. If you are starting your journey from Manali to Leh, please carry additional containers of fuel along with you. 

There are following Petrol pumps you may find on the way from Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh as well.
  • Srinagar
  • Mulbekh
  • Wakha
  • Khaltsi
  • Kangan
  • Sonamarg
  • Kargil
  • Upshi / Karu
  • Tandi
Things to carry during the Bike trip to Ladakh :
Your bags will essentially have different items and things in case you are planning a bike trip to Ladakh. Irrespective of your mode of travel, there are certain things which are mandatory and needs to be packed along if you are planning a journey to Leh Ladakh. Here’s a list of few things which will help you to plan things better :
Basic things to carry :
  • First Aid Kit – Medicines
  • Phone, Chargers, Power Banks 
  • Torch
  • Camera Kit, Lenses, gears
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Trekking boots or Hiking boots.
  • Spare pair of Flip-flops or boots
  • Glasses, Cap, Sunscreen with moisturizer
  • Mosquito repellent
  • A notepad and pen
  • Fresh fruit or juices
  • Maggie Noodles or Cup Noodles
  • Hand gloves
  • Thermals 2-3 pairs innerwear
  • Windcheater or Fleece jacket 
  • Woollen socks
  • Trekking pants
  • Woollen cap / Monkey Cap
  • Things to carry for your Bike Trip
  • · Sufficient Fuel for the trip
  • · Identity Proofs
  • · Driving license & registration, PUC and permits
  • · Printed map
  • · Riding Boots
  • · Riding Shades
  • · Extra pair of Bike keys
  • · Sleeping Bags
  • · Nylon rope & funnel for Bike riding
  • · A set of spare tyre with puncture repair kit

Keeping aside the above things, it’s very important to keep in mind that you should not perform stunts or snow boat, go over the speed, especially on tricky and patchy roads. You should be aware of what to do in case you have a flat tyre. Always keep yourself hydrated and fresh by taking plenty of breaks for refreshments. Carry some extra cash with you in case if required for emergencies. 
Are you excited to make a splendid journey on the bike to one of the most popular tourist destinations in India – Leh and Ladakh? Yes, now you are about to begin the journey of a lifetime. Do write back to us in case of any questions or inputs. Bon Voyage!
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