Dainty tales of Maggi and hot chai on my way to Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 23, 2022

The slurping sound of Maggi noodles and the warmth of hot chai in my hands! I can still feel them in my memories very strongly. It was only October of last year when we tip-toed towards the white wonderland, Ladakh. The trip brought even more gaiety for us because it was a well planned Leh Ladakh bike trip. Ladakh tour package always homed in my heart. It was so because I had heard lots of dainty tales of my friends who had been to Ladakh.

Let the fun begin  

A trio decided on a lazy afternoon of a weekend to go for a bike trip to Ladakh. Three of us, my brother Somesh, and one of my friends, Shiva joined me for a merry go round towards the hills. Yes, as it was mandatory, we had done a lot of research and gathered the right information required for the journey.

Getting our bikes thoroughly checked, making the balance between a light yet complete luggage, and planning lots of other things in our minds, we kick-started our two-wheeled babies. Yes, Next one hour saw us right in the rugged and tough roads of Manali-Leh highway. 

Crossing the meandering hilly lanes, I tried to touch the milky white clouds as we drove to higher altitudes. It was a dream come true for me. After driving for quite a substantial time, we halted to go for a short break at one of the villages near Manali, the Kothi village. We had opted to go for the long deserving homestay experience at one of the cozy homes of the village for tonight.

Our host was a young couple with a 4-year kid. I still remember him hideaway behind the curtains and smile with more than usual shyness. But, in some time, he was all friends to us and we managed to play games like ludo and carrom with him during our short sojourn. We were served with classic hilly style steaming dinner which satiated us up to the brim. We slept comfortably in one room allotted to us.  

Exploring the infinite blue of the lakes

Nature has a very natural nexus with mankind. It’s only if you could hear it, the calm and composed lakes of Ladakh often murmur the tale which depicts a lot about the history of Ladakh. We had soaked into all such anecdotes while we were on the bank of Pangong Tso.  

We had a very naughty piece in our gang which led to much of the fun and frolic around when we were trying to experience Ladakh. I am talking about Shiva, he arranged lots of engaging and fun games while we were soaking our feet in the tranquil blues of the lake.

How can I forget “my Maggy”. Yes, the spicy flavor of Maggi was not meant to be forgotten. They were thankful to me and quite amazed as to how did I manage to carry the yellow, green, and red of the capsicum to this height. Chopping down veggies with singing melodies was the real fun for us. After stuffing our bellies with hot and spicy Maggi noodles, what we needed was a hot cup of chai. Somesh knew this and had already served some for us.

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