Top Places which I visited in Ladakh during Winter

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

With winters knocking the doors, all travel freaks, and nature admirers start packing their bags for some exciting winter trail. The northern region of our country gets the best pamperings of winter goodies. 

I love the winter season like crazy. I love the crisp winter mornings adorned with misty moistures and chilly wind. I am gonna share the travel trail of my Ladakh visit during last year’s winter.

Explore the miracle called Frozen River Chadar Trek     

The Zanskar river freezes into a thick sheet of ice after the arrival of winter in Ladakh. It is an exhilarating joy to walk on this surface of the frozen river. It is famous by the name of Frozen River Chadar Trek.   

It is the most exciting winter trail which every travel enthusiast wishes to explore and experience once in a lifetime. At some places, you could peep inside the frozen layers of ice-sheets and gape the beauty of those perfectly shaped and polished pebbles.  

The mystic land of Lamayuru

Lamayuru often called a broken piece of the moon, is a land of surprises. When I visited the place, I saw my soul go missing. It seemed God had come down for carving the stunning structures of the rocks and surface of the earth on Lamayuru. 

Winters in Lamayuru see an abnormal dip of mercury leading to temperatures till 5-degree celsius. I still remember those chilly evenings coupled with hot and spiced butter tea. Winter starts putting their footsteps in the month of September-October. Lan your journey accordingly and see the best shades of winter in Ladakh.  

Experience the Lake luxury

You can enjoy the best luxury of lakes in the winter season. Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri and Tso Kar are some of the captivating lakes which throw most panoramic sights during winter. 

The Pangong lake freezes almost completely during harsh winter months. The bewildering blue shade of the lake is quite unforgettable. The frozen lake acts as a mirror that reflects the beauty of snow-fed peaks and celestial azure sky.     

The rustic Nubra Valley 

Chocolate cake sprinkled with some icy white sugar, that is what I had heard from someone before coming to Nubra. After visiting the Nubra Valley, I realized that the description and comparison of Nubra with a chocolate cake fed with sugar icing was 100 percent true. The brown barrens of the Nubra which had been sprinkled with softy snow looked fantastic and stole my heart.   

Nubra Valley is a place filled with surprises. I found lively orchards, dull terrains of barrens, and enjoyed fantastic Bactrian camel rides. I spent a great time at the Buddhist Monasteries and Gompa which radiated sheer tranquility.  

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