Things to Do For a Safe Ladakh Bike Trip

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

Are you planning for Ladakh Holiday? Bike trip to Leh Ladakh can be quite a memorable experience as it combines fun and adventure very well. It might sound very thrilling and exciting to go for a bike ride to Ladakh. But, actually, it needs loads of precaution and safety in order to ensure a safe journey.

It is always better to prepare beforehand for any emergencies. There are some pointers that need to be kept in mind for a safe and secure journey to Ladakh. Firstly, you need to prepare your body and physical stamina for the rough and difficult journey to the challenging hills of Ladakh.

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Prepare Your Body for High Altitude Travel 

Your physical condition matters a lot before you plan your bike trip to Leh Ladakh. You need to take extra precautions beforehand. A physiotherapist from Mumbai says that breathing technique plays an important role in optimizing your riding and increasing your performance on the trail.

Thus include the below-mentioned things in your routine for strengthening your body:

Aerobic Exercises- In order to increase breathing stamina, cycling and swimming must be practised daily and regularly.

Blowing Balloons- Medical science says that blowing balloons improves the functioning and capacity of the lungs. It can be done very easily and is highly helpful in increasing the stamina of the lungs.

General Exercises- Even general exercises work a lot in preparing for high altitude travel. Holding the breath for a short span of time increases sustainability to survive in lesser oxygen supply areas.

Breathing Through Mouth and Nose – If you have health conditions like sinusitis or nasal congestion, you must practice breathing through the mouth as it will help largely on the high altitudes.

Your bike needs conditioning and proper check just like your body. Prepare it well in order to ensure smooth and hassle-free bike driving along the hills.

Make Your Bike Ready for Ladakh with the Following Pointers:

Engine Oil/ Filter- You need to clean the oil strainer of your bike. Change the engine oil if it shows a reading of more than 500 km old. The oil filter should also be changed as you are heading towards a tedious journey.

Clutch Plates- Ensure good condition and functioning of clutch plates and replace them if required.

Piston Rings- Piston rings need to be checked thoroughly including valves as well.

Suspensions– Front and rear suspensions bear the biggest load of rider and luggage and perfecting balance on the irregular path of hills become too challenging. Thus, it is quite necessary to get them checked and replaced if the need be.

Spark Plug/Air Filter- 10,000 km or more old spark plug needs to be replaced from a safety point of view. You should not throw the older ones rather keep them along for emergency usage.

Brake Pads- Change the brake fluid or make sure it is up to the brim. Check for the sustenance and wear and tear of the brake pads and change them if required.

Battery and Electric Wiring- Check for the health of your battery. Check the functioning of bulbs, headlight and brake light. This is especially required to maintain clear visibility during the tough journey to the hilly terrain.

Fasten the Nuts– All nuts and bolts must be tightened and fixed if anyone is missing. You need to prepare in advance for the safety and comfort of your journey.

Wheel Alignment and Tyres – Spoke wheels of your bike must be checked properly. Check for the wear and tear of the tyres and replace them immediately if required. The healthy condition of the tyre is required for better grip and control on the mountains.

Now, once you are done with the thorough checking of your bike and you are doubly assured about the safety and better functionality of the motorbike, You are good to go for the hilly adventure on your motorbike. But, keep your physical health sound and safe. Pack essentials like healthy eatables to energize you during your Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi.

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